Best HP Small Business Printer 2021

As a small business owner, you know that you live and die by the decisions you make. Every day is a difficult yet fulfilling struggle to try and grow the business you’re putting your heart and soul into.

Ensuring you have the best equipment to get your small business running smoothly and efficiently is a must. Making a wise choice in terms of a printer could help your business flourish. The wrong choice could see you with massive ongoing or replacement costs.

HP is brand known the world over, and one that offers quality and reliability.

What is the best printer to buy for small business?

Here we have provided some options in your search for the best HP small business printer out of dozens of hp business printers. 

List of HP Small Business Printer

1. HP Sprocket

2. HP OfficeJet 3830

3. HP Neverstop Laser Printer

4. HP OfficeJet 5255

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

6. HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw

7. HP DeskJet 3755

8. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

9. HP ENVY 6055 

10. HP Envy Photo 7155

Comparison Chart of Top 10 HP Small Business Printer

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 HP Sprocket  Functions: Photo/Sticker Printer
Resolution: 314x400dpi
Print Speed: 40 seconds per photo/sticker
Connectivity: Bluetooth/USB Micro B
 HP OfficeJet 3830  Resolution: Color – 4800x1200dpi, Black – 1200x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black (ISO) 8.5ppm, Color (ISO) 6ppm
Duplex: Manual
Duty Cycle: 1000 pages per month (max)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices
 HP OfficeJet Pro 8025  Resolution: Color – 4800x1200dpi,
Print Speed: Black 20ppm, Color 10ppm
Duplex: Automatic
Duty Cycle: 20,000 pages per month
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/Mobile Devices
 HP OfficeJet 5255  Resolution: Color – 4800x1200dpi, Black 1200x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black 10ppm, Color 7ppm
Duplex: Automatic
Duty Cycle: 1000 pages per month
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB Type-B/Mobile Devices
 HP OfficeJet Pro 9015  Resolution: Color – 4800x1200dpi, Black 1200x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black 32ppm, Color 32ppm
Duplex: Automatic
Duty Cycle: 25,000 pages per month
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/Mobile Devices
 HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw  Resolution: Color – 600x600dpi, Black 600x600dpi
Print Speed: Black 28ppm, Color 28ppm
Duplex: Automatic
Duty Cycle: 50,000 pages per month
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB Type-A/Mobile Devices
 HP DeskJet 3755  Resolution: 4800x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black 15 ppm, Color 5.5 ppm
Duplex: Manual
Duty Cycle: 1000 pages per month (Max)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices
 HP OfficeJet Pro 6978  Resolution: 600x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black 20ppm, Color 11ppm
Duplex: Automatic
Duty Cycle: 20,000 pages per month (max)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB 2.0/Ethernet/Mobile Devices
 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035  Resolution: Color – 4800x1200dpi, Black 1200x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black 29ppm, Color 25ppm
Duplex: Automatic
Duty Cycle: 20,000 pages per month
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/Mobile Devices
 HP Envy Photo 7155  Resolution: Color – 4800x1200dpi, Black 1200x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black 14ppm, Color 9ppm
Duplex: Automatic
Duty Cycle: 1000 pages per month
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/USB-2.0/SD Card/Mobile Devices

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the fastest HP Printer?

Surprisingly, the fastest HP Printer is an inkjet and not a laserjet, as you might have expected. The HP OfficeJet Pro X uses HP page wide technology to shoot our paper at a rate of 70 pages per minute. That is an incredible speed for any printer and far exceeds the nearest rivals.

What is the newest HP all in one printer?

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 is an excellent 2020 offering from Hewlett Packard. Capable of printing, scanning, and all your all-in-one needs, it has a fantastic print speed of 39 pages per minute and a paper capacity of 500 pages. It is a beautiful inkjet color printer that doesn’t cost the earth. Additionally, it is compatible with HP instant ink. A bonus for anyone who likes using that service.

Which is better, HP OfficeJet or HP Envy?

The answer to this question is not a simple one, as it depends as much on your printing needs as it does on the printer itself.

The HP Envy range has not been designed for a busy, larger office. These printers are very much home or small office-oriented. The HP OfficeJet is, however, designed for the larger office, and therefore those printers tend to be faster and with higher capacity trays.

If there is a reason to choose an HP Envy over an HP Officejet, it’s for photo printing. They load photo paper, can print borderless, and their ink configuration allows for much better color in your pictures.

Which HP small business printer fits your needs?

There are so many HP printers available for small businesses. It would be wrong to pluck a name out of thin air and say that this is the absolute best for you without knowing anything about your business. But what we can do is guide you as you consider your options. Ask yourself what features you require. Set yourself a budget. Determine how much printing you will be doing and be sure of the type of printing you will need. When you know all this, you will be able to find the best printer that fits your needs.

5 Best HP Small Business Printer Review

1. HP Sprocket | Best HP Printer For Small Business

First up is a printer that meets an extremely specific need for small business owners.

Standing out from your competition is important if you want to get ahead. While the HP Sprocket is a photo printer, we are not looking at it from that perspective.

We see the HP Sprocket as the ideal sticker printer.

Whether using stickers to market your business, or to label things you may be selling, this printer will provide you a high detailed 2×3” sticker with a 314×400 dpi color resolution in approximately 40 seconds.

The HP Sprocket is portable, which means that if you need to travel as part of your business you are able to take it everywhere you go.

A recharge time of 1.5 hours means that you can charge it up before going to something like a trade fair, and then print stickers and labels as and when needed.

This little portable printer connects to your devices using Bluetooth, which means that you don’t have to go hunting for an internet connection in order to use it.

Using HP ZINK paper also means you don’t have to worry about ink and cartridge changes. You’ll always be ready to go when you need the machine.

As per our recommendation, this printer is the best small business printer that can serve you for long time. 

Highlighted Features

  1. Perfect for creating stickers for marketing purposes
  2. Lightweight and easy to travel with
  3. No ink cartridge or ribbon changes

2. HP OfficeJet 3830 | Best HP Photo Printer For Small Business

If you are looking for the best printer for business, an All-In-One printer can be incredibly useful for any small business owner. The OfficeJet 3830 can print, scan, copy and fax, meaning you have many of your office needs catered for.

This printer uses HP Thermal Inkjet technology. An inkjet printer tends to be smaller than a laser printer, so is ideal for anyone who needs to keep office space in mind. They also produce a richer color when printing and allow you to print on more media types.

Printing in color you get a maximum resolution of 4800x1200dpi which will give you professional looking color documents and pictures.

The black maximum resolution of 1200x1200dpi means even if printing in black and white, graphics on your documents will look crisp.

Inkjets do not print as quickly as laser printers, so keep that in mind if you intend print in bulk. Draft speeds are reasonable at 20ppm in black and 16ppm in color.

If looking to print in higher quality than draft mode, your print speeds fall to 8.5ppm in black and 6ppm in color.

Ink cartridge configuration sees 2 individual cartridges, and you can ensure that you never run out of ink as this printer is able to use Amazon Dash replenishment.

Highlighted Features

  1. Meets all your office needs with its all-in-one functionality
  2. Easily navigate the printer with a 2.2” mono touchscreen

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 | best printer for small office

Another all-in-one printer, the OfficeJet Pro 8025 has been built for those who are looking for higher quality print outs than an entry level printer can give you.

This printer uses a 4-cartridge system in getting a 4800x1200dpi print resolution. The benefit of more cartridges is a better color saturation leaving you with images on your printouts that stand out compared to what a lesser printer might do.

Print speeds of 20ppm in black and 10ppm in color, while not up there with top speeds of laser printers, are still quick for a printer that is giving you as much quality as this one.

This printer has been built with convenience in mind, sporting a duplex printing feature that will save you time to get on other tasks that keep your business running. So, it is one of the best small office printer.

An input tray of 225 sheets will mean you can confidently use the wireless connectivity from anywhere on your premises and know that there is paper available in the printer.

The 60-sheet output tray will allow you to bulk print without an immediate paper spill all over your office floor.

Highlighted Features

  1. Bulk print with confidence with a 20,000-page monthly duty cycle
  2. Scan documents with ease with a 35-sheet auto document feeder
  3. Save money on paper costs with duplex printing function

4. HP OfficeJet 5255 | Best HP Printer Scanner Copier For Small Business

This inkjet all-in-one printer is the best business printer if your small business does a lot of printing in color but doesn’t require high saturation of colors in the prints produced.

Utilising a 2-ink cartridge system, with one black and one tri-colour cartridge, could potentially lower your ongoing costs in running a printer, as these cartridges are usually cheaper. However, it does run the risk of ink wastage if one color in the cartridge runs out quicker than the others.

A print resolution of 4800x1200dpi (color) and 1200×1200 dpi (black) mean that you are still getting high quality printing with incredibly sharp detail, even if the colors are not as vibrant as a machine with a 4-ink cartridge system.

Print speeds of 10ppm for black and 7ppm for color by no means make this the fastest printer on the market but balance the speed of your printer with the quality of its prints. These speeds allow you to get jobs done reasonably quickly without compromising the final product.

Duplex printing, an input tray of 100 sheets, and output tray of 25 sheets make the HP OfficeJet a very convenient hp small office printer for any small business.

Highlighted Features

  1. Navigate the printer and check ink-levels quickly using 2.2” touchscreen
  2. Never be caught short on ink with this printer being Amazon Dash replenishment ready

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 | best printer scanner for small business

With the world of small business being very much make or break, the OfficeJet Pro 9015 is an all-in-one machine that could make all the difference in determining where your business is heading.

Compared to the other printers in this Top 5, the advantage that this printer has is speed whilst also being capable of superior quality.

Using 4 cartridges, so you are getting print lab quality depth of color, this printer can give you a 4800×1200 dpi color print out at a speed of 32ppm.

In a world where efficiency is everything, getting a color print of that quality in less than 2 seconds (first print out time 10 seconds) is special.

Duplex printing, an input tray of 250 sheets, output tray of 60 sheets and automatic document feeder of 35 sheets all add to the idea that this printer will save you time, and as the saying goes ‘Time is money’.

For small businesses that require a printer to be constantly churning out the pages day in and day out, this particular model has a monthly duty cycle of 25,000 pages which is significantly higher than some others on this list.

Highlighted Features

  1. Capable of heavy-duty document printing with high duty cycle
  2. Print professional looking documents in high resolution
  3. Ensure efficiency in your business with high print speeds

HP Printer for Small Business Buying Guide

1. Duty Cycle

When looking for the best printer for small business one of the first considerations is how much usage the machine is going to get.

Monthly duty-cycle is a very important feature to check, because you cannot afford as a small business owner to have your printer die on you in the middle of a busy working week, simply because it has been overloaded with tasks.

The monthly duty-cycle of a printer can vary wildly with some inkjets capable of 20,000 pages plus per month, and others being pushed to their limit at 1000 pages.

Double check those printers and what they say about their maximum duty cycle. Often, a printer that says 1000 pages per month says that as an absolute maximum.

The recommended pages per month could be something as little as 200.

2. All-in-One

While printing will be the main function of the machine, it is always useful to have a device that is multi-functional.

A printer that doubles as a scanner, and copier is ultimately saving you time, money and office space.

Check the specs on the extra features to make sure they are capable of what you require, and if they are, what reason do you have for not buying an all-in-one model?

3. Resolution

Printing resolutions of 4800x1200dpi seem to be standard for most inkjet machines capable of printing in color on standard A4 paper. Anything less and you likely will not be able to get the professional look you need.

Check out the black resolution as well. A 1200x1200dpi in black means you will get a very crisp looking text when printing.

4. Print Speed

Inkjet printers tend to be slower than laser printers.

If you are really looking for speed perhaps a laser printer would be better for you, but that could lead to a detrimental impact in print quality overall.

You can still get decent speeds from higher end inkjet printers. If something is printing at 10 pages per minute that is still quick.

5. Connectivity

Wireless printers are essential for making life convenient and letting you print from anywhere.

Check exactly how the printers can connect, and what back up options the printer has should the Wi-Fi cut out during the middle of the working day. It’s not an impossibility.

Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth and USB connections could all be useful features.

6. Duplex Printing

If you are working in an office with even an average printing load per day, you’ll know that having to print things double-sided manually is inefficient and uses time that could be better spent on other things.

Check if the printer you are buying has automatic duplex printing. This feature saves you time, ink, paper, and money in the long run.

7. Configuration

The number of ink cartridges and the type of ink cartridges you use can be a consideration.

If you print in color, with a lot of images that you want to stand out, then consider a printer that requires at least four cartridges. The coloration of your printouts will be noticeably better.

On the other hand, if you need color infrequently, or it’s a minor consideration, a two cartridge set-up may be more cost-effective.

Final Word

If you are a small business owner every decision you make has an impact on how your business will run.

The best HP laser printer for small business will depend on how much and how often you use you printer. Use a lot and you will need something with a high monthly duty cycle, or you’ll encounter problems.

Spend time checking the specs of the printers, because each printer on the list has its own unique selling point, whether it be print quality, print speed or extra features just to make your life easier.

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