Best Black Friday Projector 2021

Ever attended a function crowded with people and couldn’t see farther? Or your vision gets blurry due to straining your eyes? Well, worry no more, because a projector will help you see visuals from a distance.

Using projectors, text and visuals can be seen more clearly. You can connect it to your electronic gadgets with the use of a cable.

We’ve got the best black Friday projector deals for you, which can be used in cinemas, corporate meetings, etc. But since we have two types of projectors—liquid crystal display (LCD) and digital light processing (DLP)—you must understand their uses. Some features to help you determine the kind of projector that will be best for you.

The list below shows the best projector deals you can purchase.

Comparison Chart of black friday projector deals



Key Features



GooDee 2020 Upgrade Projector

Resolution: 1280 x 768
Brightness rating: 300 ANSI lumen
Contrast ratio: 3000:1
Max Screen size: 230 inches


YABER Y30 Native Projector

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness rating: 7000 lumens
Contrast ratio: 8000:1
Max Screen size: 200 inches


APEMAN Mini Projector

Resolution: 800 x 480
Brightness rating: 4500 lumens
Contrast ratio: 2000:1
Max Screen size: 180 inches


Vasttron Home Video Projector

Resolution: 800 x 480
Brightness rating: 2800 lux
Contrast ratio: 3000:1
Max Screen size: 176 inches


QKK Mini Projector

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness rating: 4500 lumens
Contrast ratio: 2000:1
Max Screen size: 170 inches


ViewSonic High Brightness Projector

Resolution: 800 x 600
Brightness rating: 3800 lumens
Contrast ratio: 22,000:1
Max Screen size: 120 inches


APEMAN Projector

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness rating: 5000 lumens
Contrast ratio: 3000:1
Max Screen size: 200 inches


QKK Upgraded Projector

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness rating: 4500 lumens
Contrast ratio: 3800:1


Anker Nebula CapsuleProjector

Resolution: 854 x 480
Brightness rating: 100 lumen
Max Screen size: 100 inches


DR. J Professional Projector

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Brightness rating: 3800 lumen
Contrast: 3800:1
Max Screen size: 170 inches


Best Black Friday Projector Deals Reviews

1. GooDee Upgrade Video Projector

Are you still worried about not finding a suitable projector to use for your party activity? Then, GooDee 2020 projector is the right projector for you. The projector is equipped with improved features, 80% brighter than other ordinary projectors with outstanding sharpness, and wider viewing that can be used for outdoor occasions. Perfect, right?

Also, unlike other projectors, the GooDee projector has built-in dual stereo speakers (3W) with SRS sound, which will bring you an exciting experience while you watch with less noise. The product is 12-inch length, 9.36-inch width, and 4.68 inches high; it also weighs around 5 pounds. More importantly, it has a 1080P full HD with 1280 x 768p native resolution, which offers an ultra-accurate & vivid video quality.

Furthermore, the projector adopts the newest cooling system, improved fan design, and the application of innovative materials for fast heat dissipation and to reduce the noise, extend the bulb lifetime, create a quieter and warmer environment. It has an adjustable footpad that randomly adjusts the height of the projector by your needs to deliver the best viewing performance by just pressing the button slightly. Isn’t that amazing?

It also comes in handy with a LED light source which adapts LCD technology and maximizes lamp utilization while reducing resources. The video projector offers up to 30000 hours of lamp life. However, for a better view, it is recommended to use the projector in a dark environment just like the cinemas.

2. YABER Y30 Native Projector

Do you experience some difficulties displaying color visuals on your presentation slides due to the blurriness of the screen? Why not try the Yaber Y30 projector, which adopts a color matching algorithm that offers you superior color gamuts with the ability to reproduce the authentic color of any film.

Yaber Y30 features an LCD display technology with an image contrast ratio of 8000:1 for a more conspicuous and clearer image, and the color is more vivid and bright.compared to other projectors. The Yaber Y30 weighs 6.29 lbs and a dimension of 11.22 x 10.63 x 4.33 inch.

The design adopts a concept that prevents accidental scratches of its lens because of it reverse lens and semi-hidden lens. You can therefore enjoy the lens with the zoom ring. Yaber Y30 has built-in dual stereo speakers (3W) with SRS Sound System for double clear sound quality. The powerful speakers give you an immersive experience where you enjoy the rhythmic sounds without straining your ears.

Most importantly, the projector has tons of reflective lenses and each lens can switch to deliver 1080P full HD pictures every seconds for a more detailed images. It has an intelligent temperature control accompanied with a double sided cooling system for easier  heat dissipation, which also prevents the projector from overheating.

3. APEMAN Mini Projector

There is something about this projector that makes me feel you will have a nice time using it. Maybe it is due to its fantastic feature. Nonetheless, APEMAN LC350 gives you an amazing movie experience and incredible speakers with multiple inputs, making it compatible with any kind of electronic gadget.

The APEMAN LC350 mini projector is mainly designed for home cinema and video games; therefore, it is not recommended for PowerPoint, word, excel, or any business presentation. It has an aesthetic look that can complement the beauty of your home. The mini-projector comes with button control and remote control for easy access and can be suspended on a ceiling or mounted on a tabletop and tripod.

This projector can otherwise be called a family movie projector due to its features. It supports 1080P Full HD with 800 x 480P native resolution. It has a max 180 inches display size and an aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3, with a recommended project distance of 5—8 ft.

Besides, this projector has bright 4500 lumens, and it adopts the latest 4.0 LCD display technology with advanced LED light sources. It has an incredible mute fan and advanced built-in dual speakers, which offers excellent loud sound quality without connecting it to an external speaker.

4. Vasttron Home Video Projector

What do you when images get distorted while you watch movies on your projector or during a presentation? Your guess is as good as mine… you need to adjust the image. Vasttron projector has been equipped with a keystone ring to correct image distortion? When next the images get blurry, simply turn the focus ring slowly until it is focused.

The Vasttron Home Video Projector was designed to be easily carried so you can have fun with your family either at home or outdoor journey. It weighs 2.1 lb with a dimension of 8.00 x 6.00 x 3.00 inches, so it can fit perfectly on a tripod mount. The projector comes with remote control and a robust bag for easy organization and to carry around.

Vasttron mini projector is although small but bright because it is well equipped with 3200 lux, 3000:1 contrast ratio, a supporting 1080p resolution, and 30000 hours LED lamp life, which brings a superior watching experience to you. It has two built-in surround speakers to feel each detail of the sound and enjoy the audio in a different situation.

With this projector, you can be sure of impressive clarity; you also get to enjoy up to 90% intensity image with an updated multi optical glass lens and an improved LED source light, which allows a brighter display of images. Guess what? It is budget-friendly and has multiple input interfaces.

5. QKK Mini Projector

With this projector, quality comes first… yes, that’s more of the brand’s watchword. However, the QKK projector specializes in offering the best brightness and image display quality to satisfy their customer’s home theater needs. This projector also comes with a big bonus, which you are going to love. It comes with a 100-inch portable projector screen for your Daily home theater use.

QKK projector, without a doubt, is the best choice for your outdoor camps, trips, and night movies with the family. It has a project display of 40—170 inch at a distance of 1—4 m (although the ideal projection display is 120-inch in 3m). This projector has a manual focus and keystone on the projector so that you can correct image distortion.

To protect your eyes, the device is designed to have five-layer LCD display. It also has a full HD 1080P support of 1920 by 1080 resolution, which can meet all your home entertainment games, or indoor and outdoor movies with an improved brightness up to 50% and a lamp life of 50,000 hours.

QKK projector is built-in with 2 stereo speakers; therefore, excellent sound quality is guaranteed. You can connect it with your smartphones. Lastly, the speaker is equipped with a dual fan cooling system to remove noisy sounds.

How to Choose the best black Friday projector 

When buying a projector, there are certain qualities you need to look out for because there are different brands of best black Friday projector deals. Each brand, however, serves different purposes, which might make it uneasy for you to get the right one.

Nevertheless, there’s a need for us to look into certain criterias that governs the use of a projector:

a) Resolution

In choosing a projector, resolution is one of the key factors to put into consideration as the higher the resolution of a projector the more pixels it depicts in images. The maximum resolution processes and displays the signal sent by the projector. There are varieties of resolution you can choose from when in need of a projector with higher resolution.

b) Light source of the projector

Another crucial factor to put into consideration is the projector light source. Projectors made these days make use of LED, lasers, or even the combination of both. Olden day projectors are known to make use of either metal halide lamps or halogen. Ensure you consider the projector light source as it can affect the brightness, clarity, and quality of the projected image.

c) 3D compatibility

Some projectors with 3D uses VGA inputs which can be used to view Blu Ray disc with the use of HDMI. The combination of two- projector “stacking” and polarizing filters can alternatively be used in place of a 3D projector. The digital light projector( DLP) adopts 3D compatibility which can only change the image size by moving the projector farther or closer from the screen. The 3D model is significantly lesser in brightness compared to it’s later.

d) Brightness

The brightness of a projector is stated in ANSI lumens.  In recent time there are many good projectors with superb performance that comes with higher brightness. Those with higher brightness come at an additional cost. To determine how high the light intensity is, you must pay attention to the conditions of your environment. The brighter the ambient light in the room, the brighter the projector would be.

e) Distance coverage

The distance coverage is also known as the projector ‘throw ratio’. The distance between the screen and the projector is divided by the projected image width and then it comes out the distance coverage. So, before purchasing the projector you should look this feature carefully and better calculate the throw ratio of the right product that fits for your purpose.  

Final Word

Having discussed the use of a projector in all facets, you must know that the projectors listed above are the best black Friday projector deals you can ever get.

More importantly, you should consider their features (such as the brightness, resolution, size, light source, etc.) and select the one that best suits you before buying it.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know if these reviews could help you in finding your best deals. 

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