Best Commercial Label Printer 2021

All businesses sending out packages could do with a label printer for getting those addresses and barcodes sorted.

But that’s not all label printers are suitable for now.

Some genuinely outstanding label printers on the market could be in your home very soon.

The best commercial label printer can now print color images that are as good as photographs. Imagine amazing your clients or customers with labels that look as good as anything the top high-res photo printers could produce.

If you’ve now got the desire to get the right label maker to enhance your business, then it would be best to read on!

List of Commercial Label Printer

1. Brother QL-800

2. Brother VC-500W

3. Phomemo Label Printer

4. Primera LX500

5. DYMO Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo

6. FungLam Shipping Label Printer

7. Arkscan 2054A

8. DYMO Label Printer 450

9. BESTEASY Printer

10. Micmi Label Printer

Comparison Table for Commercial Label Printer

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 Brother QL-800  Resolution: 300x600dpi
Speed: 93 labels per minute
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal
Color Type: Black
 Brother VC-500W Resolution: 313dpi
Speed: 0.3” per second at normal quality
Color Type: Color
Cutter Type: Automatic
 Primera LX500  Resolution: 4800x1200dpi
Color Type: Color
Printing Tech: Inkjet
Print Width: Max 108mm
 Brother P-Touch QL-500  Resolution: 300dpi
Speed: 90mm/sec
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal
Roll Width: Max 62mm
 DYMO Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo  Resolution: 300x600dpi
Print Speed: 51 labels per minute
Print Width: Max 56mm
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal
 FungLam Shipping Label Printer  Resolution: 203dpi
Print Speed: 5 inches per second
Print Width: 4.25” Maximum
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal
 Arkscan 2054A  Resolution: 203dpi
Print Speed: 5 inches per second
Max Print Width: 4.25 inches
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal
 DYMO Label Printer 450  Resolution: 300x600dpi
Print Speed: 51 labels per minute
Print Width: Max 56mm
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I print stickers with any printer?

The truthful answer is that you do not need a specialized sticker or label printer in order to get your stickers. It is possible to print stickers with an inkjet printer and some inkjet sticker paper.

However – and this is a gigantic ‘however’ – using a printer created explicitly for stickers is much more time-efficient, ink efficient, and cost-effective.

Printing stickers on an inkjet requires you to mess around with settings, and you will find yourself potentially losing ink and paper without even knowing what you did wrong.

Specialist printers for stickers are the best option for getting quality prints time and time again.

How do you make a waterproof label?

The first thing you need to do is choose a waterproof base material for your label. Paper-based labels are near impossible to waterproof, which is why a film-based label is your best option.

Once you’ve printed your label, you’ll need to protect your design. You can do this through the application of an overcoat spray or an overcoat sheet.

The spray option will leave your designs protected roughly 15 minutes post spraying. An overcoat sheet gives your label a bit of added strength as well as waterproofing it.

Can I use Avery labels with a commercial printer?

Commercial printers are designed to handle many different media types. Most commercial printers can be set up to print Avery labels. Just check before buying precisely what you can print using the printer. If the printer does print Avery labels, then you will simply need to change the Print Preferences to set the right material when doing the print job.

Despite this, we think a specialist printer for labels is best. You’ll avoid alignment issues and a lot of the wastage you get when using a printer that has been designed to do multiple tasks.

Best Commercial Label Printers Reviews

1. Brother QL-800

When buying a label maker for commercial purposes – perhaps for something like eBay and Amazon sales – you want to make sure you have a simple and easy-to-use device.

Brother is a company that is known for producing sturdy, reliable electronic goods, and the QL-800 is another brilliant product from this maker.

To begin with, the set-up is straightforward. You simply download the software that Brother has provided, and you are ready to go. Whether using MS Word to make labels or an option provided by a website you are using, this label maker will be up and running in no time.

Unlike software from some other companies, Brother has done their best to ensure that theirs is speedy and bug-free.

The QL-800 also has a very professional feel because you can change the print quality, and even print as small as a 6pf font, with it coming out crystal clear.

Finally, let’s speak about the rolls used for label printing. Thankfully, Brother has made these simple to change, so you won’t be getting frustrated due to an overly fiddly process.

There is also a convenient automatic cutter to consider. This means you have the freedom to choose your label lengths.

Highlighted Features

  1. Prints with amazing 300dpi detail in both black and red
  2. Incredible speeds of up to 93 address labels per minute
  3. Auto cutter lets your print up to 3 feet long

2. Brother VC-500W

We have already mentioned how Brother is always a provider of exceptional quality. Look up the word ‘quality’ in the dictionary, and don’t be surprised if you find one of their devices right before your eyes.

This label maker is so small that you’ll be shocked at how many jobs it is capable of and how well it does them.

ZINK Zero Ink Technology is one of the highlights of this device. What this means is that all the colors the printer needs are already in the paper being used. This allows you to do full-color printing without worrying that one of the colors you regularly use is drying up.

The VC-500W is a professional quality label maker that can definitely enhance your business or commercial enterprise. It can also be taken wherever you want to because of its size. For this reason, if you are going to trade fairs and meetings, you can pop it in your bag and take it with you.

Wireless connectivity means you don’t need to drag a laptop with you everywhere as well. You can easily create and print labels through apps on your phone, and they will come out just as well as if you did them via computer.

Highlighted Features

  1. ZINK Zero Ink Technology means no expensive and wasteful ink requirement
  2. Wireless connectivity options allow you to network all your devices to the label maker
  3. Free app for editing your labels to your own unique, personal requirements

3. Primera LX500

Wow! The Primera LX500 is one of those industrial label printers that attention. It can print labels with photo quality in color. Not only that, but your labels will also be both water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

This is the type of label maker that big business uses to ensure that they stand out head and shoulders above the crowd. We’re talking those who manufacture high-end goods that sell for a considerable sum of money.

This label maker has many options. It can print graphics, text, and barcodes, as well as full-color photographs onto your labels. These can be short or long, big or small, and there is a label cutter within the printer to ensure that you can smartly separate the labels without torn edges.

You may be thinking that this label printer must cost a fortune in ink, but the tri-color ink cartridge that it utilizes actually keeps your overall costs down on a label by label basis.

This label printer is small and easy to operate, meaning you can take it to around with you to print labels at outside events.

Overall, this must-have label maker will meet the needs of anyone looking to get their business noticed.

Highlighted Features

  1. Incredible clarity from 4800dpi printing resolution in full color
  2. Able to print labels using a variety of different material including synthetic and polyester
  3. An incredible 16.7 million colors mean your labels will have fantastic detail

4. Brother P-Touch QL-500 | professional grade label printer

If you were looking for a product label printer on a budget that performs well above expectations compared to the price, then the P-Touch QL-500 could mean your search is over.

This label maker is worth each and every cent that you are spending on it. It offers fast speed and easy usage that will bring you peace of mind as you know you have a device that can be relied upon in your possession.

This device will work perfectly with eBay and PayPal labels. If you are shipping things via Amazon, those you ship to will see you have a professional set up, just from the clarity of your shipping label.

The only drawback people seem to have about this product does not come from the labels being produced but from the software that Brother has provided.

Those who are not the most tech-savvy say that the software is complicated to use initially, but after a bit of time, it can be mastered.

Considering the final product, and the cost, that little bit of extra time studying how to get the most out of the device is worth it. There’s always YouTube videos to help with mastery!

Highlighted Features

  1. A brilliant printing speed of up to 50 address labels per minute
  2. Integrated software add-ins that make this ideal for using with MS Word, Excel and Outlook
  3. USB port connection makes it easy to use with a PC or laptop

Commercial Label Printer Buying Guide

When looking for the best commercial label maker, there are a few factors to consider. Here we go through some of them so that you know what to look out for.

Printing Technology

The primary choice you have here is between getting an inkjet label maker or one that uses direct thermal technology before buying a commercial label maker.

So, what’s the difference?

Essentially, an inkjet label maker will probably give a higher resolution label, but will mean cartridge changes every now and then that can either be inconvenient to you or fiddly to manage as you try and get a new cartridge in.

Direct thermal printing means no hassle with ink. The paper that you use for the label already has the ink stored within it, and the technology turns this paper from a blank to something with your chosen image on it.


There are some very quick label printers on the market right now, but the faster the printer, the more it usually costs.

Consider how much time you have on your hands and whether you need a printer that will rush labels out.

Automatic Cutter

An automatic cutter can be highly useful with a label maker, as it allows you to use rolls of print media that can then be cut to the length you wish.

With an automatic cutter, you are guaranteed a clean, sharp cut almost every time. Having to cut labels yourself will leave you relying on your hands’ steadiness and the quality of your eyesight if you want to ensure things stay straight.

Roll width

Check the maximum size of labels you can make with a specific label printer. Surprisingly, this is not uniform among different label printing machines.

4.25″ width labels are the most common maximum size we have seen, but some will print much bigger.


The label maker’s software has to be a consideration.

Some products come with a straightforward plugin and use the software, which then aids you in creating fantastic labels.

Others have software that takes a little time to master. Don’t go for these unless you are prepared to make the extra effort to work out how to best use the machine.

Final Verdict

And that’s our list for the best label printer for commercial use.

Everything we’ve looked at in this article is of incredible quality and should provide you fantastic usage for a long time to come.

Whether you just want to print black and white labels, or labels with an abundance of color, there is definitely a label maker somewhere in our reviews that will perfectly suit your needs.

Whichever label maker you decide to buy, you can be confident you have a device that will match your professional expectation.

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