Best Interactive Projector 2020

The best interactive projector is an excellent replacement for a whiteboard during teaching, meetings, or seminars. It adds an interactive display on any plain surface to enhance the delivery of data and information.

In this article, the projectors we look at are designed with special sensors giving them an interactive feature to help you engage with what you are projecting.

For example, the DPL interactive projector and the infra-red interactive projector are the two basic projectors that exist.The DPL project patterns are controlled with a pen on an original display. The pattern emerges as a display on the screen immediately. The infra-red is used with a special camera, and the infra-red pen movement is reflected in the projector’s original display.

Comparison Table For Top 10 Interactive Projector



Key Features




Battery Life: 5 hours
Internal Memory: 32 GB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and BluetoothBrightness: 35 lumens


ViewSonic PJD8353S

Display Resolution: 1024×768
Brightness: 3000 lumens
Hardware Interface: HDMI
Wattage: 310 watts


Touchjet TP80WUS

Hardware Interface: USB
Minimum Throw: 0.5 meters
Maximum Throw: 3 meters
Brightness: 80 lumens


Hivista F-35

Active Area: 150 inch diagonal
Calibration Technology: Photoelectric Positioning
Connectivity Interface: USB
Weight: 1.05 pounds


Epson BrightLink

Display Resolution: 1280×800
Brightness: 3500 lumen
Wattage: 356 Watts
Contrast Ratio: 14,000:1


Epson IL

Resolution: 1080p
Minimum Throw Distance: 1 foot
Contrast Ratio: 2,500,000:1
Lamp Life: 20,000 hours


ViewSonic PS750W

Brightness: 3300 Lumens
Hardware Interface: HDMI
Wattage: 20 Watts
Contrast Ratio: 10000:1


Epson BrightLink 475Wi

Display Resolution: 1280×800
Light Source Wattage: 190 Watts
Brightness: 2600 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1


Epson BrightLink Pro 1430Wi

Resolution: 1280×800
Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
Light Source Wattage: 245 Watts
Lamp Type: UHE


Hitachi CP-TW3005

Native Resolution: 1280×800
Image Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
Brightness: 3300 Lumen
Aspect Ration: 16:10


5 Best Interactive Projector Reviews

 1. Cinemood 360

 The CINEMOOD 360 is the first projector to display a 360-degree picture. It is a small, compact, and handy projector with programmed Wi-Fi streaming ability for Netflix, Disney, YouTube preloaded content, and VR.  It is a great device to enhance family time and entertain children. 

This projector comes with a rechargeable battery lasting up to 5 hours. Inbuilt speakers and an AUX port are both available options for you. Additionally, this product was designed to have a soft 35-lumen projection, eliminating blue light, and providing a quality view.

It is a device specifically made for children. The compact size is enough to convince you to want it for your child. If you are concerned about your child getting carried away with the fun activities, there is educative content programmed into the device to keep them mentally and socially catered for.


  1. Additional video and free games through regular updates of device software.
  2. The built-in storage of about 32GB.
  3. Accurate projection from a 12-foot distance.

2. View Sonic Pjd8353s

The VIEWSONIC PJD8353S is a highly interactive short-throw DPL oriented projector claiming about 3000 bright lumen production.

With its built-in short throw lens, the VIEWSONIC PJD8353S can project images two feet from where it is placed onto the screen. This way, it is improbable for shadows to occur on the screen due to people interrupting the light projection.

Still speaking with regards to the picture, the projection is designed with an impeccable color scheme to produce images by working with a display program of 10000:1 contrast ratio and 2600 ANSI lumen.

With an interactive pen and CRESTON LAN controller,it is easy for an admin to control the projector remotely. It is also possible to manage multiple projectors from one workstation with the CRESTON LAN controller’s help.


  1. Can be connected to a digital video player device.
  2. Can be controlled with a remote.
  3. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

3. Touchjet Pond Smart Touch Projector

The TOUCHJET TP80WUS is a highly interactive touch screen android projector. It is a battery-powered device with a bright white lumen of about 80 at about 854 x 480 pixels.

The multi-touch feature is a unique development introduced in the Touchjet devices. This feature has opened the door for greater opportunity to interact more effectively during a seminar or meeting, as about 4 people can control the surface at the same time. With this feature in place, it’s your best choice for project presentation and seminar teachings. The touch layers still function correctly, even if the projector is moved to project on another surface.

The TP80WUS has inbuilt Wi-Fi accompanying the Bluetooth interface, which is programmed for easy connectivity with all devices. It has a remote-control app to create an opportunity to control with your smartphone either with an android or IOS operating system.


  1. Has a built-in speaker
  2. Aids better audio with space for the headphone jack 
  3. Features auto-calibration

4. Hivista F-35 Interactive Projector

The Hivista projector is mainly built for meetings and classroom presentations. It is a portable and highly interactive whiteboard that you can write on or draw with. You can even control other applications while teaching or presenting. The visual effect helps keep your audience in line with what you are doing.

The projector is controlled with an infrared E pen like you control your computer with your mouse. The automatic calibration has made it easy to use and control from anywhere in the room.

The Hivista projector has solved the problem of fixation and adjustment with its 360-degree flexible adjustment. Like any computer device, you have access to any computer software application with this smartboard. Therefore, you can access websites and work on software applications. It has a WIFI and Bluetooth connection to aid easy connectivity to other devices.


  1. Designed with an infrared pen for easy control
  2. It can be adjusted 360 degrees with no boundaries.

5. Epson V11H740522

The Epson LCD projector is bright and interactive. It has an impeccable bright display feature due to the 3,500 lumen white or color brightness.

The light projection was carefully designed with an amazingly vivid color technology; this has mainly contributed to the sharpness and the quality of the projected images.

The ultra-short throw display also contributes to the picture quality with no shadow obstruction because the projector would be placed close to the screen. 

As well as coming with a long-life lamp, this projector allows and manages up to six different control commands simultaneously. It also enables the sharing of data and information between screens and other devices wirelessly connected to it.

These devices are also perfect for learning, planning, and meeting among people, enabling them to contribute and show their ideas simultaneously.


  • Allows the sharing of files within or between devices with wireless connections.
  • Has a long life span
  • Possess wireless connectivity like WIFI and Bluetooth.

Interactive Projector Buying Guide

While looking into the best interactive projector to buy, you might fall into the dilemma of having many choices. Below is a bit of advice to help you choose which interactive projector is best for you.


It is imperative to check for the pixel resolution of the pictures a projector projects. The quality of an image projected by the projector rests upon the pixel density of the image. You should also bear in mind that the input source’s quality determines the resolution of the projector outputs. This means the image quality of your data determines the resolution of the output of the projector projects.


The lifespan of a projector is another point for you to take note of. You can add to the life span of your projector through regular maintenance. Most projectors’ damage is due to dust, water damage, or overheating, probably after working a long time. The body design, material, and inner part of a projector matter for a long-lasting life span.


The brightness of a projector is as essential as the throw ratio of the projector. Sometimes the throw ratio also contributes to the brightness and view of the projected pictures from the projector.

When trying to choose which projector to buy, you must first study your environment and then decide the level of brightness suitable for your environment. If you have a dim room, then you might want to look for a projector outputting a higher beam of light.


Distance coverage of any interactive projector ultimately lies on the shoulders of the throw distance of that projector. The throw distance determines the mounting style (either a floor mount or ceiling mount) and how far the projector stays from the screen. 

The quality of every projector, and the distance coverage of an interactive projector, also contribute to the brightness and sharpness on a screen.


You might want to purchase an interactive projector for use in your office or school for meetings, seminars, and even for class sessions. Those projectors that allow for more than one controller are a great fit for classroom sessions, seminars, and office presentations. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is an interactive projector?

Interactive projectors have added an innovative style of teaching and learning in the business and educational world.

Interactive projectors are mostly ultra-short-throw projectors that enable images, charts, data, and words to be projected onto a plain surface. They allow users to interact with the projected data and with themselves. This encourages flexibility, teamwork, and positive results among people working and learning in the same space. 

How do interactive projectors work?

The interactive projector functions are very similar to that of a standard projector. Theinteractive projector’s advantage and edge over the typical standard projector are the control sensors to read the movement from a pen and run a command for that movement. This method can be utilized for interaction among people working or learning together.

Do you need a projector for an interactive whiteboard?

Of course, you do need a projector for an interactive whiteboard. To make your whiteboard more interactive, all you need is the proper interactive projector, a whiteboard, and a computer. The computer helps you transmit data and information to the projector. It is now the duty of the projector to project the transmitted data and information to the plain whiteboard. A smart whiteboard wouldn’t need a projector, though. It has a built-in screen to out information to its audience directly.

Bottom Line

An interactive projector might be the only thing missing in your business, school, etc. Some are also a great fit for personal fun use and gifts to your children.

We have researched and carefully selected the best interactive projector and their features. We also compared the features of a few interactive projectors to aid your decision.

Now with everything considered, you can never go wrong in making the interactive projector’s right decision to purchase.  

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