Best Laminator for Foiling 2021

Foil lamination is the unique process of enriching the colour, texture, integrity, and appearance of any document while making it more durable and shielded.

Any artist or creative personnel takes great pride in their unique pieces of art and design. No matter how many times you’re praised and admired for your creative masterpieces, it would be a real shame to not be able to protect it from moisture, spill, tear, and scratch.

Foil lamination proves every document with the perfect dose of brightness, glow, and more essentially sustained protection.

On the contrary, whoever has tried foil lamination will agree that the result isn’t always as smooth and stunning as we expect it to be. To your utter disappointment, you may find spots scattered on your design or writing where foil paper was supposed to stick.

After a great length of research, we have few outstanding recommendations for you so that you can avoid all these problems and find the best laminator for foiling.

List of Laminator for Foiling

1. Crenova A4 laminator

2. Swingline Thermal Laminator

3. Scotch Thermal Laminator

4. Royal Desktop Laminating Machine

5. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

6. Fellowes Laminator Voyager 125

Comparison Table for top 10 Laminator for Foiling

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
Crenova A4 laminator Warm-up time 3-5 min
Max document width 9 inches
Laminating Speed 9.8 inch/ min
Compatible with 3 and 5 mil pouches
Auto shutoff feature available
Swingline Thermal Laminator, Inspire Plus Warm-up time- 4 minutes
Speed- 229 mm/minute
Max width of a document- 9 inches
Compatible with 3 and 5 mil pouches
Anti-jam technology available
Scotch Thermal Laminator (TL901X) Warm up time 5 – 8 min
Max document width 9 inches
Weight 1 pound
Compatible with 3 and 5 mil pouches
Royal Sovereign 9″ Desktop Laminating Machine Warm-up time- 3 to 5 minutes
Speed- 250 mm/minute
Max width of a document- 9 inches
Compatible with 3 and 5 mil pouches
Anti-jam technology
AmazonBasics 9-Inch Thermal Laminator Warm-up time- 4 minutes
Weight- 2.44 lbs
Max width of a document- 9 inches
Compatible with 3 and 5 mil pouches
Anti-jam technology
Fellowes Laminator Voyager 125 (5218601) Warm-up time- 4 minutes
Speed- 889mm/minute
Max width of a document- 12.5 inches
Compatible with 3 and 5 mil pouches
Anti-jam technology

Best Laminator for Foiling Reviews

1. Toyuugo Laminator machine | Best desktop laminator

Not all laminators are good at foil laminating. Toyuugo laminator machine is one of those devices that serve the best they promise. This particular device will efficiently adhere to the foil to your document and protect it from smudge and tear with the help of two rollers.

If the warm-up time of the machine makes you fall asleep then you aren’t using the product. Toyuugo laminator has a super-fast heat-up time of 3 minutes. So, no more long waits.

Foil laminating becomes a lot more fun when the device barely makes any noise. This particular unit will run fast and smoothly at the speed of 280mm/minute without giving you a headache from monotonous whirring noise.

Along with a laminator, comes the tension of paper jamming. All that speed will be worthless if paper gets stuck in every other try. This product has an anti-jamming ABS button to release the document without deforming it

It has a heat setting for two different pouch thicknesses, meaning you have more control over the level of temperature needed for a certain quality of foiling. Not to mention, a cold-pressing option also available for documents that are sensitive to heat.

Highlighted features: 

  • Quick warm-up time
  • Low sound emission
  • Release jam with the ABS button
  • Has both hot and cold lamination option

2. Crenova A4 Laminator | Best laminating machine for home use

This particular model from Crenova is quite well known especially for light to medium use at homes. It will flawlessly laminate an item that is up to 9 inches wide giving a clear and photo finish – without leaving any bubble.

One of the highlighting features is that it laminates at an impressive 250 millimeters per minute speed. It can smoothly laminate up to 50 A4 papers in an hour.

This is not all it offers. If you have loads of laminating to get done with, then know that this machine offers a fast 3-minute warm-up time to get you going with no unnecessary delay.

As we all know lamination can be a stressful and tiring process and nobody wants their flow of work to be disrupted with frequent paper jams and overheated films.

The ABS lever placed in it, which is specifically designed to prevent paper jams, efficiently eliminates such occurrences.

Moreover, a device that provides a paper cutter, and corner rounder, and non-skid pads along with perfect lamination is one you definitely need for your home or office.

Highlighted features:

  • Only takes 3 minutes to warm up
  • Comes with a paper cutter, corner rounder, and non-skid pad
  • Contains ABS lever to prevent paper jams.

3. TACKLIFE 9’’ Wide Thermal Laminator

Tacklife thermal laminator is a must have for those who want to purchase an affordable laminator with all cool features for making their DIY projects or designing cards and letters.

Having a laminator that can take in a paper as wide as 9 inches gives you the opportunity to create vast range of protected foiling designs. It covers a standard size letter, card, sticker, or even certificate.

It takes no more 3 minutes to get ready to give your documents bubble-free extended life. On top of that, you don’t have to get confused with too many buttons and functionality since it has only 2 switches – one for turning it on and off, the other for changing heat.

Moreover, with the jam release lever instilled inside, one will never have to worry about deforming their precious design or wasting money on trial and error.

This product can laminate document with both hot and cold pouch at an incredible speed of 250mm/min. With such hassle-free and speedy lamination, you can swiftly finish one project and have a lot of time saved to hop into the next.

Highlighted features:

  • 3 minutes of warm-up time
  • Compatible with two different pouch thickness: 3 and 5 mil
  • Allows both hot and cold lamination
  • Has jam release lever

4. Blusmart Multiple Function A3 Laminator

Now let’s explore a laminator that comes with 1 corner rounder, 1 hole punch, 1 paper trimmer, 25 laminating pouches of four different sizes (5 pieces for every A3,A4,& A5, and 10 A6), 10 photo frames, and 3 book rings. Yes, you have read it right! With all these fantastic pieces of equipment, this device is more than ready to decorate and protect your precious documents within a fraction of second.

Considering all the features that it offers Blusmart Multiple Function A3 lamination absolutely deserves the top place on any list of best laminators for foiling.

Is your document larger than the standard size? Don’t you worry because Blusmart got you covered. The 13 inches wide throat entry gives you the freedom to work with poster size or A3 papers.

The warm-up time of three minutes and laminating speed of 250mm per minute will be a great advantage when you have heavy workload or doesn’t have time to spare. Just imagine how much time and energy you would be saving in long run. Blusmart makes easier than putting butter on bread.

In addition, the noise-cancelling feature will definitely blow your mind. If your using it in your workplace or at home, people around you will not be disturbed by the annoying sound of a laminator.

With a 12-month trouble-free warranty, this professional laminator is just a purchase away from giving you the best laminating experience.

Highlighted features:

  • Weighs only 4.85 lbs 
  • Comes with a jam releasing ABS button
  • Has the warm-up time of 3 minutes
  • Has 13 inches throat entry

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Laminator for Foiling

Certainly, there are numerous numbers of things to take into account, yet it all comes down to individual priority. Not necessarily everyone will have the exact volume of work to be done or budget on the mind. Considering both budget and feature, whichever one may seem best for you may not be serving someone else’s purpose. Let’s go over the factors that we need to keep in mind while selecting the best laminator for foiling:

a) Adjustable heat settings

The heating system of a laminator is the most consequential part when it comes to foiling. A small change in temperature inside the laminator will not only disfigure the foil project but also get it stuck inside the device. It’d be an obvious bummer for anyone to redo the foiling over and over again to get perfect results.

Too much heat can wrinkle the page, and therefore deform it; too little may give craggy results. So, it is important to pick a versatile laminator with different heating options.

b) Jam release feature

Being a complicated process, foil lamination needs a wide set of components to work steadily to provide a hassle-free process. Paper jamming is one of the major setbacks one faces while foiling.

A lot of damage to the document and foil paper can be prevented if they come out intact by jam release feature. Thereupon, go for a machine that promises jam-free lamination. Especially for foiling purposes, pick a device that has anti-jam technology.

c) Pouch thickness

Most of the laminators available in the market are typically compatible with a maximum pouch thickness of 5 millimeters.

However, depending on the type of work foil paper can be of different thicknesses. Also, Foiling is done by placing a carrier- such as paper- at the bottom along with pouch, meaning more heat is required to reach the foil inside. Thus, a top foiling laminator would be the one that is well suited with a pouch thickness of 10 mil or more.

Some higher-end laminating units have temperature setting for 10 mil thick pouches but those may cost you more the average ones.

d) Width of document

The size of the document which a specific product can take in should be taken into consideration when cataloguing the best laminators for foiling. Nearly all non-industrial laminators allow paper as wide as 12 inches.

The Laminators which are designed to take in documents more than 12 inches wide, enables you to experiment and create designs, cards, and letters of various length and size.

So, the wider the document a laminator supports the more versatile it is.


Can you use a normal laminator for foiling?

Yes, you can use a normal laminator for foiling.

In the past, it was recommended to use a printer for foiling projects. However, modern laminators come with adjustable heat settings that make laminators an even more useful tool than a printer for foiling projects.

If you want to use your laminator for this process, ensure that you are using material suitable for laser printing. The reason for this is because laser printers apply heat the same way laminators do.

You will need to ensure your laminator is set to the optimal settings for foiling.

Ensure the laminator has a 10 mil (thickness) setting, and ideally, a full temperature control. You will need to use the laminator at slow speeds to be successful.

Foil requires a carrier to go into the laminator, which is why the 10mil setting is important. Equally important is the ability to set high temperatures. Due to the carrier, more heat is needed to get to the foil itself. Finally, slow speed is required so that the foil has enough to time to take the heat as it passes through the laminator.

What foil works with a laminator?

For foiling projects with a

laminator, you will need thermal and toner activated foil. As a general rule, if you see that foil is usable in a laser printer, then it is also suitable for foiling with a laminator.

Both Minc foil and Deco foil are suitable for laminators.

Is a Minc machine just a laminator?

Minc machines are essentially laminators that have been designed to work with reactive foils. The processes the machine goes through are much the same. You insert some paper through the Minc machine, and it has heat applied as it goes through rollers so that your foiling gets done.

The main difference between a Minc machine is the number of rollers. There are usually four, as opposed to two in an ordinary laminator. This number of rollers allows for more even pressure and heating of the media as it passes through the machine.

For anyone doing regular foiling, the MINC machine Is well worth purchasing. It will save time and should also lead to fewer errors occurring than a normal laminator would.

Can you put paper through a laminator?

Once a laminator is heated properly, you can put paper through it.

When the paper is going through the laminator, ensure that it is straight, or you will face issues.

It would be best to use laser printer paper as this can withstand heat better.

Bottom Line

We understand that finding the best laminator for foiling can be a confusing venture. So, to lead you towards the right purchase and make the whole process a lot easier we proffered well detailed review and a buying guide.

Furthermore, the immense need of having a laminator at your work station is hard to deny. Hence, before heading to buy a laminator you should be well aware of all the factors that might play vital role to play in your purchase process. In order to get the best out of your purchase it is crucial that you learn and understand all the features it might have.

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