Best Edible Printer 2021

With the latest updates in the tech industry, everything is getting smarter. Even though the baking industry got some amazing technologies that can reach the next level, an edible printer is one of them. If you can manage the best edible printer, you will have endless opportunities for your baking methods.

Unlike a conventional printer, an edible printer allows you to print anything special on baking products with edible ink. The whole thing would be edible and there is no chance of any stomach upset. You may try printing superheroes, pictures of any person, and more on baking products that easily attract people.

The problem is, because of the popularity of edible printers, different manufacturers are producing it. Our buyer’s guide will help to pick the right one from tons of options.

List of Edible Printers

1. Canon Pixma iX6820 
2. Canon TS6120 Printer
3. HP Smart-Tank Printer
4. Canon TS6020 Home Printer
5. Canon Photo Printer
6. Canon TS8220  Printer
7. Canon MX532 Printer
8. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Printer

Comparison Chart of Top 8 Edible Printers

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 Canon Pixma iX6820   Printer type: Inject printer
Dimension: 23 x 12.3 x 6.3 inches
Weight: 17.9 pounds
Compatibility: Windows and Mac
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and USB
 Canon TS6120 Printer  Printer type: Inject
Dimension: 14.20 x 14.70 x 5.50 inches
Weight: 20 lbs.
Printing style: Versatile
Connectivity: Both wireless and wired
 HP Smart-Tank Printer  Printer type: Thermal
Accessories: Ink bottle
Design: Versatile
Connection: Wireless and wired; Alexa compatible
 Canon TS6020 Home Printer  Printer type: Inject
Design: Compact
Printing: Versatile (Copy, scan, print)
Technology: PIXMA
Connectivity: USB and Wi-Fi
 Canon Photo Printer  Printer type: Inject
Features: Copy, Scan, Print
Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth
Speed: Fast
Special feature: IFTTT (IF This Then That)
 Canon TS8220  Printer  Printer type: Inject
Printing media type: Plain
Control panel: LCD touch
Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB
 Canon MX532 Printer  Printer type: Versatile
Connectivity: Wireless and USB
Features: scan, copy, print
Special feature: auto duplex printing
Smart support: Alexa compatible
 Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Printer  Printer type: Inkjet
Control panel: LCD touch
Capacity: High
Connectivity: Wireless and USB
Special feature: Ink saving design


Can you use a regular printer with edible ink?

You can’t use a regular printer to use edible ink. Because a regular printer doesn’t have any particular mechanism that can use edible ink to print on something. Also, even if you put edible ink on the tank, that won’t be able to print on a frosted sheet. So, instead of a regular printer, it is mandatory to use an edible printer.

What printers can be used with edible ink?

There is a misconception about edible ink. So many people often become confused if they need a particular edible printer to use edible ink or a regular printer can use edible ink. You need to know the basic concept of edible ink. While regular ink contains chemical components, edible ink actually contains vegetable-based organic ingredients for printing on food. So, you can use edible ink only with edible printers.

Does HP make edible ink?

Yes, HP makes an edible link. HP certainly makes edible ink, but this ink is not available in all stores. Only a few online stores sell them. However, if you are looking for the ink to use with w HP edible printer, you can try some other ink brands as well. That would perfectly work for HP printers. The basic difference between an edible link and regular ink is the main ingredient.

How do you use edible printers?

If you buy an edible printer, there would be a particular mechanism to print with it. Before you start, must read the user manual to have a clear idea about the operation. In general, edible printers print images on edible papers. The paper would come in two-part. One side will have the paper, and the other side will have a poly that can be peeled off after printing. Put the edible ink cartridges in the right place, and now you can use the printer.

How do you make edible ink?

Though it is recommended to use ready to use edible ink for an edible printer, you may try making edible ink at home. For this, you need to use any edible liquid. You may try making vegetable juice by reducing water and adding some glycerin and ethanol to it. Remember that edible ink that is made at home won’t perform like a branded edible ink. If you are going to try, do this at your own risk.

How can I print edible images at home?

You need some particular stuff to print an edible image at home. The first essential thing is an edible printer. Find a good edible printer from any store. You can also try the list that we have provided. Purchase good quality edible ink cartridge and edible paper for the printer. Set the cartridges properly in the printer and place the paper inside the printer. Give command from your computer with the required image and it will print on the paper.

How do you make edible stickers?

To make edible stickers you need an edible printer, edible papers for the printer, and good quality edible ink. Set the cartridge and papers in the printer. Now collect the image that you want to use as a sticker. Do the required editing for the image and give a print command. It will print the sticker image on the paper, which would be an edible sticker.

How do you print on edible paper?

Install the printer and set the edible ink cartridges securely. Place the edible paper or frosting sheets inside the printer and give the print command. Slowly the printer will print the image on the paper. Dry the paper for a while and it will be ready to eat.

5 Best Edible Printer Reviews

We have sorted top products considering the price, features, and performance. After testing and checking each of the product details, finally we have picked the top 10 products. Among them, we have reviewed the top 5 in the following list.

1. CANON Pixma  Printer Bundle | Best Printer for Edible Ink

If you do have a baking business and you want to add something unique, should go for this edible printer. The manufacturer of the product is a renowned printer brand Canon. It is a mid-range budget printer that anyone can afford. For just beginning the business, it could be highly beneficial. It is a complete setup for starting the printed baking products business.

The first amazing fact about this item is its compact design. In the baking industry, you can’t accommodate lots of big things within a small area. Considering this, Canon has brought this product with a portable design. Carrying the printer from here to there is easy, and it accommodates within a narrow space.

You might think that operating an edible printer could be difficult or challenging. The good thing is, this printer from Canon comes with an easy operation system. You don’t need additional tools or devices to operate the printer. An easy control panel on the body allows us to do everything flawlessly. It is a versatile edible printer that suits most baking items. For instance, you can print on a pastry, cake, cookies, and more. For users’ convenience, the printer comes with 5 pack cake ink and 20 wafer sheets. It means there is no additional expense required in the beginning.

Highlighted Features

1. Easy to use at home
2. Ideal for small business setup
3. It can print multiple colors on cakes
4. Comes with essential stuff for free
5. It lasts longer than cheap products

2. CanonCake Printer Bundle | Best Edible Printer for Cakes

If you want to have something affordable to print pictures and other things on cakes, we would suggest this bundle offer. It is a complete package with everything that requires printing on baking products. Compared to some expensive products, this one has more things to offer.No matter how good the ink quality is or how creative you are, the process needs a good quality printer.

In this package, you will get one of the best edible printers from Canon. It doesn’t come in a huge size, instead, it is portable enough to install wherever you want. The package best suits anyone new to printed baking products. Each package includes a printer, 5 cake ink cartridges, frosting sheets, and cake images. Someone who has the basic knowledge of baking and uses these things to print wonderful things on cakes.

It is relatively easy to operate the printer. On the body, multiple buttons give full control over the operation of it. Just insert the ink, set the paper, and give the print command. Unlike other cheap products, color accuracy would be perfect for various images. Regardless of the type of image, it ensures better quality.

Highlighted Features

1. Ideal for small baking business setup
2. Hassle-free operation with multiple buttons
3. Comes with frosting sheets for users’ convenience
4. Better color performance
5. The printer serves the best for years
6. 5 cartridges with the printer

3. Canon Pixma iX6820 | Best Edible Ink Printer

Looking for the best edible image printer that can deliver fast printing facilities? If so, we highly recommend the Canon Pixma iX6820 printer. It is a high-end printer, which comes with the most advanced technologies. While most printers are suitable for a particular work, this one is ideal for everything including printing images on the cake.

You can use this printer with computers that have an operating system of 8 and up. It uses Air print technology. That means there is no need for any wired connection to print with this. Moreover, the printer allows for a Pixma printing solution for your convenience.

The printer has 5 individual tanks for using various colors. 5 tanks mean you can ensure the maximum color accuracy in each image. While most printers can’t ensure smooth finishing for printing on cakes, it could provide the maximum resolution. While printing with this Canon printer, it can print 9600 x 2400 dots per inch. So, you can easily assume that each time the printing quality would be high. Besides printing on cakes, you can go for other printing works where HD printing is mandatory.

Highlighted Features

1. Comes with exclusive downloadable posters
2. It automatically turns on when you send any command to it
3. HD printing technology to print anything regardless of size
4. 5 tanks in the printer for perfect color accuracy
5. It features air print technology for wireless operation
6. Unlike some cheap printers, it won’t cause noise during printing

4. Canon TS6120 Printer | Best Printer for Edible image

Are you looking for the best edible ink  printer with a versatile design? Then you should go for this Canon TS6120 edible printer, which can handle both regular printing works and edible printing works. That is why Canon has named this printer as an all-in-one. It can take a heavy load for printing on demand. So, it could be an ideal solution for printing on baked cakes for business.

The first thing we liked about this item is its wireless design. With the built-in air print technology, you can connect the device remotely and give print commands remotely. Whether it is a mobile, tablet, or computer, there won’t be an issue in the connectivity. It also supports the Google cloud print service for user convenience.

While most printers can’t ensure smoothness in the printing, this Canon printer can. With the 5 individual ink system, you can use multiple color cartridges to ensure a high-quality image on cake and cookies with better resolution. Especially if your target customers are children, you are going to like this printer. Whether it is a cartoon character or a superhero character, the printer can deliver color accuracy. Soo, everything feels realistic with it.

Highlighted Features

1. It comes in a versatile design
2. 0-inch LCD touchscreen for easy operation
3. Multiple connectives for users’ convenience
4. Borderless printing for better finishing
5. It can print HD images without spoiling the color
6. 5 color individual ink system

5. HP Smart-Tank Printer | Sugar Sheet Printer

HP is a renowned name in the printer industry. This edible printer comes from HP which is actually a versatile printer. That means besides printing with edible ink cartridges, you can also use regular ink cartridges. This is an ideal solution for people who can’t afford multiple printers for a variety of works. You can handle both your regular work orders for printing and also for printing on baking products.

Regardless of the device, it is easy to connect with the printer. Based on your demand, you can go for either a wireless connection or a wired connection. For a wireless connection, simply use the Wi-Fi connection. You can even use your smartphone to print anything you want. The dual-band system ensures a lag-free connection.

The printer comes with a design, which could deliver fast speed for printing. Depending on different factors, it could for up to 11ppm print speed. Moreover, it can print large images. It comes with bottles that can provide ink-backup for up to 2 years.

Highlighted Features

1. It comes with Alexa compatibility
2. Ideal for versatile works
3. Spill-free refill system and resealable bottles for ink
4. Wide range of connectivity
5. It ensures color accuracy for HD images

Edible Printer Buying Guide?

Finding the best edible printer could be quite challenging. It is not like just visiting a store and ordering anything that matches the budget. Instead, here you need to consider the features that matter most in printing solutions for baking. Here are the features that we recommend to consider –


No matter whatever you want to print on cakes or similar things. You can do that if the printer has the capability of dealing with high-quality images. So, check what would be image resolution from the printer. Also, check the dot per inch capacity to get a clear concept about quality.


The traditional way to connect a printer with a computer is a wired connection. But considering users’ convenience, wireless technology is more efficient. We recommend picking an edible printer, which has a wireless operating system.


If you want to deal with enough work within a very short time, the edible printer needs the capacity of it. To know that, check the product description to identify how many images it can print per minute. The capacity should match your demand. However, for small business owners, higher capacity is not mandatory.


ADF (Automatic document feeder) indicates the number of pages and feeds the printer can scan and copy at a time. Now, if you have a large business, you must have to pick a printer that has a higher ADF feature. This will ensure that the printer can take a heavy load.


Do you want to print on multiple items within a short time? Well, this would be possible only when the printer can print on cakes or similar items at a higher speed. To find out the speed capacity, read the product description, and find out the real data. If you are buying the printer just for personal usages, speed won’t be a big issue.


Do you want to print on cakes and papers at the same time? If so, we suggest purchasing a versatile printer. An ordinary edible printer allows only for printing on baked products. But in a versatile one, you can handle both baked stuff and ordinary paper printing tasks.

Print Volume

Print volume is a feature of any kind of printer. The number helps in understanding the capacity of the printer. For instance, print volume 10 means the printer can print 1 page with a unit count of 10.

Final Verdict

Now it is easy for you to find the best edible printer with less effort. Just follow our buyer’s guide and it will lead you to the right product. You can either any of the edible printers from the above list, or you can go for other products by following the buying tips. Whichever product you order, check the features carefully to be sure that it will fulfill all your demand. For professional purposes, one must consider the longevity of the product and order only from an authentic seller.

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