Best Multiple Page Scanner 2021

If you know the feeling of feeding a scanner a page at a time from a stack of documents almost as tall as yourself, you already know the importance of owning the best multiple page scanner.

Multiple page scanners make life easier by improving workflow, efficiency, and productivity.They also give you 5-minutes away from the device to have a chat with that attractive new co-worker before anyone else gets the chance to engage. Or not. That’s up to you.

Whatever you need to save time for, our list of scanners has some great options that will significantly improve your life.

List of Multiple Page Scanner

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

2. Epson WorkForce ES-400

3. Plustek Photo Scanner

4. Fujitsu fi-7160

5. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

6. Brother ADS-2700W

7. Brother ADS-2200

8. Brother ADS-1250W

9. Doxie Q Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner

Comparison chart of top 9 multiple page scanner

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 30 ppm (color)
Automatic Document Feeder: 50 sheets
Single Pass Duplex: Yes
Epson WorkForce ES-400 Maximum Resolution: 300 dpi (Optical)
Scan Speed: 35ppm (color)
Automatic Document Feeder: 50 sheets
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes
Brother DS-620 Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 8ppm
Automatic Document Feeder: 1 sheet
Daily Duty Cycle: 100 scans
Fujitsu fi-7160 Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 60ppm (color)
Single Pass Duplex: Yes
Automatic Document Feeder: 60 sheets
Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 12ppm (color)
Automatic Document Feeder: 10 sheets
Multi-feed detection: Yes
Brother ADS-2700W Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 35ppm (color)
Automatic Document Feeder: 50 sheets
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes
Brother ADS-2200 Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 35ppm (color)
Automatic Document Feeder: 50 sheets
Automatic Image Corrections: Yes
Brother ADS-1250W Resolution 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 25 ppm (color)
Automatic Document Feeder: 20 Sheets
Daily Duty Cycle: 1000 scans
Doxie Q Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner Resolution: 600 dpi (optical)
Scan Speed: 7.5 seconds per page (300 dpi)
Automatic Document Feeder: 8 sheets
Interface: USB, Wireless

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you scan multiple pages at once?

The easiest way to scan multiple pages at once is to find a scanner that a) can be configured to scan multi-page documents (if you want all those pages to be put in one file) and b) has an automatic document feeder (ADF).

There is plenty of software available, whether, from scanner manufacturers or third parties, that will stitch your multiple pages back together in the form of one file.

Additionally, the ADF makes the scanning of multiple pages so much more manageable, as you won’t have to spend your time putting the pages in by hand one at a time.

Finally, if you really want to make your life as simple as possible, a scanner with an automatic duplex scanning feature is advisable.

What is the best way to scan multiple documents?

The best way to scan multiple documents is through a scanner that has an automatic document feeder (ADF). The ADF removes the hassle of having to manually input document after document to be scanned.

ADF features on scanners vary in size, so be sure to find one that has an input tray to match your needs.

If your documents are mostly double-sided, then we also recommend trying to purchase a scanner that does automatic duplex scanning.

How do I scan multiple pages to one PDF?

Your scanner should have an option to do this. Simply click the ‘Build to One PDF’ option in your scanner settings.

However, there are many examples of third party software that will do a brilliant job of organizing and stitching your scans together to create one PDF. PaperScan, Adobe Acrobat DC, and Readiris are just some of them.

How do I scan multiple documents into one file?

There is plenty of software available to help you scan multiple documents into one file. One of the easiest to use is Adobe Acrobat.

Using a software like Adobe lets you scan individual pages into one folder and then merge them with the ‘Combine Files’ option.

Just make sure that you have named all the files logically to put them in the right order for the documents to be pieced together.

5 Best Multiple Page Scanners reviews

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 | Best Multi Page Document Scanner

If you are looking for a multiple page scanner, the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 should always be among the first of a person’s considerations.

First up, the connectivity and maintenance of this device are effortless. The software needed to use the scanner loads without any glitches or problems, and the wireless technology allows you to connect from multiple sources in a set-up that is as simple as learning 1,2,3.

With multiple pages being scanned, you want to ensure that you have a scanner able to aid your organization and therefore add to your personal productivity.

The software provided by Fujitsu helps you file your scans efficiently, making them easy to find whenever you need them.

Fujitsu has also provided OCR software, which means you can type keywords and get the exact scans you need within seconds.

It is also possible to back up everything immediately into a cloud storage service. This is a handy feature because with so many documents being scanned, you don’t want an unexpected issue to see your hard work go to waste.

Highlighted Features

  1. 3” color touchscreen to make the scanning of multiple pages simple and easy
  2. Create ScanSnap profiles with your own multiple page scan settings
  3. Useful ScanSnap Home software lets you keep your scans nicely organized
  4. 50-sheet ADF can handle various media types of multiple sizes
  5. Connect and save scans using computers, iOS, and Android devices

2. Epson WorkForce ES-400 | Best Multi Page Scanner

Epson makes some really solid multi-sheet scanners and is a brand that can be trusted. If you need a TWAIN scanner, then Epson is also much more affordable than some other well-known brands. You are getting better value for a scanner with similarly high specs.

With a 35 page per minute scan speed, you are highly unlikely to find yourself with a document backlog. This scanner works fast without compromising the clarity of the image it produces.

There is a debate about whether Fujitsu or Epson provide the best software. Fujitsu’s SnapScan seems to require less of a process to get to where you want, but if using TWAIN to interface with other programs, you can ignore the Epson software completely.

A useful Epson software is Document Capture Pro. This is great when you are batch scanning as it will allow you to upload multiple documents and have them save as separate PDF’s that are searchable.

Overall, this is a highly recommended scanner for those who have a lot to scan.

Highlighted Features

  1. Designed for longevity with a 4000 sheet daily duty cycle
  2. Utilize OCR software to get editable MS Word and Excel files
  3. OCR also allows you to create PDF’s searchable for keywords
  4. Epson Image Processing Technology can remove blank pages from multiple page scans
  5. Dynamic Skew Correction ensures alignment of edges on scanned documents

3. Brother DS-620 | Cheap scanner for multiple pages

Sometimes you need a scanner that can scan multiple pages, but you don’t need a scanner that needs to do this every day of the week, hour after hour. What you are after is a reasonably compact scanner that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

The Brother DS-620 has been designed to be compact and lightweight. It can be tucked away at the side of a desk when not in use, or packed up and taken between locations if you move around a lot for your work.

Even though this scanner is a lot lighter on specs in terms of speed and the size of the automatic document feeder, it is capable of multi-page scanning of high quality.

All you need to do is adjust the scanner settings to the ‘Multi-Page Output’ option, and you are ready to scan many pages at once.

The DSmobileCapture software will ensure that all the edges on your scans align nicely, even if you don’t put the paper perfectly when feeding the scanner.

Highlighted Features

  1. Supports TWAIN and SANE drivers to allow interaction between the scanner and other programs
  2. Operating support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  3. USB power source makes this an excellent scanner for on the go work
  4. Lightweight 399.2 grams make this scanner perfect for traveling with
  5. Ideal for those who have a lighter workload – daily duty cycle of 100 scans

4. Fujitsu fi-7160 | Best Multi Feed Scanner

Multi-page document scanners don’t come much better than the Fujitsu fi-7160.

For high-volume, multi-page scanning, this device has all the specs to cope with a busy day. Speeds of 60 pages per minute in color and 120 images per minute for duplex scanning immediately set this scanner apart.

Additionally, the 4000 scans daily duty cycle mean you can get hours of work.

Fujitsu scanner software is up there with the very best available on the market. You will be able to create multiple profiles to quickly get your everyday scanning options up.

The software being used allows you to scan multiple pages, even if the size of the pages differs. You won’t even have to check if there are blank pages in the bundle because the scanner automatically detects this and skips.

The Fujitsu fi-7160 can also detect the size of the pages it is scanning, so you won’t end up with a scan that is a lot of white background and a small page in the center.

Highlighted Features

  1. LCD display helps you to ensure the scanner is running how you want it
  2. For multiple page scanning use PaperStream Capture software
  3. Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection listens for jams and prevents a full disaster
  4. Skew Reducer makes sure your paper is fed in straight
  5. 80-page ADF lets you perform other tasks while the scanner is working

5. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i | Best Multi Page Scanner for home office

The final multi-page scanner we are looking at today is another offering from Fujitsu. This one is a great scanner that can sit on a desk or be traveled with, partly due to having multiple power options.

Whatever you need to scan for a business, this scanner can do it with just a couple of touches if you set up the ScanSnap software to work with your most-used settings.

Even when things go wrong with the S1300i, it won’t leave you feeling sad for long. Something like a paper jam takes a few seconds to solve, and then the scanner just carries on with the job as if nothing had happened.

ScanSnap software makes organizing and finding files hassle-free. You can create searchable PDFs and send data to multiple destinations. Searching for a scanned document amongst thousands is quick with a keyword search. This scanner really does save you time.

Finally, if you have a lot of old, crumpled documents, this is a scanner that will attempt to scan them a few times, and if having a problem, it will let you know.

Highlighted Features

  1. Create searchable PDFs, Word and Excel files, or JPEG images
  2. Can be used with AC power source or USB port – whichever is most convenient
  3. Scan to various destinations with just the click of a button
  4. Software automatically correct images for skew and orientation
  5. Scan to cloud services including Evernote, Google Docs, and Dropbox

Multiple Page Scanner Buying Guide

Here we take a look at some of the attributes that make up the best scanner for multiple pages.

1. Automatic Document Feeder

Getting a scanner with an automatic document feeder is essential as you don’t want to have to be sat next to the device loading pages one at a time, especially if you have hundreds of documents to scan.

Heavy-duty scanners should come with a 50-sheet ADF, though you will see from our reviews that there are those working with a larger ADF than even that.

Smaller scanners won’t have anywhere near as large an ADF function, but it is still a good idea to get a scanner with even a 1-sheet ADF. This will just help with alignment and prevent things from getting skewed.

2. Scan Speed

Scan speed is essential for getting rid of a stack of documents quickly and efficiently. If you have pressing work with documents that you want to be turned into editable files, you don’t want your workflow to be disrupted by having to wait for the scanner to complete its job.

There are some high-speed scanners on the market now, but naturally, you’ll be paying a bit extra for the added benefit of speed. Therefore, the speed of the scanner you end up with may be directly linked to your available budget.

3. Software

When scanning multiple documents, you must find a scanner with software that will help with organization rather than hinder things.

We’re not going to go into the ins and outs of which company produces the best software – that would take a whole other article.

What we can do is tell you to look for a scanner that does three specific things:

  • Provide software for making profiles that allow quick access to your typical scanner settings
  • Use intelligence to align scans, correct orientation, and ensure that image quality is corrected
  • Allow you to scan to different destinations without having to navigate through a ton of folders

4. Daily duty cycle

Scanning multiple documents throughout the day, daily, requires a scanner with a high daily duty cycle.

You will find many of the best scanners can manage up to 4000 scans per day, which will hopefully be enough for your needs.

If only scanning ten or so pages a day, then one of the cheaper lower duty scanners will suit you fine.

Final Word

The best multi-page scanner will prove to be a lifesaving bit of equipment. Over the working week, the amount of time you will save will allow you to be more productive.

These scanners enhance your productivity in so many ways. It could be from exceptional scan speeds, software that makes corrections automatically for you, or just how the scanner and its associated programs keep files organized for you.

Whatever your needs, whatever scanner you choose, there is undoubtedly a high-quality product on this list for you.

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