Best Gobo Projector 2021

Gobo light machines are designed to offer HD images and patterns, wireless connectivity, and interactive capabilities to produce clear images in rooms with more light.

More advanced models have been designed even better, splitting screens into quadrants displaying multiple images at once. Without any doubt, a gobo light machine is a useful tool to provide visual content to control the audience’s attention. This is why today we have come up with the list of best gobo projector. 

The trend of gobo projector technology is to have several advanced features keeping pace with event space and workplace needs. The right technology is essential for your event and your interior design to keep your audience satisfied and engaged.

List of Gobo Projector

1. HILITING LED Logo Gobo Projector
3. INSTAGOBO Logo Projector
4. HILTING LED Gobo Projector
5. GOBO Light LED Projector
6. QOMOLANGMA Projector
7. ADJ GOBO Projector
8. Logobos  GOBO Logo Projector
9. Ving GOBO Logo Projector
10. HILITING LED Logo Gobo Projector

Comparison Table For Top 10 Gobo Projector

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
HILITING LED Logo Gobo Projector Light Source: 15W OSRAM LED
Lamp Life: 30,000 hours
Brightness: 765 LuxGobo
Size: 37.5mm (outside), 23mm (inside)
CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Projector Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Zoom: Manual
Light Source: LED
Weight: 2.2 Pounds
INSTAGOBO Logo Projector Waterproof Rating: IP65
Gobo Size: 37.5mm diameter
Beam Angle: 15 to 25 degrees
Wattage: 15 watts
HILTING LED Gobo Projector Light Source: 40W OSRAM LED
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Brightness: 2785 LUX
Gobo Size: 37.5mm
GOBO Light LED Projector Light Source: LED
Wattage: 20 Watts
Maximum Throw Distance: 16.4 Feet
Weight: 3.6 pounds
QOMOLANGMA Projector Beam angle: 20°
Image: Static
Gobo Size: 37mm outside,23mm image
Light body material: Aluminum alloy
ADJ GOBO Projector Beam Angle: 13°.
Image: Rotational.
Bright white 12W LED indoor Gobo Projector.
Has 3 metal and a glass replaceable gobo pattern.
Logobos  GOBO Logo Projector Beam angle: 20°
Image: Static.
Gobo Size: 37mm outside,23mm image
Light body material: Aluminum alloy
Ving GOBO Logo Projector Waterproof: IP20
Light body material: Aluminum alloy
Image: Static
Weight: 2.46 pounds
HILITING LED Logo Gobo Projector Beam angle: 15°
Gobo Size:
37.5mm outside, 23mm image
Light body material:
Aluminum alloy

5 Best Gobo Projector Reviews

1. HILITING Led Gobo Projector | best gobo projector for weddings

The HILITING LED Logo Gobo Projector IP65 is the exact logo projector light you need to suit indoor and outdoor use.

It is well equipped with 15W OSRAM LED to supply efficient lumen with complex and intricate designs according to the glass gobo fitted in. The manual zoom DJ effect light gives a once in a lifetime effect and uplifting feeling, primarily when it is controlled with the remote control. This allows you to set a stationary/rotating pattern in line with the moment in a party and any other social gathering, even in churches.

Equipment is bound to wear off at some point, but the process can be delayed with proper care of your equipment. You never have to worry about exterior rusting or getting damaged due to overheating or water spillage with this projector. This projector is made from a strong, non-corrosive sturdy alloy with perfect heat resistance, making it one of the best.

Key features

1. 15W power supply
2. Outdoor waterproof projector
3. Projects within a wider range
4. Interchangeable gobo

2. CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Projector | best led gobo projector

With the CCHAUVET DJ, EZGOBO Battery-Powered Led Gobo Projector, you never have to worry about making the wrong choice of a projector for outdoor events and stage settings. It was specifically designed to aid outdoor event applications.

The EZGOBO projector possesses a battery-powered feature with 5 hours of run time. This makes it possible to project an image/pattern or design anywhere at any time without any help from an external power source. 

This GOBO projector also has a manual zoom for short and long throw application of design patterns.You have control at your fingertips from the IRC-6 remote with inbuilt control commands of on/off, fade, turn, etc.

Finally, this projector comes with 10 ‘Wedding-Ready’ gobos.You can add a feel of romantic accent or, better still, print your own custom gobos on a transparent film to be thrown for display or effect. 

Key features 

1. Comes in a wide range of colors
2. Outdoor waterproof projector
3. Interchangeable gobo

3. INSTAGOBO Projector Light

This gobo projector is customized as a spotlight projector for an indoor event. It is customized to fit companies’ needs and specifications, hotel clubs, and small advertisement event arrangements. The INSTAGOBO projector light is a perfect fit to project a company or hotel name and logo in the reception or at a company event.

The gobo machine’s body is protected with an environmental protection shell of aluminum alloy protecting it against rust. It also takes pride in its IP65 waterproof rating, internal cooling technology, heat pipe against overheating, and long-term life.

It is also equipped with a high-resolution optical lens with a high light transmittance and temperature resistance. The optical lens, which is a crucial point to be taken seriously when choosing which gobo machine to purchase, can make an ultra HD image, compact and lightweight designs. 

Key feature 

1. Projects within a wider range
2. Comes in a wide range of colors
3. It is easily adjustable and reliable

4. HILITING Led GOBO projector IP65

The Hiliting LED logo Gobo Projector is suitable for both indoor and outdoor event applications. It is designed with 15W OSRAM LED, so it is recommendable for use in weddings, small-sized advertisements, and company events and retail stores.

It is also equipped with a high-quality glass gobo template meant to project complex and intricate designs with ease repeatedly for multiple events without losing any image quality.

This brilliant projector comes with a remote control to set and control the movement pattern either to stationary or rotational for attractive projection fitting the stage and moment. You can also control light on or off, whether the projector is mounted on the floor, ceiling, or in an outdoor setting.

The sturdy aluminum alloy used to build it protects it from corrosion and heat damage because of its heat dissipation properties. 

Key Features

1. Provides crisps and vivid projection
2. Powerful and efficient
3. Has a waterproof feature rated with IP65


The Gobo light LED logo Gobo Projector is both portable and low enough in price for personal ownership.

The portable and lightweight design allows mounting and setup in any orientation with easy installation and gobo replacement.

It has a waterproof rating of IP20, and the wide setup orientation of this gobo light projector makes it easy for direct indoor installation and application.

The projector has also been designed with an aluminum alloy metal shell to protect from corrosion and heat damage. It has high strength baking point and sandblasting oxidation treatment.

The glass gobo template fitted in the projector offers the ability to project complex and intricate designs with ease with maintained image quality even after being used multiple times

Key features

1. This gobo light projector can be adjusted to the project in any random direction.
2. This gobo projector has a pattern that can be rotated and controlled by a switch.
3. Allows for content to be customized and changed manually.

Gobo Projectors Buying Guide

So how do you choose the best gobo projector for your company/business/club or event? Take a look below for some advice.


Resolution is the level of clarity of a projected image. It is based on the number of pixels that can be displayed in a given space. It is expressed as the number of pixels on the horizontal axis by the number of pixels on the vertical axis. The higher the resolution of a projector, the more pixels, the clearer your image.


Every projector’s brightness is measured by how much light (also called lumens) a projector can output. The more lumens, the brighter the projector.

If you have been following from the beginning of this product review, you should understand that every gobo light projector is designed with the brightness as a top priority. Still, they are more advanced in some projectors than others.

Light Source

A light source and image production are two essential paths of projection that work hand in hand. There are several types of light sources from LED to LASER to LAMP. 

Compared to other light sources, LED has the best light path with the right key based on the number of imaging chips to produce a clear and color balanced sharp image.


Of course, you can always extend your projector’s lifespan by taking care of it with regular maintenance. The body design and the damage prevention plan of the brand that designed the projector matters.

The gobo light projector is designed to withstand any condition, both indoors and outdoors applications. Most gobo light projectors are designed with aluminum alloy to protect against rust or corrosion, heat pipes to protect against overheating event the waterproof design is rated IP65 and IP20.

Distance Coverage

The throw distance is the measured space between where the projector is placed and the screen. For any projector, the length covered and the image quality are determined by the projector’s placement in distance relation to the projector screen.

This affects the design and structure of how your venue is placed and arranged in every way possible. To attract your audience’s attention, the placement of your projector needs to be perfect, so the picture can be sharp and clear as well.

Be sure to look out for this specification as it is very much essential to meet your need.

FAQ-Gobo Projector

What is a gobo?

A gobo is a small stenciled disc template that the projector light passes through to create a projected image, logo, or pattern of your choice on a surface. It comes in metal or glass, but the most preferred and widely used is the glass gobo. The projector, on the other hand, only controls the light source and houses the gobo.

How to make a gobo projector?

Gobo light projectors are mostly used in events. Making one would be very complicated. Most companies prefer to purchase (best option with its own advantages) since they can repeatedly use and reuse the gobo projector in multiple events, indoor or outdoor. Some prefer to rent since they use only once, and some would instead create the projector provided they have the right materials, part, and proper skill.

Final Word

In conclusion, making the right choice of what you need at a particular time for a specific purpose could be all you need to solve a problem you don’t know you might encounter later. When making choices of which gobo light projector to buy, be sure to note why or what you need it for. This helps them in the judgment of the specification your needs fit into. It also enables you to determine the price to budget for when planning your budget. If your budget before specifying, you might end up buying what wouldn’t fit your need. 

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