Best Laminator for Small Businesses 2021

No matter how thick a paper is, it will always be paper – prune to water, smear, tear, and crease. Regardless of how securely you try to keep them, it is not entirely possible to prevent them from yellowing with age.

Thanks to the invention of the laminator now something as fragile as paper can live eternally. And not just that, you also don’t have to waste paper, energy, and time by reprinting the art designs or menu cards that you might be using repeatedly.

This is why it is essential for any kind of small businesses to have laminators.

Yet, it can be very difficult to find the best laminators for small businesses. A lot of brands falsely claim their products to have great longevity, speed, versatility, and other features. Therefore, it is particularly important to make the appropriate purchase to meet your long-term needs.

Our list of best laminator for small business

1. Scotch Brand Pro 

2. Crenova A4

3. Fellowes Laminator Jupiter 2 125

4. GBC Thermal Laminator 

5. Swingline GBC Thermal Laminator

6. Fellowes 5736606 

7. Scotch thermal TL901X

8. Blusmart Laminator Set

9. Fellowes Laminator Venus 2 125

10. AmazonBasics  Laminator Machine

Comparison Table For Top 9 Laminator for Small Business

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 Scotch Pro  Laminator  Warm-up time- 5 minute
Max laminating width- 10 inches
Speed- 15 inch/minute
Auto Shutoff
Max pouch thickness 3 or 5 mil
 Crenova A4  Warm-up time- 3 to 5 minutes
Max laminating width- 12 inches
Speed- 9 inch/minute
Cutting Capacity with Auto Jam release
Max pouch thickness 6 or 10 mil
 Fellowes Laminator Jupiter 2 125  Warm-up time- 1 minute
Max laminating width- 10 inches
Speed- 47 inch/minute
Anti-Jam Protection
Max pouch thickness 10 mil
 GBC Thermal Laminator   Warm-up time- 1 minute
Max laminating width- 12 inches
Speed- 55 inch/minute
Auto pouch detection
3 years warranty
 Fellowes  Saturn3i 125  Warm-up time- 1 minute
Max laminating width- 12.5 inch
Speed- 12 inch/minute
Auto shutoff
Max pouch thickness- 5 mil
 Scotch thermal laminator TL901X  Warm-up time- 5 to 8 minutes
Max laminating width- 9 inches
Max pouch thickness- 5 mil
Weight- 1 pound
 Fellowes Laminator Venus 2 125  Warm-up time- 30 – 60 seconds
Max laminating width- 12.5 inch
Speed- 31 inch/minute
Jam release lever
Max Pouch thickness up to10 mil

5 Best Laminator for Small Businesses Reviews

1. Scotch brand Pro thermal laminator

No matter how small or large of a business you own, it is never too easy to allocate and manage time. You don’t want to fall behind due to the inconvenience caused by the simplest of things – the speed of the laminator.

Could you care about anything more than the speed? Yes. the warm-up time. Along with the anti-jam technology and speed of 15 inches per minute, it gets ready to laminate within 5 minutes.

Even with all these incredible features, it is designed in a way that a novice can operate it without any trouble. So no more sitting down with a jumbo-sized manual book to chew and digest.

However, will this elegant product cost you an arm and leg? Nope. It is totally affordable and best within the price range.

Now the moment when you thought it cannot get any more profitable, it goes into a whole new level to surprise you. Guess what? You will be able to conserve energy since it automatically shuts off after an hour of inactivity.

Highlighted features

  • Has anti-jam technology
  • Provides an impressive speed of 15 inches per minute
  • Weigh only 4 lbs
  • Guarantees high speed with the standard double rollers

2. Crenova A4 laminator

You know a laminator is best when it is rated as one of the top used laminators. A frequently mentioned name among small business owners is Crenova. A lightweight, compact designed, and fast working laminator like the Crenova A4 deserves every right to be in your office after providing millions of customer satisfaction over the years.

With this purchase, you will be relieved from the stress of paper jams and the slow laminating process. It can laminate at a steady speed of 9.8 inches per minute and has ABS lever technology. Crenova created this machine especially to withstand medium to heavy task loads, making it the right choice for small businesses such as event management companies, tattoo parlours, coffee shops, etc.

It is a good value for price since it also comes with a paper trimmer, corner rounder, non-skid pad, and perfect lamination.

Even a small amount of time wasted during a business hour slows the growth. This device not only works fast but also has a short warm-up time of 3 minutes – tunes perfectly with fast-paced business.

Nevertheless, it is a huge bummer for the business owners to have laminators that don’t fit their small workplace. This is where the slim fit and ultra-lightweight of Crenova A4 laminator makes it to be a top choice the laminator for commercial use.

Highlighted features

  • Gets warmed up within 3 minutes
  • Has laminating speed of 250 mm per minute
  • Comes with a unique paper trimmer
  • Pushing the ABS lever there will release a jam
  • Has a lightweight and compact size.

3. Fellowes Jupiter 2 125

As a small business owner have you ever felt the dire need to have a laminator that works faster? Do you dream of having a laminator that takes no time getting warm-up? Are you not getting an affordable one with all the amazing features? Fellowes Jupiter 2 125 can be the answer to all your prayers. Its quick warm-up, super fast speed, and easy operating system all within the price range is the perfect package deal for your small business.

While going through tremendous pressure of running a business one ought not to deserve to get slowed down due to as simple an activity as laminating. The Fellowes brand always makes sure that your documents can be laminated within a blink of an eye.

All it takes to warm up this device is only 60 seconds. In addition to the fast warm-up time, it has a laminating speed of 47 inches per minute.

Moreover, its six rollers make your work a lot faster compared to other laminators within the price range.

So, does this laminator only work fast? No. to your utter surprise,besides being fast, it is uncomplicated and user-friendly. The simple design of this product can be understandable at first glance. You don’t have to read the manual to operate it.

Another attractive feature of this laminator is that it has both warm and cold lamination processes. The cold mode helps you to perfectly laminate photos and items without spoiling its texture or appearance. Both warm and cold mode can be easily selected with two buttons.

To put the cherry on the top Fellowes is giving an impressive warranty for this device.

It is safe to say that all features mentioned above and all the customer reviews out there prove it to be a good option as a small business laminator.

Highlighted features

  • Fast warm-up time of 1 minute makes your work quick.
  • The six rollers technology will laminate your documents faster.
  • Between warm and cold mode, you can choose the perfect one for your task.
  • The auto-reverse mode will save you from the hassle of jamming.
  • 12.5 inches of throat support gives you the advantage of laminating bigger documents.

4. GBC Thermal Laminator Machine, Fusion 7000L

Let it be a creatively charged boutique or crowd filled pub, every workplace has heaps of precious designs, quotes, licenses, and testaments that need to be protected.

Fusion 7000L is an incredibly good laminator that every small business owner is looking for. You cannot help but exclaim by realizing to what extent the developer has gone to upgrade user experience with its ground-breaking technology.

Firstly, it contains 6 rollers that get hot in a matter of a minute to give you bubble-free, attractive, and professional-looking laminated items as wide as 12 inches.

No matter what kind of small business you’re running on-demand, it can laminate anything as thick and irregular shaped as ID cards and stickers. It is well suited with any 3, 5, 7 and 10 mil pouches.

Secondly, you will absolutely appreciate the straightforward functionality it offers. Instead of manually changing the temperature setting, the thickness of the pouches is automatically detected and, hence, the temperature changed by advanced auto pouch thickness detection.

Moreover, you deserve a reliable product that is fast enough to get you through the highest volume workloads without an issue. To amplify efficiency and prevent unnecessary jams, this device is designed with a user-friendly release jam lever.

Highlighted Features:

  • Needs only 1 minute to warm up.
  • Can laminate 50 papers in less than 12 minutes.
  • Compatible with pouches up to 10 millimeters thick.
  • Features auto shutoff technology.
  • Backed by a 3 years warranty.

5. ABOX  Thermal Laminator Machine OL381

ABOX Thermal Laminator Machine is a 4 in 1 versatile machine that is particularly designed with user-friendly combined functions like corner rounder, hot and cold lamination, a cutter with lock design, and jam release.

Not only this remarkable device allows you to hot-press and seal documents but also lets you cold laminate your photos that are sensitive to heat with self-adhesive pouches.

A maximum of 13 inches wide paper or banner can be laminated smoothly with the help of built in bubble heating system and 2 rollers made of silicon, at a constant speed of 9.8 inches per minute. The wide range of use such as calendrer, bookmarks, posters, and signs making place it to be the perfect laminator for small businesses.

It is hard to not select it over other laminators when such a noise-free operating unit comes with an industry best 3 years of warranty.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes with a sharp cutter that can be locked.
  • Laminates at a steady rate 9.8 inch/minute
  • Warms up within 3 to 5 minutes and has ABS jam release function
  • Goes to standby mode after 30 minutes of inactivity

Laminator for Small Business buying guide


While buying the best laminator for business, budget can play a vital role. You might end up buying an insubstantial product, that will fail to withstand the workloads, just because it is cheaper. There are a number of laminators available consisting of your desired features within an affordable price range.

Lamination speed

One of the most irritating things about a laminator is when it takes too much time to warm up or laminate a document. Every small business owner wants a laminator that can keep up with the rush. Speed is something that you must keep in mind while buying a laminator. The faster the better.

If speed is something your business depends on then you should go for some expensive ones. Not to mention, an investment in laminators never goes into vain.


Even when buying a top-rated product, it is always safe to have a warranty. A  few years of warranty lets you utilize the capacity of the device without having to spend on a mechanic if anything collapses.

A long warranty can sometimes be totally worth the higher price. When it comes to purchasing a laminator, small business owners’ choices are often driven by the availability of a warranty.

Final Word

It should not come as a surprise that a lot can happen to a non-laminated document, even within a span of 5 minutes. Any tear, dirt mark, or smear can utterly compromise the entire appearance of your precious paperwork. That is why you should have the best laminator for small business that can protect you from any kind of unwanted hassle.

Investing in a good laminator once will save tons of money that would have been required for reprinting the papers frequently. Needless to say how you will never have to go to a printing shop to get anything laminated.

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  1. Very interesting article, thanks to the author. I have been working as teachers for over 10 years, in my work I have to use teaching materials that deteriorate when using them. I’ve always wanted to have a laminator that can combine multiple functions.

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