Best ID Card Printer 2021

You may be looking for a digital ID card printer for your business or home office. Let me put your mind at ease; you might not have to look any further. Here is a quick buying guide to help you get ahead in the hustle so you can find the best ID card printer.

We’ve all heard of fake IDs, but there are a lot more legitimate purposes of this technology than just getting access to a bar or a club. These ID card printers can be used to print a variety of IDs including, Employee IDs, Student IDs, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, and more.

The technique is primarily based on dye sublimation or thermal technology. They also come in a wide variety of features including speed and capacity but some of them would also include the PVC cards in the bundle. So, the buyers need to do some research.

Comparison Chart of Top ID Card Printer



Key Features



Bodno Pronto

Design: Compact and lightweight-11.82 Pounds.
Capacity: Single-Sided Printing, monochrome, and color.
Ideal usage: Small business with limited employees, Anything within a limited capacity.


Magicard Enduro 3e

Design: LCD and enhanced security
Capacity: Double-Sided Printing, monochrome, and color.
Ideal usage: Employee IDs/Badges (For small to large businesses), Student IDs, Gym Membership Cards, and more.


Bodno Magicard Enduro 3e 

More supplies: Camera included, Bodno Premium CR80 30 Mil Graphic Quality PVC Cards – 300 Cards and more.


Bodno Badgy 100

Design: Compact and ultra-lightweight- 8.48 Pounds.
Capacity: Single sided, Color printing in 38 seconds.
Ideal Usage: Personalized usage, Student IDs, Employee IDs, Loyalty or membership cards.


Fargo DTC1250e

Design: Newer user friendly design, camera included.
Capacity: Single Sided, fast printing- Color printing in 16 secs.
Ideal Usage: Employee IDs/Badges (For small to large business), Student IDs, Gym Membership Cards, Hotel and Motel Key Cards and more.


5 Best ID Card Printer Reviews

Before we jump into the kind of product you would need to buy, let’s take a quick look at the hot products currently being sold. So, we picked five versatile printer bundles that are being sold online and they should serve almost all your needs. We’ve reviewed some of them in detail and highlighted their features so the average buyer can find the desired printer.

1. Bodno Pronto Magical

The Magicard Pronto printer is a compact machine that would bring you high-quality results. The package comes with basic supplies including PVC cards (100 in total) that are a great addition to the bundle.

A camera is also included. It is a single-sided printer but includes pretty much everything you would need in a limited capacity printing- such as a small company with a few employees (if intended to print employee IDs or Badges).

It has the Bodno bonze software that’ll take care of your basic day to day needs. Additionally, this easy to use printer can print monochrome and color and its user-friendly interface has professional design elements with ready to use templates. Sounds like an ID card printer for a small business? That’s correct, but it can also be used for anything else that requires low volume printing.

So, it’s surely one of the popular Magicard models in the market and can be picked any time if it suits your needs. The product’s attractive features can outweigh its limitations, thanks to the compact size that makes it highly portable and the supplies that it comes with, considering the price the buyer pays.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact and all-inclusive printer for any basic day to day printing needs.
  • Prints monochrome and color.
  • Comes with an easy to learn Bodno Bronze software -compatible with Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond editions.

2. Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card

The Enduro 3e not only offers a lot more but could also essentially introduce flexibility to your needs. Even though this kind of technology might currently have predecessors in the market, it is still considered to be one of its kind. So why is that?

For starters, it is a dual-sided ID card printer that unlike many other similar range printers, can print color cards in just 25 seconds. It has a barcoding feature along with holographic technology that is highly desired in today’s world.

This is a patented technology and iconic security feature that embeds watermarks on the card. The quality of the images is also high as it can operate on both dye sublimation and thermal technology. This bundle includes the XXS Card Design software, however, the ‘complete supplies’ bundle would include the Bodno Bronze software. 

This highly efficient and portable printer can be used in a variety of settings. However, it is a popular choice to print employee IDs for mid to large-sized companies. It can also be used for student IDs, membership cards, Access cards, and Loyalty or gift cards. The other bundle called ‘complete supplies’ would also come with a camera which can save cost and time as it would deliver instant photos to establish instant printing.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides dual Sided Printing in monochrome and color.
  • Offers fast printing in less than 30 seconds.
  • Holographic technology embeds watermarks for security.
  • LCD ensures easier operation.

3. Magicard Bodno Enduro 3e

Contrary to popular belief, bundles in this scenario would not necessarily sell the things that you don’t need. As we’ve described earlier for the MagicardEnduro 3e regarding how much it offers, it would be a little unfair to ignore this bundle option that offers everything you need. Certainly, a lot more for the price, if you compare the two.

It comes with a camera, a color ribbon, and 300 PVC cards. Definitely a great buy for professional printing if you need the accessories. This bundle also includes all windows version drivers and Mac certified plug and play drivers, so the buyer can have a piece of mind. Set up and support is included in the bundle as well. So, aside from the fast printing and robust technology, the buyer can now have everything they need to increase efficiency.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect printer to print up to 5000 cards per year.
  • Includes a camera, color ribbon (MA300YMCKO- 300 Prints), and 300 PVC cards.
  • Drivers provided (Mac and Windows).
  • Easy to install- Setup and Support included.
  • Bodno ID card software- Bronze edition

4. Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer

The Badgy 100 color printer is simply a hot find on the list if the buyer is on a tight budget. This compact, Ultra-lightweight printer can be carried anywhere. If the buyer chooses the right bundle then they can see that it not only comes with a camera and a dye film ribbon but provides the user with 50 PVC cards to start with.

It’s not just a printer for your small business, it is a versatile gadget. The printer has more durable construction than other printers to minimize wear and tear over time. The Bodno, Bronze edition software can be very user-friendly but the other versions of the software (such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) are also compatible with this model. 

The printer is also capable of printing in color in 38 seconds which increases efficiency. So, the buyers have nothing to lose.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact design and ultra-lightweight ensures portability.
  • Budget-friendly option high-quality printing.
  • Provides Camera, Dye film ribbon, and 50 PVC cards.
  • Color printing in 38 seconds.
  • Durable construction.

5. Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer

The Fargo DTC1250e ID Card printer bundle can be a complete package with everything you need for professional printing. If you desire advanced technology for an affordable price then this is your ideal printer.

It is quite easy to use and comes with a camera for printing right away with instantly taken pictures. Whether it is in house employee card printing or membership card printing for your busy hotel or gym. The first day of school can cause long line ups for student ID cards, but this highly efficient device can take care of that situation by printing a full-color photo ID in just 16 seconds. So, essentially any type of ID card you can think of can be the perfect match.

This Fargo ID card printer also has comparable specs for the price range as it is a single-sided printer but is capable to print in monochrome and color. It can also print monochrome in just 3 seconds. So, it is a big-time and cost saver that is also compact enough to sit on a standard-sized office desk.

Highlighted Features

  • All-Inclusive complete bundle.
  • Cost-Effective printer for every user.
  • Fast Printing in seconds.
  • The compact design makes it portable.

ID Card Printer buying guide

Here is a quick guide to assist an average buyer to compare and find the best ID card printer for their needs. We’re going to focus on a few key aspects that buyers should focus on.

Print Quality

Print quality is something that can concern most buyers. Fortunately, it is also one of the most important things that manufacturers keep in mind to compete in the market. It often depends on the technology used in the process but can also be influenced by the hardware and software used. As far as the technology goes, dye sublimation is known for its vibrant colors and durability ensuring topnotch quality. You just have to check the hardware and software before buying as many of the sellers bundle them in the package quite nicely.

Material Durability

When we print ID’s on a PVC card, we need to make sure that the material stays there. Imagine getting it faded away by heat or water. I bet that is the last thing someone would want. So, it’s important to ensure that the printed material is durable. You can start by checking if the PVC cards are compatible. Then check some user reviews and the elements that can support your purchase, such as price, warranty, and customer support.


It is a good idea to ensure the abilities of the ID card printer before buying. This provides you with peace of mind and helps meeting expectations. For example, you’d know if the printer is single or dual-sided, monochrome or color including other specs related to speed, print volume, etc. The manufacturer should have all this information readily available.


Speed is an important element for many buyers as it influences overall productivity. For instance, fast printing would be required for a busy corporate environment or large-sized institution, whereas not so much if it will be used for irregular or occasional printing. Speed is also a factor that tends to influence the product’s market value, hence a key consideration during a multiproduct comparison.

PVC Cards

PVC cards are often included in the product bundle along with other necessary supplies. If you’re buying them on your own then it’s worth checking that the cards are compatible with the printer you have in mind. Many of them are standardized in terms of size and quality, which eliminates some of the buyer’s misery but it doesn’t hurt to double-check. If you’re getting them in a bundle then you can make sure that you’re getting enough for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I print my ID card at home?

Digital ID cards can easily be printed from the comfort of your home with an ID card printer. Sellers often sell these printers in a bundle with other supplies such as PVC cards, software, the ribbon, etc. There is a wide range of collection to choose from as the technology keeps evolving and introduces various new features. After choosing the right printer and setting it up, the software does the rest of the job. This software would often have predefined templates and the information (picture, Size, etc) can be conveniently edited according to the needs.

Can you print on the card in a normal printer?

Not really, at least not professionally. If we’re thinking about inkjet printers then some specific models would print on PVC cards that are compatible. However, the quality would not be the same, as inkjet printers use water-based printing technology as opposed to dye sublimation that produces better quality. Anything that is not a professional ID card printer would also lack various other features such as barcodes and other security features. So, in a nutshell, trying anything else could be quite messy and the quality could suffer.

Why are ID card printers so expensive?

When they’re compared to regular paper printers, the price of PVC ID card printers may seem to be high. The primary reason is that a standard ID card printer prints on highly durable PVC cards using either dye sublimation or thermal technology. These processes require different kinds of durable parts that can produce a service efficient enough to print on PVC cards. Therefore, the printers are also highly durable which makes them an excellent investment. The higher price as a result could save costs down the road as outsourcing this service would cost more in general.

How can I print my ID card size?

It depends on the software being used as most of the PVC cards have a standard size (Often credit card size). It is also important to have all the information on the card given the limited space. The general rule of thumb is that the file should be finished before uploading. Then software should let you edit the rest including the length and the width. Even the basic versions of this software would have templates that can be used to fit on the card. However, people are sometimes concerned about the risk of the card information being cut out. If this is a real concern then it can be easily avoided by using ‘bleed’, which is more like a border around the edges.

Final Word

Hope many of you have now figured out that the best ID card printer is the printer that meets all your needs. Needless to say, that the buyers would always evaluate these products according to their needs.

Having said that, it should certainly be easier now for the buyer to know the difference between various products in the market, whether you need it for your small business or busy supermarket, and also that the ‘busy supermarket’ option can have more robust technology than the more affordable ID card printer for small business.

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