Are Mesh Chairs Comfortable?

Your office chair needs to be the most comfortable chair you’ll sit on. It may seem like just a chair to you, but it plays an integral part in your health and work efficiency in your office. Mesh chairs have attracted lots of office-goers with their unique features but are they really comfortable?

Comfort is relative; it varies from person to person. It has a lot to do with what you need and what you are looking for in your chair. We’ll explore mesh chairs in detail today and let you decide if mesh chairs are comfortable for you.

Types Of Mesh Office Chairs

Except for the special chair body, mesh office chairs consist of the same parts as the general fabric chairs. They are available in three designs in the market today.

  • The first design is just a seat made of mesh fibers without any external support or padding. The mesh fabric covers the seat pan and backrest of the chair.
  • The second design is similar to the first with an added seat cushion or soft seat cover over the mesh fibers. The backrest is plain mesh fabrics.
  • The third design has both the backrest and the seat pans covered with external support and padding. Since the mesh is covered, it’s only used to enhance the beauty of the chair.

What Makes The Mesh Chair Comfortable?

There are various factors as to why you should go for mesh office chairs. Let’s take a brief look at them.


The soft mesh fibers of this office chair give you an extremely comfortable feeling when you sit on it. The mesh expands over time, spreads evenly, and makes you feel like you’re floating, according to many users. Soft mesh fabrics do come at a price though.


The most unique feature of the mesh office chairs is their ventilating capabilities. The small pores in both the seat and backrest allow air to easily flow in and out.

Sitting and working for long hours will generate a lot of sweat on hot days, or if you’re working in a closed space. This can make you feel quite uneasy and hamper your focus.

Mesh chairs prevent that from happening, as the smooth airflow through the holes ensures your body heat can dissipate and not make you sweat.

With this unique breathability feature, mesh office chairs have caught the attention of a huge number of office-workers working in high temperatures.

Ergonomic Design

Most mesh office chairs have an excellent ergonomic design. The lower part of the chair is designed according to the curvature of your lumbar region, the lower section of your spine. This acts as an amazing support for the lumbar area and takes away the strain.

Moreover, the backrest of these chairs is also shaped to fit your back perfectly. You can recline backward comfortably and keep a straight back while you work. It might not seem like much but this feature protects you from severe back pain.

It doesn’t end here! Some mesh chairs also come with seat cushions or seat covers. These take the exact shape of your backside and absorb the pressure. The seat cushions are also soft and cozy, which provides great comfort while sitting.

Low Maintenance

Mesh office chairs are really easy to clean, whether it’s a spill or a general cleanup.

The small holes don’t retain much water or small dust particles, and the larger debris can be simply removed using paper towels or vacuum cleaners. A proper spray with water cleans most of the mesh chair.

Mesh chairs are well-known for their lightweight characteristics. They can be effortlessly carried around and can be flipped easily for washing the bottom part of the chair.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Mesh Chairs

Like all other office chairs, mesh chairs also come with a few problems. However, there are solutions to these problems and you have nothing to worry about if you aren’t bothered by them.


Mesh chairs come with much lesser longevity compared to other types of office chairs, like the leather chairs. That’s because the mesh fabrics are fiber after all, and constant pressure on them will eventually cause them to wear away and make them saggy.

Sitting on saggy mesh chairs can be quite uncomfortable and is also harmful for your back.

Mesh chairs with hard mesh fabrics provide a much better fight against constant pressure and don’t wear away easily. However, hard mesh fabrics can be unpleasant to sit on and less flexibility may lead to lumbar problems.

How You Can Deal With It

The best decision is to go for branded mesh chairs, like the chairs by Ergohuman, Aeron, and Nightingale. These are constructed with high-quality soft mesh fibers that can deal with repetitive pressure and are relatively long-lasting.

You can also use seat cushions on general soft mesh fiber chairs. In this way, you won’t feel uneasy sitting but still enjoy the ergonomic and ventilation features of your mesh chair.


Mesh fibers are manufactured using compounds like nylon, polyethylene, PVC, and PTFE. These chemicals can cause skin abrasions and irritations for some people. They can also wear away and damage soft fabrics and clothes, like dress pants.

How You Can Deal With It

Before going for mesh office chairs, make sure you aren’t allergic to chemicals released by PVC and PTFE.

You also shouldn’t wear clothes made of soft fabrics, like dress pants, when you’re sitting on mesh chairs.

Make sure you don’t put watches or money bags or any object in your back pocket that can increase the surface area. Mesh fibers cause greater abrasion on larger surfaces.


Mesh chairs may not be useful in several workplaces, like where heavy industrial work is done. Lots of minute dust particles are floating in the air in these workplaces that can stick into the mesh fibers, making the chair saggy and unpleasant to sit on.

Cleaning these up can be a drag and too much dust can end up damaging the mesh fabric. Sharp tools used in manufacturing workplaces can also harm the mesh chairs.

Adding color components can adversely affect the mesh fabrics too, so mesh chairs have a limited color range.

How You Can Deal With It

If you’ll be working long hours in factories and workplaces with heavy machinery, mesh chairs may not be the right choice for you as they won’t last very long.

Mesh chairs are the perfect choice for mild environments, like offices, schools, and banks, where the surroundings won’t harm the chair.

If you want customized mesh chairs, some brands, like Nightingale, offer them but only under special orders.


Like we mentioned before, comfort depends from person to person. Some people may not be bothered by the few drawbacks of the mesh chairs and will find the most comfort in the chairs’ unique features. It may be just the opposite for other people.

After some dedicated research of going through forums and customer reviews, we’ve come to you with our detailed points on the mesh office chairs to help you reach your decision and work away in total comfort.

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