Best Label Printer for Poshmark 2021

Poshmark is something of a phenomenon. With a community boasting over 60 million members, it is a fantastic marketplace for sellers to make money selling fashion items that the community loves.

With over 100 million items available, sellers on Poshmark are really making the most of the opportunity. But once someone has placed an order, what does a seller need to do to get the items delivered?

Shipping items has been made easy by Poshmark who provide a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label to be printed out and stuck on the package to be sent out.

With that in mind, any seller on the website will need to invest in the best label printer for Poshmark to ensure the finest quality.

List of Label Printer for Poshmark

1. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer
2. DYMO LabelWriter 450
3. Brother QL-1100
4. Unbrand DL-770D
5. Label Range LP620
6. ROLLO Label Printer
7. Fangtek Thermal Shipping Label Printer
8. OausTect Thermal Label Printer
9. Soonmark Shipping Label Printer
10. Zebra GX420D

Comparison Chart for top 10 Label Printer for Poshmark

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer Resolution: 203dpi
Max Speed: 150mm/s
Max Width: 110mm
Max Length: 2794mm
DYMO LabelWriter 450 Resolution: 600x300dpi
Max width: 2.2 inches
Print Speed: 51 labels per minute
Connectivity: Windows and Mac
Brother QL-1100 Resolution: 300dpi
Print Speed: 69 labels per minute
Max Width: 4 inches
Connectivity: Windows, Mac, and Android
Unbrand DL-770D Resolution: 203dpi
Print Speed: 60 4×6 labels per minute
Max width: 4.25 inches
Max length: 12 inches
Label Range LP620 Resolution: 300dpi
Print Speed: 5 inches per second
Max width: 4.72 inches
Connectivity: Windows and Mac
ROLLO Label Printer Resolution: 204dpi
Print Speed: 150mm/s
Max width: 4.1 inches
Connectivity: Windows and Mac
Fangtek Thermal Shipping Label Printer Resolution: 203dpi
Print Speed: 5 inches per second
Max Width: 4.25 inches
Max Length: 90 inches
OausTect Thermal Label Printer Max Width: 4.6 inches
Min Width: 0.78 inches
Interface: USB
Connectivity: Windows Only
Soonmark Shipping Label Printer Resolution: 203dpi
Print Speed: 60 labels per minute
Max Size: 4×6 inches
Connectivity: Windows and Mac
Zebra GX420D Print Method: Direct Thermal
Resolution: 203dpi
Max Width: 4.09 inches
Interface: Wireless/Wi-Fi Direct

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you print labels on Poshmark?

As soon as a sale is confirmed on Poshmark, you need to go and check your email. There you will find an email to which is attached your required shipping label.

Download this. It is prepaid with the necessary address already filled in for you. Once downloaded, use your label maker to print a 4×6” shipping label.

Before sticking your shipping label on your package, make sure you are using the correct box. Poshmark recommends using the USPS Priority Mail Boxes.

Can you use a regular printer for shipping labels?

Yes, you certainly can use a regular printer for shipping labels, and A4 label sheets exist for this purpose. However, you have to remember that your regular printer has been designed for multiple printing purposes and will not print as well as a label maker.

Often people face jamming issues as the label sheets go through a regular printer, and the time taken to print a clear, quality label is much more.

Regular printers are for people making limited sales.

Where can I print a shipping label if I don’t have a printer?

The easiest way to print a shipping label if you don’t have a printer is through the US Postal Service. Give the USPS the necessary details, and they will print your shipping label at the counter.

However, if you are having to print a lot of shipping labels on a regular basis, it really is worth investing in a label printer. It will save you the journey to the post office. Remember, that’s a journey costing you time and money.

Do you need a special printer to print labels?

You don’t need a special printer to print labels, but owning a dedicated printer will make your life so much easier than trying to bulk print labels of a regular printer that cannot print with the speed nor quality of a label maker.

Don’t forget that a label printer’s thermal technology also means you’re done with ink cartridges and toner, which can be very expensive and always seem to run out just when you need them the most.

5 Best Label Printers for Poshmark Reviews

1. MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

This commercial grade direct thermal printer is the perfect place to start when searching for a Poshmark label printer.

If you need to print a lot of high-quality shipping labels, you require a label printer that will do the job with speed, without compromising quality. The MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer has a high printing speed of 150mm/s. That will provide you with a large number of labels in an hour.

Additionally, MUNBYN has built in a safety mechanism to ensure that your label printer has longevity. The printer will print up to 700 labels at a time before taking an enforced five-minute rest. This five-minute rest protects the machine from overheating. This is a brilliant innovation from MUNBYN and shows that they are putting the customer’s interests at the forefront of their mind.

This printer has been designed so that it is easy to set up, use, and maintain. One-click installation means you don’t have to be a tech expert to get the printer started, while automatic label size detection means you can load labels and the printer has already adjusted its setting to it.

You will not find many better label printers on the market.

Highlighted Features

1. Uses direct thermal labels from “1.7” to “4”
2. The design prevents paper jams from occurring
3. Heat dissipation ensures the printer’s longevity

2. DYMO LabelWriter 450

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is one of the most popular monochrome thermal label printers available today. At the time of writing, almost 4400 people have reviewed this label printer, and it has a close to 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

If using this as a DYMO 4×1 label printer, you get a decent print speed of 51 labels per minute. However, it is not just smaller labels that can be printed with the printer. If you are looking to print a larger Poshmark shipping label, you simply need to switch from the smaller label roll to the larger size.

Using label rolls makes label printing much easier than having to load label sheets into a regular printer. That is why buying a specialist label printer such as the DYMO LabelWriter 450 is recommended. It will save you time.

Purchasing a thermal label writer will also save you money as well. If using a standard printer to print your shipping labels, you will be worrying about ink or toner depending on the type of printer you use. That worry is gone here, as thermal technology means no more ink and thus no more ridiculous high ink costs.

Highlighted Features

1. Works with Windows and Mac OS
2. QuickPrint option to print single labels easily and quickly
3. Creates customized labels through DYMO Label Software

3. Brother QL-1100

We suppose you are looking for a professional 4×6 label printer to solve your Poshmark shipping label needs. In that case, Brother has an offering that could become as popular as label makers that have been around for years.

Relatively new on the market in comparison to the previously reviewed DYMO label maker, the Brother-QL1100 is a remarkable device that you can rely on for high-quality label printing.

With its wide-format label design, you can print shipping labels for not only Poshmark but the majority of websites that allow you to conduct online business. 

The device is really simple to use and has been designed for convenience. It will automatically detect the size of the label tape you’ve inserted into the machine and adjust the printer settings for you. Additionally, there is an automatic label cutter that helps you maximize your tape and avoid wastage. In the long run, that is a money saver.

Standard printing is fast, with up to 69 address labels possible per minute. That’s a perfect speed for any busy online retailer.

The Brother QL-1100 has an additional benefit in that it is possible to sync up  Android devices and print from your mobile using a USBtoGO cable.

Highlighted Features

1. Simple ‘plug and label’ easy setup
2. Can be networked to other Brother machines
3. Compatible with both Windows and Mac

4. ZiccGa DL-770D

Compatible with all online platforms (which means it will print a Poshmark shipping label), the ZiccGa DL-770D is capable of churning out a lot of labels – more than 18.6 miles of print, or 166,666 4×6 labels if you’re looking to put a more precise figure on it. This high output is all thanks to the high-quality Japanese print head that has been used as part of the DL-770D’s design.

If speed is the main feature you’re looking for, then you’ll be delighted to know that this printer will give you one 4×6″ shipping label in one second. Most label maker speeds listed are for their smallest size labels, so for this machine to do a large label in one second tells you that this is one of the fastest label makers you are going to find.

A printer with such incredible speed sounds too good to be true, and you’re probably wondering how durable it can be. Has it sacrificed overall longevity for speed? Not in the slightest. The printer has overheat protection, which means it will intuitively protect itself from overuse and damage.

Finally, this is a very compact printer sitting on your desk and taking the same space as your smartphone.

Highlighted Features

1. Incredibly high speed
2. Works with Poshmark and other e-commerce platforms
3. Now compatible with both Windows and Mac

5. Label Range LP620

The final label printer we a reviewing today is the LabelRange LP620, a thermal technology printer that, if you have ever owned a popular Rollo label maker, you will find to be every bit as marvelous.

This label maker bucks the trend of trying to making a device that is as small as possible and is a bit larger than the other products we have reviewed. We don’t think this hampers the LabelRange LP620, and if anything, gives a bit of extra confidence in its strength and durability. Even if it is a bit larger, it is still an easily portable bit of equipment.

Time spent printing your shipping labels is significantly reduced when using this printer. It can print up to 5 inches per second.

Shipping labels of all sizes can be printed from the LabelRange LP620, and that includes 4×6″. Whatever size label you are using, the machine will identify the size and ensure that it is printing the label to the correct scale.

Finally, this label maker is really easy to set up. Simply connect to your computer via USB, and you are ready to go. If you are having any problems, then the company has provided a useful YouTube troubleshooting video.

Highlighted Features

1. High quality 300dpi print
2. Prints labels from 2×1 inch to 4×6 inch
3. Windows and Mac compatible

Label Printer for Poshmark Buying Guide

When searching for the best label printer for Poshmark, there are some basic features that you need to be on the lookout for. Here we take a look at some of them to help guide your decision.


Most label makers fall into one of two categories. Either they are a 203dpi resolution label maker or a 300dpi resolution label maker.

300 dpi is necessary when you need a higher print quality because graphics and small fonts are involved. If you are only looking for a barcode printer, then there is little difference between a 203dpi and 300 dpi printer unless you have some really intricate barcodes to print.

Print Size

Not every label maker is able to print 4×6″ shipping labels, so don’t purchase just any old device thinking it should be able to do the job that you need.

Equally, you may have more than just 4×6” labels to print. Some label printers have one or two specific sized label rolls that can be inserted into their machine, while others can do 2×1” and 4×6” labels along with every other size in between.

Check the specifics of the label maker you’ll be purchasing.

Print Speed

The chances are you’re sending a lot of packages out per day; otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for a label maker. You could manage with your regular printer. 

Print speed is an essential factor for your level of efficiency. When looking at a machine’s print speed, double-check what was being printed to determine the print speed. A print speed of 60 labels per minute may sound impressive, but was it for a small label or the 4×6″ label that you need?

Automatic Label Cutter

An automatic label cutter is a nifty little feature as it reduces the amount of wastage you get when printing your labels. It will cut your labels from a roll at precisely the point required. In the long run, this will save you money.

Overheat protection

Label makers with a heavy load need a rest every now and then so that they can work to maximum efficiency. But when do you rest it? You won’t have to worry if you buy a printer that automatically shuts down for a few minutes when it needs to.


Not all label printers connect to Mac, and most won’t connect to Chromebook. Make sure you check.

Final Verdict

The best label printer for Poshmark can definitely be found on our list. We’ve given you some really incredible options, and now it’s just up to you to choose one.

Remember, a label maker is so much more efficient than trying to print labels with a regular printer or having to go down to the post office to do it.

As you make more and more sales on Poshmark, you’ll be relieved that you have a fast, efficient label maker to help you ship your goods with little hassle.

We wish you well in your e-commerce venture.

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