About Jhon Paul Sergeant

John Paul Sergeant has been writing about office-related technology and electronics for three years and enjoys giving honest, unfiltered opinions about the products he reviews.

John has also worked in the education sector for more than a decade, working himself up from being a teacher to the Principal of an International School and a guest Law lecturer at universities (He holds an LLB and an LLM in International Law).

Additionally, John has also run many training workshops on Leadership and Management, Effective Teaching Methods, and How To Create An Engaging Classroom.

Now focusing on writing work, John enjoys testing and reviewing printers and office equipment and bringing his unique opinions to a worldwide audience. As an educator and school Principal, John knows what is required to keep a busy office running, create different kinds of prints, and aid creative endeavors. In education, it’s all about being on your toes and knowing what technology will get you to your goal.

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