Best Label Maker For Electricians

Have you ever had to deal with so many cables and wires that you lost track of their connections and functions?

Whether you’re an experienced electrician or a newcomer in the field, too many cables and wires will always cause confusion and that’s why you need label makers to make your life easier.

Other than cables, you can also point out various types of cords, appliances, and hazard signs. Therefore, to boost the productivity of your work, we’re here to help you find the best label maker for electricians, which will also ensure your and everyone else’s safety. 

List Of Label Maker For Electricians

  1. DYMO Label Maker- LetraTag 100H (1955663)
  2. Brother P-Touch Label Maker- PTD210
  3. DYMO RHINO 5200 Label Maker
  4. Brady BMP21-PLUS Printer Kit
  5. DYMO LabelManager 160 Portable Label Maker
  6. Brother P-Touch Label Maker- PTH110
  7. DYMO Label Maker- Rhino 4200
  8. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer
  9. Brother PTE500 Handheld Labeling Tool
  10. DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker (21455)

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Label Makers

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 DYMO Label Maker- LetraTag 100H (1955663) Weight: 1lbs.
Power Source: 4 AA batteries
Memory Storage: 9 labels
Keyboard: ABC
Brother P-Touch Label Maker- PTD210 Max. Label Width: 12mm
Power Source: LR44 battery
Memory Storage: 30 labels
Keyboard: QWERTY
DYMO RHINO 5200 Label Maker Max. Label Width: 19mm
Speed: 0.4 inches/second
Memory Storage: 100 labels
Keyboard: ABC
Brady BMP21-PLUS Printer Kit Backlit LCD Screen: Yes
Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ION battery
Resolution: 203 DPI
Keyboard: ABC
DYMO LabelManager 160 Portable Label Maker Max. Label Width: 12mm
Power Source: 6 AAA batteries
Resolution: 180 DPI
Keyboard: QWERTY
Brother P-Touch Label Maker- PTH110 Output Type: Monochrome
Power Source: Lithium Polymer battery
Memory Storage: 15 labels
Keyboard: QWERTY
DYMO Label Maker- Rhino 4200 Output Type: Color
Power Source: 6 AA batteries
Max. Label Width: 19mm
Resolution: 180 DPI
Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer Backlit LCD Screen: Yes
Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ION battery
Max. Label Width: 19mm
Keyboard: ABC
Brother PTE500 Handheld Labeling Tool Backlit LCD Screen: Yes
Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ION battery
Output Type: Monochrome
Keyboard: QWERTY
DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker (21455) Backlit LCD Screen: No
Power Source: 4 AA batteries
Memory Storage: 9 labels
Keyboard: ABC

5 Best Label Makers For Electricians Reviews

1. DYMO Label Maker, LetraTag 100H | Best Label Maker For Cables

As an electrician, you need to mark different kinds of hazardous signs. The more dangerous an appliance is, the brighter and bigger should be the signs.

This LetraTag label maker helps you achieve just that with its huge range of customizable options. You can use 5 different font sizes on your labels; you can also underline and make the texts bold so that it attracts proper attention.

The LCD screen on this DYMO machine can fit up to 13 characters easily. Since electrical signs aren’t too long, you can comfortably print out your required signs.

Moreover, the screen is a little tilted, which cuts out the “Negative Effect” of LCD screens and makes it easy to view from different angles.

The shoe-like structure of the label maker weighs around 1lbs. only, so you can effortlessly carry it with you around your workplace and print labels accordingly.

This label-creating device works efficiently with 4 AA batteries and this boosts its portability features, making it much more convenient for you to print labels anywhere when you need it, even without a power supply.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 font sizes, bold and underline features give various label-customizable options.
  • Tilted LCD screen helps view it from all angles clearly.
  • Weighing only 1lbs., it’s easy to carry around.
  • It’s battery-operated, so can be used anywhere without electricity.

2. Brother P-Touch Label Maker- PTD210 | Label Maker For Electrical Panels

You probably need to stick labels on rough cables and poles that face harsh environmental conditions, like rains and storms.

While other labels will become unreadable after a few days in such conditions, the labels produced by this Brother P-Touch label maker won’t even scratch! These can easily stick to all types of uneven surfaces. They are also water-resistant and don’t fade easily.

The LCD screen isn’t backlit but is relatively very bright, letting you print even under direct sunlight.

The PTD210 is more popular for the range of customization it features. Along with various font sizes and colors, this gadget features endless symbols unique templates.

For example, you can use the “White Text on Red Background” template for marking dangerous wires and poles.

When you need to print the same markings for various cables and cords, it can be quite time-consuming to type out the same thing every time.

The large internal memory of the Brother P-Touch label maker can save you a huge amount of time by saving as many as 30 labels for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Fade-resistant labels can be stuck on any surface.
  • LCD screen is bright enough to be easily read anytime.
  • Several unique templates make label-designing easier.
  • Internal memory saves 30 labels for direct access and printing.

3. DYMO RHINO 5200 Label Maker | Best Wire Label Maker

Released more than a decade ago, the Rhino 5200 has been impressing electricians ever since with its one-touch functionalities and efficiency.

Starting with the most special feature, this Dymo label maker has several buttons like “Panels” or “Cables”, which upon clicking, automatically customize and format the texts perfectly to be printed on various panels and cables.

Additionally, a printing speed of 0.4 inches/second makes your work extremely efficient.

The thermal printing process is also pretty sophisticated in this gadget. It can print wrapped-labels, vertical or horizontal, according to your needs.

While making it easier to stick the labels to curved surfaces of cords and panels, this printing technique also ensures the labels can be read properly.

The high-quality and insane durability of the label tapes make them very pricey. But, the Rhino 5200 is here to help you cut down on these expenditures.

This excellent device can print various fixed lengths of labels. This lets you choose the length which will be just enough for your purpose; you won’t have to cut out and waste valuable label paper after printing.

Highlighted Features

  • One-touch buttons automatically edit texts for certain purposes.
  • Prints much faster than other devices, at 0.4 inches/second.
  • Labels can be printed with different wraps.
  • Can print different lengths of labels that helps to save more label paper.

4. Brady BMP21-PLUS Printer Kit | Best Cable Labeler

The simplicity of installation and usage puts the Brady BMP21 alongside the top label makers.

Installing the tapes is as straightforward as just pulling on the small pivot above the screen, putting the tape in, and returning the pivot to its original place.

It doesn’t even take ten seconds of your time and lets you quickly switch between tapes for different label prints.

Unlike other label makers that use either a power supply or AA/AAA batteries, this Brady label maker defeats them all with its rechargeable Li-ION battery.

You can charge it overnight and use it all day for labeling purposes. Along with being portable, this also saves a lot of your money from being spent on batteries.

The rubber coverings of the label maker make it very tough and durable. It helps to grip the device better while working. Even it falls by accident, the rubber helps to absorb the damage and keep the device intact.

Furthermore, the backlit LCD screen of the BMP21 helps to work in all kinds of light conditions, starting from bright sunlight to utter darkness.

Highlighted Features

  • Installation process is simple and quick.
  • Rechargeable battery makes the device easily portable and saves money.
  • Rubber covering at the back prevents damage from falls.
  • Backlit LCD screen helps you to work in any lighting conditions.

5. DYMO LabelManager 160 Portable Label Maker | Best Label Maker For Network Cables

Dymo has been popular for their label printers and label makers for quite a long time now. The LabelManager 160 is one of their best label makers and is a lifesaver for electricians.

The QWERTY keyboard with proper spacing between the buttons is very comfortable to type on, and it’s easier and faster to type with it since it’s more familiar.  

You can easily change among the 8 font sizes and create vertical labels just by hitting a single button! There are also 6 different text styles and more than 200 symbols, which include the “Safety” and “Hazardous” signs.

Even though this device works with batteries that need to be replaced, this label-creating device comes with energy-preserving features.

It shuts off automatically when it’s not being used for a certain period, extending battery life and saving you money.

It could be an issue if it shut off automatically when you had your label created on the screen.

But, Dymo has got you covered by ensuring that the LM160 loads the last-created label before automatically shutting off. Thus, you don’t have to create your labels again and print conveniently while also saving energy.

Highlighted Features

  • QWERTY keyboard is more comfortable to type on.
  • Various font sizes and symbols can be used to format text properly.
  • It automatically shuts off when not being used.
  • Loads the last-created label when it’s turned on again for printing.

Label Maker For Electricians Buying Guide

Just like you would check out several features of a product before purchasing it, you should also look out for certain specifications to find the best label maker for electricians. We’ll give you a brief overview of these specs below.

Editing And Formatting Features

Almost all label makers come with various text editing and formatting capabilities. They enable changing the font size, the font style, number of lines, and horizontal or vertical labels.

The high-end label makers feature more than hundreds of symbols, including the Danger symbols, various designs, and frames, as well as text editing characteristics.

Some devices also come with ready-made templates with text characteristics set up for a specific purpose. In fact, some of them even have certain buttons that work as templates.

For example, clicking on the “Cables” button will automatically format the text settings properly to be printed on labels that will be stuck to electric cables.

Going for label makers that feature a wider range of editing and formatting functions is a smarter decision since that will make your work much easier and efficient.

LCD Screen

While almost all of the label makers have LCD screens, not all of them are good enough to view what you typed in. Many screens have backlit features that help to see the texts at all times of the day and night.

However, backlights can cause the battery to run out quickly. Many LCD screens aren’t backlit but they’re still bright and clear enough to be seen unless it’s too dark.

Power Source

Label makers generally come in two power source options. They’re either compatible with AC power supply along with replaceable batteries or they work with rechargeable batteries.

We’d recommend going for devices that work with rechargeable batteries since it’s the more cost-efficient option. But, if you don’t have the facilities to charge your device properly, using batteries might be your way.

Internal Memory

An extensive internal memory is important when you have repetitive labels to print.

You can create your labels and save them in the label makers’ memory. You can access them when you need to and directly print them, saving you loads of time.

Some appliances can store only a few labels, while others can save more than 20 labels at a time.

If you will be printing multiple labels of the same type, it’s good to go for labels with a wide range of internal memory.


We know that you probably don’t have the time and energy to sit down and research for label makers after working all day! Where should you look? Which brand is the best for label makers?

To ensure that your hard work becomes productive than it already is, we’ve decided to use the time and put our brains into work to deduce the best label maker for electricians. We’ve shared our opinions and our list of the top label makers available today that will make your job much more convenient.

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