Best Laminator for Crafts 2021

One cannot help but agree on the immense satisfaction they get from seeing their crafts and projects perfectly protected in once piece even after years of exposure to dust, humidity, and rough handling. Enhancing the strength and condition of any document is one of the many outstanding functionalities a versatile laminator has.

It goes beyond saying how much money and time you can save by investing in a good laminator. In a time of digitalization, not owning a laminator is going to cost you more money than buying one as you will have to repeatedly spend on out-sourcing this service.

Nevertheless, the biggest challenge arises when one tries to pick the best laminator for crafts from too many available options. Depending on the particular task you are planning on the undertaking, not every laminator with great features can be the best fit for you.

Sit back and relax; there is no need for you to read thousands of booklets on laminators. We did your share of research and here is what we recommend.

List of Laminator for Craft

1. Toyuugo Laminator Machine

2. Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator

3. Blusmart Laminator Set

4. Swingline Laminator

5. UALAU Laminator Machine

6. JIEZE Thermal Laminator Machine

7. Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i

8. Sinopuren Thermal Laminator

9. Bonsaii Laminator L309=A

10. Swingline Laminator (1701857ECR)

Comparison Table for the top 10 Laminator for Craft

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
Sinopuren Thermal Laminator  Warm up time 4 min
Max document width 9 inches
Lamination foil thickness < 0.5 mm
ABS lever releases jam
Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator  Warm up time 5 min
Max document width 6 to 9 inches
Laminating Speed 15 inch/ min
Pouch settings 3 mil & 5 mil
Auto shutoff feature available
Swingline Laminator  Warm up time 4 min
Max documentt width 9 inches
Pouch settings 3 mil &5 mil
Jam release liver available
Weights – 2.87 pound
 UALAU Laminator Machine  Warm up time 3-5min
Max document width 9 inch
Laminating Speed 11 inch/ min
Laminating thickness 3 mil – 5 mil
Laminating usage time: 30 min
JIEZE Thermal Laminator Machine  Warm up time 3-5 min
Max document width 12 inch
Laminating Speed 10.2 inch/ min
Pouch settings 3mil & 5 mil
Jam release liver available
 Fellowes 5736606 Laminator Saturn3i 125  Warm up time 1 min
Max document width 12 inch
Laminating Speed 12 inch/ min
Pouch settings 3mil & 5 mil
Auto shutoff

Laminator for Crafts buying guide

It is definitely not an easy task to find a budget-friendly laminator that is supremely good at protecting your crafts. A real tragedy would be to get your favourite art piece destroyed by a laminator that you emptied your bank for.

Therefore, it is of extreme importance to delve into the numerous features a laminator offers to see whether this serves your purpose well.

We are here to make your busy life easy by outlining few of substantial factors you should be considering before buying the best laminator for crafts.

a) Temperature setting

Since temperature is a big part of the laminating process, it is best to go for a machine that gives you the highest control over the heating process.

In many ways, it is beneficial to own a low-priced laminator made of plastic. However, not having a proper temperature control system might cause accidental overheating and meltdown of your laminator.

The best way to prevent such inconvenience is to have the freedom to set the perfect temperature for each type of pouches. The more temperature modes it has, the better.

A laminator with a multiple temperature setting is what you should be looking for. Also, choosing a suitable mode for individual pouch thickness helps you conserve energy.

b) Anti-jam Technology

One of the most common problems that every laminator user faces is paper jamming. The problem is as annoying as getting stuck in a traffic jam while you are in a hurry.

You do not need any magical wand to get rid of the problem. All that is necessary is an anti-jamming feature in your laminating machine.

There are many laminators out there which comes with an anti jamming technology. To protect your documents from being stuck in the machine, you need this feature in your device.

c) Width of Document

It would be a great bummer if you cannot laminate all your desired materials because of its small throat entry. Before investing money, you should decide the kind of documents you will need to laminate.

Though most of the standard laminators have 9 inches wide throat entry, more professional and heavy-load ones with width 27 inches or more give you the freedom to work with a broader range of documents.

However, you should not buy an unnecessarily wide laminator if you only need it for protecting small-sized cards, IDs, licenses, stickers, etc.

d) Warranty

The warranty of a product secures you from the cost of the service charge. Generally, those companies who are confident about their product’s standard provide a more extended warranty.

If a laminator has all of your desired functions but does not come with any warranty then it is living in a glasshouse. You will always need to be careful with the machine since you will not get any free servicing.

Your target should be getting a laminator that provides a longer warranty. It is better to spend a few extra bucks on a good quality device that assures a longer lifetime with high performance.

Best Laminator for Craft Reviews

1. Sinopuren Thermal Laminator

There are thousands of laminators out there that can do a decent quality of laminating. Not all of them are perfect for laminating your treasured crafts. Sinopuren thermal laminator is a high-quality machine when it comes to laminate crafts like cards, stickers, tags, drawings, etc. The device is well known for its fast working, smooth performance, and design-friendly quality.

While talking about the warm-up time of laminators, it gets really frustrating when it takes too long to heat up. Not with this device. It has an incredible fast warm-up speed of four minutes.

Since we are talking about speed it will be a sin to not mention the 400mm super laminating speed of this laminator. Looks like Sinopuren is determined not to give you any chance to waste time.

While you worry about paper jamming, the flawless ABS lever of this device will protect your documents from being stuck. The 9 inches of paper entry is cherry on the top. The remarkable built-in hole punched, and the trimmer is ready to give you an extra hand while you are creating some marvellous crafts.

To blow your mind, this laminator comes with an amazing ‘no noise technology.’ The heating system of double rollers and an attractive warranty is ready to make you feel extra special.

Highlighted features:

  • Take 4 minutes to warm up
  • Built in punch and trimmer
  • Laminating Speed of 400mm/min
  • Throat width of 9inches
  • ABS lever releases jam

2. Toyuugo Laminator Machine | Easy Home Laminator

Being an arts and crafts lover, there is no doubt that you adore your creations and want to keep it neat, intact, and preserved. To do such activity, you definitely need a laminator that will take care of your products without ruining it. The Toyuugo laminator machine comes with unique qualities to protect all your crafts.

Some of your precious photos, cards, stickers might not tolerate the heat of a laminator. For those particular materials, this device comes with both thermal and cold laminating mode. None of your documents will be melted or damaged.

You cannot call a laminator perfect if it takes way too much time to heat up. No need to worry about that. This machine has an outstanding warm-up time of 3 minutes. The reliable ABS button of this machine will be your superman if you have a jam. Can anything be more amazing than this?

If you are thinking of sacrificing speed to get all other features, then Toyuugo has heard you. The 280mm laminating speed of this device will give you an incredible laminating experience. A device that has such magnificent features within a low budget. What sorcery is this?

Highlighted features:

  • Both hot and cold mode available
  • Laminating speed of 280mm/min
  • Has ABS button
  • Weighs only 2.44 pounds
  • Warm up in 3 minutes

3. ABOX A4 Laminator Machine (OL141) | craft laminating machine

Don’t let the minimalistic plain design fool you; ABOX A4 laminator is a piece of heaven packed inside a small plastic box. It has almost all the impressive features a thousand dollars’ worth of high-end laminator does, only you get it within an affordable price in this compact, sleek design.

It would be a real shame to see your creative masterpieces getting yellowed, torn, wrinkled, and damaged from biodeterioration when you can simply protect them with this budget-friendly laminator from ABOX.

With the tension of budget being out of the way, people still hesitate before buying a laminator, for they cannot access it from everywhere. What if you could?

Because of its exceptionally lightweight and compact design, you can carry it anywhere like a smartphone. Incredible, isn’t it? Also, it is compatible with 3 mil thick pouches that are available everywhere. So, go about and pour out your creative soul on doing unique art projects cause ABOX A4 machine got you covered.

On top of everything, you don’t have to wait impatiently to get over with the lengthy lamination process. You can get started in about 2 to 4 minutes because that is all it takes to reach the perfect temperature to give bubble-free smooth lamination. And the best of all is the speed at which it does the work. As fast as 12 inches per minute!

Not to forget, this amazing machine does all these making no irritating noise.

Highlighted features:

  • Warm up time 2-4 min
  • Max document width 9 inches
  • Laminating Speed 11.8inch/min
  • Pouch settings 3, 5 & 9 mil

4. Swingline Lamination Starter Kit (1701869ECR)

Most of the beginners feel reluctant to learn to operate a laminator because of the complexity of the machine. It is best to step into the world of lamination with a user-friendly starter kit. If you are a newbie with no idea of how the lamination process works, then you have come to the right place. Swingline Laminator Starter Kit is solely designed to provide ease of operation.

You can protect all your crafts within the width of 9 inches and cut the extra edges of the pouch afterward with the 9 inches wide compact trimmer that comes with the device. As a beginner, you will be more than excited to know that to give you the most satisfying start the package also includes 15 laminating pouches and a mini 1-hole punch.

The unit has a very fast warm-up time of just 4 minutes, after which the green light will illuminate to let you know its ready. Likewise, it laminates every document at a satisfactorily steady speed.

This remarkable machine creates a strong barrier between your craft project and moisture with 3 mil thick pouches. Despite the protective barrier, the laminated documents can be rolled without it getting any crease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed with a 9 inches wide throat entry.
  • Compatible with 3 mil thick pouches.
  • Takes only 4 minutes to heat up.
  • Portable because of lightweight.


Which is better, a hot or cold laminator?

Both hot and cold laminators will do a great job preserving documents. The question isn’t really which one is better, but which type of laminator offers more convenience.

Supplies are a major consideration. A hot laminator uses thermal pouches. These are easily found in many different sizes and thicknesses, meaning you have a wealth of options to choose from. Unfortunately, you get fewer options in terms of size and thickness when using a cold laminator. This lack of choice is more problematic if using a cold laminator that needs pouches but less problematic with a cold roll laminator.

The second area to consider is the amount of time you have available. A cold laminator can be used more quickly because they don’t need time to warm up. Hot laminators can take quite a while until they are ready, meaning you are never simply going to the laminator to do a quick lamination.

You also have to consider the cost. While the machines themselves are pretty much similar in price, the ongoing costs of lamination resources do differ. It is much cheaper to laminate with a hot laminator than a cold one.

Finally, you need to consider the items you will be laminating. For large items, you will need a cold roll laminator. Most hot laminators take A4 media, though you can also find some that do A3. There are also some items that will not survive heat lamination, so if you are laminating this type of material, you need a cold laminator.

What’s the difference between hot and cold laminating?

The difference between the two types of lamination is in the processes. A cold laminator uses a combination of adhesive and pressure to do the job. A set of rollers apply the pressure, securing the media being laminated between two sheets of plastic.

Hot laminators melt the plastic material around the print media. This type of lamination is faster (once the process has started) and is considered to have more durability.

What thickness of laminating pouches is best?

There is no straight answer to this question, as it depends on the project you are laminating and the rigidity you want from the final lamination.

The thicker the laminating pouch, the sturdier the end product will be. If you want non-flexible laminates, then it is best to go with a 7 mil or 10 mil laminating pouch.

If you want a laminate that is flexible, then the 1.5 mil, 3 mil, 4 mil, and 5 mil options are best. The thinner the laminate pouch, the more flexible the final product will be.

What is the difference between laminating pouches and sheets?

A laminating sheet is a single piece normally used for a single-sided lamination. They are usually self-stick, requiring pressure rather than heat to do the job/

Laminating pouches are for two-sided lamination. They come with one-edge pre-sealed. The media is placed in the pouch, and then the pouch is sealed around the media.

The sealing of a pouch can be done using either a thermal laminator or a cold laminator, depending on the type you pouch you have.

Pouches labeled as ‘thermal’ can only be sealed with heat.

Final Word

Like all other electric devices, buying the best craft laminator can be a tricky job. One wrong choice will not only give you a bitter laminating experience but also cost you a good sum of money.

In a fast-paced technological era, it is very much possible to get carried away by the fancy advertisements of so-called electronic brands. Thus, it is crucial to gather a great deal of information about your preferred laminator before risking your money for it.

We tried to make your hunt for the best laminator a lot smoother and easier with detailed reviews of top-rated products and a well-informed buying guide. Now go ahead and purchase the one your heart desires.

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