Best Bowling Shoes 2020

My boy and his colleagues are fans of bowling and although it is a fun hobby that they do on a recurring basis it seemed exaggerated that they had their own shoes. However, my mind changed in what I had mine. Definitely buying the best bowling shoes changes the experience with that sport.

Much of the hassle of renting and wearing worn and poorly fitting sneakers not only affects personal loathing, it changes the way you play. I can assure you that having your own shoes will make you enjoy each session more.

Comparison Chart for Bowling Shoes


Product Name

Editor’s Rating


KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes


Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe White


Dexter Kory II


Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes


Brunswick Ladies Envy Bowling Shoes- Grey


KR Strikeforce Flyer Lite Slate


BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe


Dexter Mens Kam Bowling Shoes


KR Strikeforce Aviator Grey Bowling Shoes Men’s


Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes


What Are The Best Bowling Shoes?

As long as you play more than 5 times a year, your own shoe will be more profitable, taking that into account you should see each pair as an investment in installments.

So to make the most of the money it is best to find a fit that feels comfortable on the track, that is not heavy and that glides naturally.

In this order I will present a comparison of my favorite styles among many that I have tried in stores and that I have had at home. This will allow you to decide on different aesthetic performances according to your level of experience in the game.

1.3G Kicks Bowling Shoes from 3G 900 Global bei EMAX Bowlingservice | Best Bowling Shoes For Men


They were my first shoes and the truth is that they are very easy to fit because they are light and with a sliding sole, improving the technique of the novice. They can adapt to right or left-handed and women’s feet as well as men. Also, they are cheap being a good first investment.

2.KR Strikeforce Flyer EMAX bowling shoes | Best Bowling Shoes For Sliding

Includes deodorant

They are a model with sneakers style fit and flexibility for initials, very different from the rigidity that usually characterizes classic styles. They also hold very well, so it doesn’t matter if you use them a lot or more occasionally because they will perform well over time.

3.Brunswick Bowling Products TPU X Bowling Performance Shoes | Best Bowling Shoes For Beginners

For right-handed

Starting with the most professional market, this model is comfortable and technical at the same time. The brand uses interchangeable pads that together with its bio mechanical engineering has created a natural slip angle on the foot. It is an ideal purchase to start playing bowling more seriously.

4.Dexter Dani Women’s Bowling Shoes | Best Bowling Shoes For Wide Feet 

They keep the shape

With a controlled glide it is a shoe that allows more precise game control. The inner shoe is molded to different heights and widths, being very ergonomic for semi-professional use. Being adjustable also makes them a custom option, but with sporty performance.

What Are Bowling Shoes?

This style of footwear has been accompanying sports for more than a century and that is that in bowling a good launch begins with the correct movement of the feet and for this the shoes must help the body to create the correct glide. They are as important as bowling balls.

That is why these shoes are characterized by having a smooth toe sole that allows a smooth and fluid control of the court at the same time.

In this sense, the design is usually less robust in structure in order to make them lighter and with a harder and smoother lower part to create a greater sliding threshold. If we go with normal shoes to the bowling alley we could fall in the attempt to slide or walk on the polished wood.

Having one of these pairs allows each player to save money and bacteria at the time of rental, which is a regular procedure offered in bowling centers to play.

If you want, you can compare it with the idea of ​​renting a swimsuit for the beach, even if you use underwear in a safe way, the approach will seem a bit disgusting, because with the slippers the same happens because the feet transmit many fungi.

So if you go bowling at least 5 times a year you should consider having your own pair, they will be healthier and cheaper.

Benefits Of Wearing The Top Bowling Shoes

So that you forget about the money you have to invest, I will present you the best advantages that I noticed in my game since I wear my own shoes and I hope that for all of you, it will bring you many better things and improve personal style.

Soil Protection

If we all wear the shoes with the correct soles, the floor will remain protected, with a balanced level of polishing and without marks.

It is like a pact between all the players. This is important for a good performance since, just as we take care of our ball with a ball bag so that the superficial part is not damaged, technical shoes will maintain the layer of the court.

Better Glide

Getting the ball to take the right turn and project hard can be possible when we get our body to slide with it and this is achieved not only by the correct movement of the feet but also by the shoes that best fit our method.

Security Guarantees

Although they look like a direct ticket to a fall, the back studs of bowling shoes allow a correct fit on the court, giving security as well as sliding.

But for this you must keep them and what works best for me is to remove a little of the oil that adheres after each game.

Personal Needs

The best rated bowling shoes have the possibility to personalize the soles by making interchangeable pads, external soles with more or less pressure or curvature.

So if you think it is important to have this possibility, you should go for a model that has a replacement mechanism for this type of accessories.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Buying Bowling Shoes?


You may wear them for many hours if you are in a tournament, I wanted to find a correct size with a feeling of comfort. The fit should be precise but light, not tight, and they should be smooth and flexible.

To achieve this, the material may vary, including leather, synthetic fabric or padded tongues.

Slip And Pull

The balance between both capacities must be correct. This is accomplished with a hard, smooth sole on the forefoot that is worn in front and more textured on the other sole and heel.


Nobody wants a fall from the ball to hurt our toes or a curved pitch to become a slip so it is important to pay attention to the angles and protection of the tips.

Inner sole

They are part of the fit and must be comfortable, which is why many brands use EVA rubber as adaptation foam.


It is better to invest in quality shoes to ensure their maintenance and flexibility after heavy use.


The lighter the better rhythm they will give you.

Additional features

While you can go for cheap bowling shoes anytime, there are other advanced features that will depend on your techniques and preferences. You should start to think about them if you are more like a professional.

This includes: the heel, the open toe, the heel collar and the ventilation.

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