Best Document Scanner For Home 2020

Scanners are an incredibly useful tool to have in either your workplace or your home office. With us living in a digital age, it is vital to ensure that any documents you receive in paper form are backed up with a digital copy.

While an all-in-one printer is a common feature of many workplaces, there is still a role for the stand-alone scanner, primarily if you work in an industry where documents arrive in abundance.

Here, we take a look at the best document scanner for home to narrow down the options available and find a scanner that will aid your work

Comparison Table for Top 10 Document Scanner For Home



Key Features



Fujitsu IX1500

Maximum Resolution: 600dpi
Light Source: LED
Scan Speed: 30 ppm (duplex)
ADF: 50 sheets


Epson WorkForce ES-400

Maximum Resolution: 300dpi (Optical), 1200 dpi (interpolated)
Light Source: LED
Scan Speed: 70 ipm (duplex)
ADF: 50 sheets


Canon CanoScan LiDE 300

Maximum Resolution: 2400dpi (Optical), 19200 dpi (interpolated)
Light Source: LED
Scan Speed: 6ppm (color)
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes


Brother DS-640

Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (Optical), 1200 dpi (interpolated)
Duplex: No
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes
Media Handling: Manual


Epson WorkForce ES-50

Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (Optical) 1200 dpi (Interpolated)
Light Source: LED
Power Source: USB


Canon ImageFORMULA R40

Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (Optical)
Light Source: LED
Single Pass Duplex: Yes
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes


Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Light Source: LED
Automatic Document Feeder: Yes
Interface: USB


Brother ADS-2700W

Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (optical), 1200 dpi (interpolated)
Single Pass Duplex: Yes
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes
Daily Duty Cycle: 3000 scans


Brother ImageCenter ADS 2800W

Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Single Pass Duplex: Yes
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes
Daily Duty Cycle: 2500 scans


Brother ADS3000N

Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Automatic Document Feeder: 50 sheets
Single Pass Duplex: Yes
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes


5 best document scanner for home Reviews

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 | Best Scanner For Home Organization

This 600×600 dpi scanner does its job quickly and efficiently. It is easily the best office scanner you will find in this price range.

With a 4.3” color touchscreen, Fujitsu has made this scanner incredibly user-friendly. Through this screen, you can get a one-touch scan, which minimizes the amount of time you need fiddling with the settings. 

Your office can even set up ScanSnap profiles so that the most commonly used settings are quickly available. This can only help with productivity in the workplace.

Any business wants to ensure professionalism, and therefore you want a scanner that helps boost your overall reputation.

This scanner can detect dust and alert users to it. Therefore, you are less likely to end up with a scan that looks unprofessional due to streaks.

The regular scanning of documents allows you to work with paper and other media of an 8.5×14.2″ size. However, it is also possible to use wider and longer papers if you follow the user manual’s instructions.

Highlighted Features

  1. Variety of scan modes with color, grayscale and monochrome available
  2. Complete your work efficiently with 30 pages per minute duplex scan speed
  3. 50-sheet automatic document feeder gives you the chance to focus concentrations elsewhere
  4. A 4.3-inch touchscreen for easy scan set up and usage
  5. Handily connect wirelessly to a range of devices, and scan directly to cloud storage

2. Epson WorkForce ES-400

The WorkForce ES-400 is the best small office scanner primarily because of its compact size. You are getting a great, speedy scanner that won’t take up your already limited space.

With an optical resolution of 300dpi, you will be able to get clear scans of your documents at a rate of 35 pages per minute or 70 images per minute, depending on how you set the scanner up.

This LED scanner comes with 3 scan modes – color, grayscale and monochrome, leaving you with plenty of scanning options available. Any of these options can be used utilizing single-pass duplex scanning.

Any business will have needs beyond document scanning, and this incredible scanner can also handle media types such as business cards and ID cards.

One thing you won’t have to worry about with this scanner in a smaller office is overuse. The daily duty cycle is an incredible 4000 scans. You can literally be scanning the working day away, and this fantastic machine will not complain with moans, groans, and creaking internal parts.

Highlighted Features

  1. Epson Image Processing Technology intelligently aids in correcting your scans
  2. Efficiently scans both sides of the paper with one pass using Single-step technology
  3. Scan directly to your cloud storage to ensure work always backed up
  4. Software that allows you to create and edit Word and Excel Files
  5. Automatically create PDFs and search them

3. Canon CanoScan LiDE 300

If you are looking for the best home document scanner, look no further than the Canon CanoScan LiDE 300. Weighing just 1.6 kg, it is a lightweight product that will fit perfectly next to your printer.

This beautiful little scanner negates any worry about finding another free socket on your extension by powering up from USB. That means no addition to the tangle of power cords you currently have under your desk.

The optical resolution of 2400di and interpolated resolution of 19,200 dpi make this scanner great at not just document scanning but also capturing the memories you have in family albums of years gone by. Scan a photo with this device, and you will have an incredible digitalized copy.

One reason we recommend this for home, rather than the office environment is the scan speed. 6 pages per minute is a lot slower than the scanners required for a hectic workplace, butit’s more than suitable for a home scanner that you are purchasing comparatively much cheaper.

Highlighted Features

  1. Scan more than just documents with Advanced Z-lid Expansion Top
  2. EZ buttons speed up the scanning process offering quick access to different modes
  3. Don’t worry about plug sockets – Canon CanoScan LiDE 300 runs off USB power
  4. Image correction prevents dust and scratched impacting your final scan
  5. Automatically backup your scans by sending them to a cloud storage service

4. Brother DS-640

We’re going to chalk the Brother DS-640 up as being the best personal scanner simply because of its portability. You can take it with you wherever you feel like whether you are choosing to work from home or go into the office.

Weighing only 453.49 grams, this is the ideal scanner for someone who has to travel a lot for work or any other reason that sees you moving around a lot.

The 600 dpi optical resolution is perfect for getting the crisp, clean scans that you desire from a high-quality scanner. And automatic image correction technology means that your scans will always come out looking their best.

With this scanner’s smaller, portable nature, it is very stripped back in terms of features so you won’t be seeing duplex scanning and automatic document feeders with this model.

Despite that, it can still run at a handy speed of 16 pages per minute. Just look at your overall scanning needs. The daily scan cycle here is a relatively modest 100 scans per day.

Highlighted Features

  1. Multipurpose usage – ID cards, A5 paper, receipts, and larger documents can all be scanned
  2. Turn paper documents into MS Word files that you can actually edit
  3. Powered by USB so no need for any messy cords
  4. Conveniently scan directly to email or your choice of cloud service
  5. Automatically corrects your images to leave you with quality scans

5. Epson WorkForce ES-50

The final scanner we’re taking a look at today is another portable variation, this time coming from Epson.

With a 600dpi optical resolution, and the ability to scan in color, grayscale or black and white, this could easily be the best scanner for a small business, especially if your business-related work requires you to travel around state and country a lot.

Weighing an incredibly light 268 grams, this is a scanner that, if traveling with, barely makes a dent in a luggage allowance. At that weight, you can easily walk from destination to destination with it as well.

Capable of scanning documents and ID cards, the Epson WorkForce ES-50 also comes with a great feature that allows you to extract data from your business’ receipts. That is a beautiful additional function that you don’t get from every scanner available out there.

This scanner both connects and is powered through a USB connection. A USB connecting scanner will be more reliable, especially to a frequent traveler who cannot guarantee a wi-fi connection, let alone a good one.

Highlighted Features

  1. Scan larger documents up to a size of 8.5×72”
  2. Get rapid scan speeds with a single page in just 5.5 seconds
  3. Scan efficiently with an automatic feeding mode
  4. Rapid color scanning at 10 pages per minute when set at 300dpi
  5. Includes Nuance OCR software – create Word and Excel documents to edit

Document Scanners for Home Buying Guide

Whether you are looking for the office scanner or a scanner for home usage, some features are must-have, and some are a bit of a luxury. Here we try to help you decide what’s important by looking at some of the elements that make up a great scanner.

1. Resolution

Resolution is always the first place to start with scanners. After all, the final result you get is going to be an image.

An excellent document scanner does not need to have a massive number in the thousands in optical resolution. Just like one of those mini-photo printers can manage high detailed pictures with a 300dpi resolution, a scanner is more than capable of what you need at the same dpi.

However, at an affordable price, you can also get a scanner that works at 600dpi. For professional purposes, we’d go for this option.

2. Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

ADF is an integral part of any scanner that is going to be used in an office.

Not every document you need to scan is going to come on a single page, and sometimes you may have several different documents you want to get done as a batch.

Having an ADF function allows you to be more productive around the office, as you can leave the scanner to get on with its work, rather than having to stand there manually feeding page after page.

3. Single Pass Duplex

Another essential feature for anyone looking for efficiency from their scanner.

The single-pass duplex option saves you time as you won’t have to be manually turning documents to process an image of both sides.

This is a highly useful feature, and an option you should seriously consider taking up if you can.

4. Automatic Image Corrections

If you’ve ever worked in a place with an old scanner or one which hasn’t been maintained very well, you will know that after a time, the images produced can be less than professional looking.

With automatic image corrections, you will always get a beautiful scan. Any deficiencies, either due to the document being scanned or the scanner having a scratch, will be fixed by the scanner’s software.

This software is equally good at stopping distortions in a scan caused by dust.

5. Duty Cycle

Check the maximum number of scans you can make per day. Some can be as little as 100—others in the thousands.

Final Word

Hopefully, we’ve given you an idea of the best document scanner for home for your workplace, home office, or family use.

There are a lot of options available. We think you’ll be best served by an option that will automatically correct your scans if there are any deficiencies, comes with an automatic document feeder, and can do single-pass duplex scanning.

Of course, we reviewed a few portable scanners for those of you who travel a lot but need to keep a digital record of receipts and documents you receive.

Whichever scanner you choose, all of them are high-quality.

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