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Countless times I’ve been told not to waste paper and print on both sides. When younger it was to do with school and saving it money.

As I got older it became about saving myself some cash and trying to do more for the environment.

But all the time I was printing manually double-sided and that, for me at least, was fraught with issues.

Sometimes it was a lack of concentration and not putting the paper back in the right way around. Other times it was the printer’s fault, when printing in bulk, with it either getting jammed with a page or taking multiple pages at once to ruin a batch.

Now I only look at the best duplex printer options.

Comparison Table For 10 Top Duplex Printers



Key Features



Brother  HL-L2350DW

Functions: Print
Print Resolution: 2400x600dpi
Print Speed: 32ppm
Input/Output: 250/100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0 and Mobile Devices


HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 

Functions: Print/Scan/Copy
Print Resolution: 4800x1200dpi
Print Speed: 20ppm (black) and 10ppm (color)
Input/Output: 225/60 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Mobile Devices


Brother MFCL2710DW

Functions: Print
Print Resolution: 2400x600dpi
Print Speed: 32ppm
Input/Output: 250/100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0 and Mobile Devices


Canon PIXMA TR4520 

Functions: Print/Scan/Copy
Print Resolution: 4800x1200dpi
Print Speed: 8.8ipm (black), 4.4ipm (color)
Input/Output: 100/100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB Type-B and Mobile Devices


Brother  MFC-J491DW

Functions: Print/Scan/Copy
Print Resolution: 1200x6000dpi
Print Speed: 12ppm (black), 6ppm (color)
Input/Output: 100/50 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB Type-B and Mobile Devices


Canon MX922 

Functions: Print/Scan/Copy
Print Resolution: 9600x2400dpi
Print Speed: 15ipm (black), 10ipm (color)
Input: 250 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and Mobile Devices


Canon MB2720 

Functions: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
Print Resolution: 1200x600dpi
Print Speed: 24ipm (black), 15.5 ipm (color)
Input: 250 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and Mobile Devices


HP LaserJet Pro m281fdw

Functions: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
Print Resolution: 600x600dpi
Print Speed: 22ppm (black or color)
Input/Output: 250/100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB Type-B and Mobile Devices


Brother MFCL2750DW 

Functions: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
Print Resolution: 2400x600dpi
Print Speed: 36ppm
Input/Output: 250/100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0 and Mobile Devices


Brother HL-L8260CDW 

Functions: Print
Print Resolution: 2400x600dpi
Print Speed: 33ppm
Input/Output: 250/150 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0 and Mobile Devices


5 Best Duplex Printers reviews

1.Brother HL-L2350DW | best double sided printer

The first printer on the list is perfect for you if you are printing a heavy load of black and white duplex documents from home or a small office.

For a monochrome laser printer, the HL-L2350DW has a pretty cool 2400×600 dpi print resolution which makes this printer from Brother highly suited to printing your more detailed black and white graphics.

A print speed of 32 pages per minute compares favourably to other printers from which you might want to get black and white documents. This speed means you will be able to print bulk-duplex documents without a huge chunk of your day disappearing.

With a first print out speed of less than 8.5 seconds means you will also be able to print single documents efficiently, rather than standing around waiting for the printer to warm itself up.

Paper capacity on this machine sits at a 250-page input tray and a 100 page output tray meaning you don’t have to constantly be refilling the paper, or sitting around to stop documents spilling to the floor as they print.

There is also a one-sheet manual feed slot for when you want to print something that isn’t on your usual, already loaded print-media.

Highlighted Features

  1. Print Resolution of 2400×600 dpi
  2. Print speed of 32ppm
  3. Recommended Monthly Duty Cycle: 2000 pages
  4. Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle: 15,000 pages
  5. Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0 and Mobile Devices

2.HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 | Best auto duplex printer for home 

Moving away from monochrome LaserJet printers, we come to the first duplex capable color inkjet printer on this list.

Not only is the OfficeJet Pro 8025 a duplex color printer, but it is also a duplex color copying machine with 600×600 dpi copy resolution as well.

This function is supported by a 35-sheet auto-document feeder and 60-sheet output tray, which make it a highly useful bulk photo-copy machine if that is a need you have.

A 4800×1200 dpi print resolution make this printer more than capable of handling color graphics in your documents, with a 4-ink cartridge ink system helping you achieve professional quality detail and color saturation.

Print speeds of 20ppm (black) and 10ppm (color) whilst not being the fastest you are going to find, do show that this printer takes the time to get the detail right on your printout, rather than just churning out substandard prints.

This printer’s 20,000-page monthly duty cycle means that you can get a lot of duplex printing done without having to worry too much about the machine breaking down due to overuse.

With a 2.7 touchscreen control panel, this printer will be easy for you to navigate around and make best use of its all-in-one function and we recommend it is one of the best auto duplex printer. 

Highlighted Features

  1. All-in-One print, scan, copy and fax
  2. 4800x1200dpi print resolution
  3. Print speed of 20ppm (black) and 10 ppm (color)
  4. Borderless Printing on 8.5x11u201d print media
  5. Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and mobile devices

3.Brother MFCL2710DW | Best auto duplex laser printer

Another monochrome laser printer, but this time with multifunctional capabilities as it can print, scan, copy and fax. This is one of the best two sided printer what we found from our research. 

Capable of a 2400×600 dpi printing resolution, like the other Brother printer on this list, it is ideal for getting more professional looking black and white duplex documents at a quick 32ppm speed that allows you to get what you need with efficiency.

A copy resolution of 600×600 dpi make this a handy black and white copier, though this printer’s copying capability does not come in duplex. It does, however, allow you to make up to 99 copies at a time at a speed of 32cpm.

Making this printer ideal for home office needs are the 250-sheet input tray and 100 sheet output tray meaning you don’t have to sit next to the printer constantly while it prints a job.

The 50-sheet automatic document feeder also means you can copy and scan in bulk without the hassle of having to manually put in every document.

The printer also comes with a manual feed slot for one-sheet should you find yourself using a different print media than normal, such as an envelope for example.

Highlighted Features

  1. 2400×600 dpi print resolution
  2. 32ppm print speed
  3. Recommended monthly duty cycle – 2000 pages
  4. Maximum monthly duty cycle – 15,000 pages
  5. Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB 2.0 and mobile devices

4.Canon PIXMA TR4520 | Best two sided printer

Going back to best duplex color printer, this inkjet model from Canon is the first printer on this list that we would recommend for using photo print media on with the expectation that you will consistently get good results.

In terms of printing duplex documents, a 4800x1200dpi will ensure any images you use on a document come out crisp, clear and professional looking.

Consider the photo printing aspect of this printer a bit of a bonus feature. The resolution, and the 2-ink system make this a fantastic document printer, with photo printing a secondary function.

Those who want a more dedicated photo printer should look at a higher resolution printer with a higher number of cartridges.

The print speed of 8.8ipm (black) and 4.4ipm (color) show that this printer is working on getting you the same sort of image you see on your print screen. That takes time, and sometimes you need to sacrifice time to get that bit of extra quality.

The PIXMA TR4520 allows for duplex copying of up to 99 pages, and also comes with an automatic document feeder of 20 sheets.

An input tray of 100 sheets is lower than the other printers on this list, and something to consider if you require bulk prints.

Highlighted Features

  1. Print Resolution of 4800×1200 dpi
  2. Print speed of 8.8ipm (black) and 4ipm (color)
  3. Borderless Prints of up to 8.5x11u201d
  4. Connectivity via Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB Type-B and mobile devices

5.Brother MFC-J491DW | Best Auto Duplex Inkjet Printer

If you’re a fan of Brother printers and are looking for a color printer rather than the monochrome options of the list, consider this model for your duplex printing needs.

A 1200×6000 dpi print resolution combined with a 4-ink cartridge configuration make this printer ideal for duplex color documents that may contain highly detailed color graphics.

Should you also be looking for a photo printer, the 4-ink cartridge system allows you to get a depth of color far superior than printers that have less cartridges in them.

A print speed of 12ppm in black, and 6ppm in color is quick for a printer that offers the opportunity to print sharp, high detail on its printouts.

While this printer is capable of producing high quality, be aware of other important features for a home printer, especially if you are looking to do more office type work.

This printer, while having copying capability, will not automatically duplex copy. However, its copy resolution is a handy 600x1200dpi. 

The paper capacity of this printer is significantly smaller than other duplex printers on the list. An input tray of 100 sheets, automatic document feeder of 20 sheets, and output tray of 50 sheets mean you’ll spend a lot more time working in and around the printer if printing in bulk.

Highlighted Features

  1. Print Resolution of 1200x6000dpi
  2. Print Speed of 12ppm (black), 6ppm (color)
  3. Recommended monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages
  4. Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB Type-B and mobile devices

Duplex Printer Buying Guide

What is the best double sided printer?

You will get the answer from the list above. We have picked all the top-notched products for you.

What to consider before purchasing best duplex printing machine ?

We are offering some tips for you to find out the automatic duplexing printer that will lead you to choose the perfect one for your next printing project. 

1.Monochrome or Color

Not everyone needs to print in color and buying a color printer because of a u2018just-in-case’ scenario will likely lead to dried up and wasted ink cartridges.

That’s lost money.

Decide what your printing needs really are. If your document printing really only requires black and white, and you aren’t someone who uses a printer for photos and other such color work, get yourself a monochrome laser printer rather than a color option.

2.All-in-One capability

A printer that does more than just print can prove to be very useful – especially if it’s going to save you money on something like color photocopying.

Some printers, as well as duplex printing, also allow you to do duplex copying as well which is fantastic for those looking to save on paper costs.

Before considering an All-in-One printer, do look at the copying and scanning resolutions and see if they are going to do the job you need.

It may be better to buy a separate printer and scanner if you need really detailed scans of photos or documents.

3.Print Resolution

The sort of print resolution you need will again come down to what you primarily need your printer for.

If you are printing monochrome documents that require a detailed level of graphics even though they are in black, look to a printer that has a 2400x1200dpi.

For color printers a resolution of 4800x1200dpi is going to get you suitably detailed color prints. However, if you want to print incredible photos as well as documents look for a higher resolution in order to get even more crisp images.

4.Print Speed

If you are doing a lot of office work print speed could be important, especially when having to do bulk print jobs.

A 20ppm+ printer in black should be the minimum you’re looking for if you want to make efficient use of your time.

But be aware that a slower printer speed likely means your printer is working harder to get you a high-quality printout.

So, balance your speed needs with your quality needs when looking for the best duplex printing machine.

5.Input/Output trays

Having done many a bulk print, I can tell you that this matters.

To me, an output tray with high-volume is especially important otherwise you could leave the printer alone to work and find yourself coming back to a mess of papers scattered across the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Which printers print on both sides automatically?

The most likely printers to do automatic duplex printing tend to be the printers that have been built to deal with a high volume of printing.

For this reason, you will often see that laser printers come with an automatic double-sided printing feature, as these are the printers usually associated with high volume office work.

Some inkjet printers have automatic duplex printing, but most of the time, these printers will require manual printing instead. The best thing to do is look carefully at the printer specs for this particular feature.

What is the difference between duplex printing and double-sided printing?

Duplex printing and double-sided printing are essentially two terms that mean the same thing. Both refer to printing on two sides of a sheet of paper.

Auto duplex printers will do double-sided printing by itself without any need for you to adjust the paper. Manual double-sided printing requires you to flip the page over by hand once you have printed on the first side.

What does auto duplex mean on a printer?

Auto duplex means that the printer has its own system for printing on both sides of a page, without any need for you to adjust the paper manually.

Duplex printing is sometimes necessary for bulk print jobs and thus, having the auto-duplex option saves you a lot of time as you won’t need to be working as the printer’s assistant. You will also find a lot less paper wastage than manual duplex. Manual duplex can additionally lead to alignment issues, missed pages, and paper jams.

Why won’t my printer print on both sides?

It’s unlikely that you will own a printer that prevents you from doing any double-sided printing at all. The critical issue is whether the printer will do the double-sided printing automatically or manually.

Manual double-sided printing can be quite a hassle, which is why some people choose not to do it at all, and therefore print everything one-sided.

Most manual duplex printers will instruct you on the correct way to flip the pages. However, for convenience and to reduce the number of problems you’ll face, it’s best to invest in an auto duplex printer.

Final Word

The best printer for duplex printing will undoubtedly save you time and hassle making a duplex printer essential no matter how good other non-duplex printers are.

Whether monochrome or color, the printers on this list are all capable to producing high quality professional looking documents. 

Even if you are looking for the best duplex laser printer for small office, our list will sort out your query. 

The question you must answer is, what more do you want your duplex printer to do?

Many of the printers on the list scan and copy.

Some also produce excellent borderless photos.

Decide what your additional printing needs are and then you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the best duplex printer for you.

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