Best Mini Projector For MacBook Pro

Are you in need of a projector that’s lightweight and handy just like your MacBook Pro? Mini projectors are just the perfect devices you require! Apart from the portability, these projectors also boast several unique features.

However, finding the right mini projector can be a daunting task. Not all of them are compatible with MacBooks, while for those that are supportive, the quality is not up to par.

It requires thorough and time-staking research to find the best mini projector for MacBook Pro. Lucky for you, we’re here to save you from the trouble and share suggestions and insights from our analysisto help you find yourperfect mini projector.

List Of Mini Projector For MacBook Pro

  1. CiBest Mini Video Projector
  2. Miroir M189 Portable Projector
  3. Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector
  4. AuKing Portable Mini Projector 2021
  5. ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector
  6. Meer YG220 Pico LCD Mini Projector

Comparison Table For Top 6 Mini Projectors

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
CiBest Mini Video Projector Brightness: 4200-4500 lux
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Built-in Speakers: Yes
Connectivity: USB, HDMI, Lightning-to-HDMI adapter
Miroir M189 Portable Projector Technology: DLP
Battery: 6700 mAh rechargeable battery
Built-in Speakers: Yes (5-watt speaker)
Connectivity: HDMI, USB-A
Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector Technology: DLP
Brightness: 60 lux
Built-in Speakers: Yes
Projection Size: 100”
AuKing Portable Mini Projector 2021 Weight: 2.87lbs
Technology: LCD
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Built-in Speakers: Yes (2 speakers)
ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector Resolution: 720P
Battery: 4000 mAh rechargeable battery
Built-in Speakers: Yes (2 Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers)
Connectivity: USB Type-C, Type-A, HDMI 1.4
Meer YG220 Pico LCD Mini Projector Brightness: 800 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 800:1
Projection Size: 80”
Connectivity: USB, HDMI, Lightning

5 Best Mini Projectors For MacBook Pro Reviews

1. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector | Best Mini Projector For Mac

Integrated with single-chip LCD technology and LED light engine, the VANKYO mini projector is a superb choice for your MacBook Pro. It weighs lighter than your laptop (2.4lbs) and can be comfortably carried wherever you go.

Although it comes with a native resolution of 800×400, you can enjoy movies and TV shows in high-definition as it can automatically configure and support 1080P resolutions.

Moreover, the LEISURE 3 comes with powerful stereo speakers installed inside, powered by 2 watts. This produces sounds loud enough for you to enjoy streaming films in your room.

You can also expand your MacBook screen in various sizes using this ceiling-mounted projector. You have the option to project from as small as 36” to a huge 176”! The projection size is adjusted by changing the distance between the projector and the screen.

Topping it off, this MacBook compatible projector comes with several connectivity options, including both USB and HDMI. Moreover, you have the option to connect external speakers using the A/V port, or Bluetooth!

Highlighted Features

  • Supports movies in 1080P resolutions.
  • Wide range of projection size from 36”-176”.
  • Powerful stereo speakers installed inside produce impressive sound around a room.
  • MacBook can be easily connected through USB-A and HDMI ports.

2. CiBest Mini Video Projector

The CiBest video projector has made a name for itself with its great compatibility and easy-to-install features. You can effortlessly link your MacBook Pro to this projector using both HDMI and USB ports, and also by using Lightning-to-HDMI converters.

Coming with a contrast ratio of 2000:1, this impressive projector produces images of sharpened quality. The brightness power of 4500 lux also makes them more vibrant and brings out the colors better.

Furthermore, Diffuse Reflection Technology is programmed into the projector that adds a smoothening effect on the pictures. You can project movies from your Apple laptopand enjoy them without harming your eyes!

Strong internal speakers of the projector produce amazing sounds, much louder than your MacBook. Multiple sound-dispersing vents give a realistic experience while watching videos at 1080P resolutions. External speakers can also be connected to the 3.5mm audio output port.

The noise cancellation features in this projector mean it makes relatively much lesser noise while working, and thus, not being distracting or annoying while you work.

Highlighted Features

  • 2000:1 contrast ratio makes pictures sharp and detailed.
  • Diffuse Reflection Technology smoothens pictures and protects the eyes.
  • Has a wide connectivity range, including USB and Lightning-to-HDMI converters.
  • Noise cancellation feature leads to 50% lesser noise than general projectors.

3. APEMAN Mini Display Projector- LC350 | Best Small Projector For Mac

Are you having trouble carrying your projector conveniently and also protecting it from unwanted damage? APEMAN gives a great solution to you with its simple yet extremely useful carry case!

Matching with the portability of the MacBook Pro, this lightweight device is only 2.18 lbs. and you can carry it conveniently in the carry bag, even while traveling.

The LCD technology coupled with 5000 lumens brightness level makes the pictures vivid and radiant in the 180” screen, which is the maximum size the LC350 can project.

Furthermore, the high brightness power means you don’t need to have complete darkness or dim conditions to watch the screen clearly; it is perfectly watchable during the day as well.

What makes this mini projector even greater for your MacBook Pro is the multiple options it provides for connecting to the laptop. You can use different versions of HDMI cables and not only that,this projector also works great with USB-C Digital Multiport Adapter and Lightning Digital Multiport Adapter!

Highlighted Features

  • 5000 lux brightness power makes pictures colorfully-vibrant.
  • USB-C/Lightning Digital Multiport Adapters can be used to link with MacBook Pro.
  • Wide range of projection sizes up-to 180”.
  • APEMAN provides a carry case, which also protects the projector.

4. Crosstour Portable Mini Phone Projector- P600 | Best Portable Projector For Mac

Whether you’re projecting your favorite movie or Minecraft from your MacBook Pro, the Crosstour P600 is here to make it an extremely satisfying experience! 

You can enjoythem in high resolutions like 720P and 1080P in any screen size you want, which can be as large as 176”. Each pixel is better focused on larger screens at high resolutions, and thanks to the 2000:1 contrast ratio, the pictures look very sharp and lifelike.

Our lightest projector, weighing less than 2 pounds, works with a 16.7M color gamut; anything you project from your MacBook will look rich in color with accurate and authentic color features. The Diffuse Reflection technology adds to these features and ensures your eyes don’t strain after watching for a long time.

The sound system is another reason why this projector is an excellent choice for your MacBook Pro. Even though it’s not Dolby compatible, there are two built-in stereo speakers which provide sounds loud enough for a party. These are surround sound speakers, which provide cinematic feels.

Highlighted Features

  • Works with various resolutions up to 1080P.
  • 16.7M color gamut brings out authentic colors on the pictures.
  • Two powerful surround stereo speakers produce amazing sounds.
  • High contrast ratio makes pictures very detailed and authentic.

5. Miroir M189 Portable Projector | Best Pocket Projector For Mac

The only projector in our list that uses DLP projection technology is the Miroir M189. The DLP technology uses a greater number of pixels for projection than other technologies, which makes the pictures on the screen look much sharper and high-definition.

Even though it works with a 720P native resolution, you can conveniently watch videos with 1080P resolutions. You can alsoproject in several screen sizes starting from 25” up to 80”!

The most notable feature of this lightweight projector is that it’s battery-operated. The 6700 mAh battery lasts for as long as 3 hours of projection time and is rechargeable. You can carry your MacBook Pro and the M189 conveniently and their portability lets you watch movies and entertainment on big screens, anywhere at any time.

The compatibility of this Miroir projector with all types of HDMI and USB-A ports (that MacBookswork with) makes it perfect for your laptop.

Although the brightness of the projector is 200 lux, the LED lamps inside are long-lasting and have an outstanding lifetime of almost 20000 hours!

Highlighted Features

  • DLP technology projects sharper pictures with detailed textures.
  • Rechargeable 6700 mAh battery powers the projector for 3 hours.
  • Long-lasting LED lamps work for 20000 hours flawlessly.
  • Has HDMI and USB-A ports that MacBooksare compatible with.

Mini Projector For MacBook Pro Buying Guide

The best mini projector for MacBook Pro can be a confusing decision to make with all the options laid out in front of you. But, we’ll provide a small insight on the features that make a key difference in whether a certain projector is good for your MacBook Pro.


First and foremost, proper connectivity to a MacBook Pro is the most essential feature you should look out for. Lots of projectors don’t come with the proper ports and features to support Apple devices and they won’t work with your laptop.

MacBook Pro works best with Thunderbolt and USB C-type cables. It also has a USB-A port, HDMI, and Ethernet port.

You must ensure your projector is compatible with at least one of these connectivity options before considering it.

Lots of projectors also support using different types of adapters and converters. Since most of them are compatible with various HDMI versions, you can use Lightning-to-HDMI converters or USB-C Digital Port Adapters.


The brightness feature is measured in lux or lumens and is an indication of how bright the projected picture is.

You should go for projectors that have higher brightness levels. Along with vibrant pictures, dim-light conditions are not a must to get a clear projection. Brightness above 3000 lux work best for mini projectors with MacBook Pros.

 Sound System

Even though the Apple MacBook Pro comes with good sound quality, it’s not good enough for parties or when you’re watching with your family.

It’s important for your projector to have strong speakers installed inside, so you can relish the experience at the optimal level.

Additionally, it’s costly and cumbersome to handle another loudspeaker, especially if you travel a lot, whereas good built-in speakers of your projector can do the same work.


MacBook Pros are well-known for their portability among other features. A battery-operated mini projector with your MacBook will boost this feature greatly.

You can conveniently project movies and shows from your laptop at any time since you won’t be needing a power supply and you can enjoy them anywhere, like at camping trips.

The rechargeable battery can power the projection for several hours at a stretch; some run for 3 hours, while others can go for 6-8 hours.

How do I connect my MacBook Pro to a mini projector?

  • Make sure both the MacBook Pro and the mini projector are turned on.
  • Attach the Lightning/USB-C/HDMI cable, or any adapter you’re using, on both ends of the two devices.
  • This should automatically connect the two devices. If not, click on “System Preferences” from the Apple Menu on your Mac.
  • Next, open the “Displays” option.
  • Click on the “Detect Displays” button, which will detect the projector and link the device to your MacBook Pro.


While the small and compact design of your MacBook Pro has its benefits, watching a movie or moderate gaming isn’t very enjoyable. These require bigger screens with high resolutions, and this is where mini projectors come.

We’ve gone through endless forums, reviews, and blogs, searching for the best mini projector for MacBook Pro. We can’t give you the absolute best one since that depends on your preferences, but we’ve narrowed it down to the topmost mini projectors out there, to make your decision simpler.

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