Best Photo Booth Printer 2021

Passport applications, special occasions or just deciding to pull funny faces with a friend on a whim – there are numerous reasons why you might need a photo booth printer that is going to provide best value for both you, the owner, and your customers.

Those who have found the best photo booth printer can attest for the ongoing returns you will get from finding the printer that provides a high-quality photo booth print, doing so efficiently, and with costs kept to a minimum.

We’ve taken a look at what we think are some of the very best printers for the job and given you some exciting options to choose from.

List of Photo Booth Printers

1. Canon SELPHY CP910


3. DNP Event Photo Printer

4. HiTi P525L Printer

5. ZINK hAppy Smart App Printer

6. KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer

7. Canon SELPHY CP1300

8. Epson PictureMate PM-400

9. Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Printer

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Printer for PhotoBooth

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 Canon SELPHY CP910  Functions: Print
Resolution: 300x300dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” in 47 seconds
Ink: 3 color inks with protective over coating
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/PictBridge/Memory Card/Mobile Devices/USB
 DNP DS-RX1HS  Functions: Print
Resolution: 300x600dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” in 12.4 seconds
Ink: Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer with overcoating
Connectivity: USB
 Sinfonia Color Stream CS2  Functions: Print
Resolution: 300dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” in 11 seconds
Ink: Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer with glossy coating
Connectivity: USB
 DNP DS620A (with DNP DS-Tmini Touch Panel)  Functions: Print
Resolution: 300x300dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” in 8.3 seconds
Ink: Dye Sublimation with protective coating
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Memory Card/Mobile Devices/USB
 ZINK hAppy Smart App Printer  Functions: Color Label Printer
Resolution: Unknown
Print Speed: 0.15 inches per second
Ink: Thermal Printing
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Mobile Devices
 Fujifilm Ask 300  Functions: Print
Resolution: 300x300dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” in 12.3 seconds
Ink: Dye Sublimation
Connectivity: USB Type B
 Canon SELPHY CP1300  Functions: Print
Resolution: 300dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” in 47 seconds
Ink: Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/Memory Card/USB
 Epson PictureMate PM-400  Functions: Print
Resolution: 5760x1440dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” borderless in 36 seconds
Ink: 1 dye-based cartridge
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/Memory Card/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices
 Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Printer  Functions: Print
Resolution: 5760x1440dpi
Print Speed: 4×6” borderless in 36 seconds
Ink: 1 dye-based cartridge
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/Memory Card/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices


What equipment do I need for a photo booth?

If you want to run a successful photo booth, you will need the following equipment.

  1. A photo booth camera – this should be a high-quality digital camera with a high pixilation to ensure the quality of the photos
  2. A backdrop – Choosing an appropriate, eye-catching backdrop will help attract people to your photo booth
  3. Props – Props make photos fun and can be another way to attract people to your booth.
  4. Photo apps – These are important for making customizations to images
  5. Photo booth printer – Vital for any photo booth so that your customers can get their snaps as quickly as possible.

Can I do my own photo booth?

Yes. DIY photobooths have become very popular at events. Once you have the essential equipment needed, such as a camera and a cheap photo booth printer, it doesn’t have to be expensive to set a booth up at any event where you have permission to do so. Just make sure the booth you are creating is appropriate for the event, and you are bound to get people coming over to have their photo taken.

Are photo booths worth it?

Photo booths are a fantastic fun addition to any event that help guests and attendees capture memories. They are absolutely worth investing in for anyone running events.

They can also be a brilliant way of earning extra money for anyone able to take professional photos. Thus, investment in a printer for a photo booth can be recovered relatively quickly.

How can I make a cheap photo booth?

If you have the space to DIY a photo booth and you don’t want to bring in a professional, there are some easy tricks to make this an inexpensive process.

Go to a website like Pinterest, and you’ll find a million ideas for cost-effective and very creative backdrops.

Camera-wise, you can use a DLSR, or if you have a great camera on your phone, this can do the job.

Props are an essential part of making photo booths fun. Have a browse on Amazon, and you are sure to find a pack of funky props for a reasonable price.

Finally, get yourself one of the cheaper photo booth printers on the market. One that easily connects to a smartphone or camera and prints polaroid style photos.

Is a photo booth business profitable?

Photo booth businesses can be very profitable if you market yourself right and consistently do an excellent job in order to get recommendations via word of mouth.

People are prepared to pay a lot of money to get a photo booth at their event for just a few hours.

If you charge $1000 to do a four-hour event, you will be working for $250 an hour. How much of that is profit will depend on how much you are spending on your equipment and photo printing costs.

5 Best Photo Booth Printers Reviews

1.Canon SELPHY CP910 | Best Printer For Photo Booth Business

Two features immediately stand out on the Canon SELPHY CP910 that make it an outstanding photobooth printer.

Firstly, the Portrait Image Optimization allows the printer to correct the images it is given where faces appear darker than they should because of backlighting.

This is a brilliant little trick that will ensure you do not have to fiddle around with editing, or retaking photos that are for more formal purposes.

Secondly, the images are automatically corrected for the annoying redeye that can occur when using flash. Even if you are not particularly great at taking photos, this printer helps you look as professional as possible.

There are a multitude of other extras to love about this canon photo booth printer.

Print modes include a specific ID Photo Print, which allows you to choose the size of the image, and print settings allow you to choose the layout, which means you can easily print something like 4 passport-sized photos on postcard size photo paper in about 47 seconds.

Connecting to this printer is also a plus point with direct printing from a PictBridge compliant camera. That means you can take a professional snap, with a professional camera and send it straight to the printer.

Highlighted Features

  1. An amazing 100 year water resistant print
  2. Print incredible borderless photos as small as credit card size
  3. Connects wirelessly and AirPrint enabled for iOS

2. DNP DS-RX1HS | Best Photo Printer For Photo Booth

This dye sublimation/thermal transfer printer is an ideal photo booth printer for anyone looking to do rapid printing at events.

Due to using thermal transfer technology, the DNP DS-RX1HS is able to produce a high quality 4×6” print in 12.4 seconds. An inkjet printer would take a lot longer and would need time to dry properly.

With this printer you could be printing 290 prints an hour, with people coming and going in what is practically an instant. That is ideal for events where people want to get a picture taken quickly and be on their way.

This printer is also able to print 2×6” photo strips, allowing you to print traditional photo booth style passport photos as well.

You’ll be able to print media sizes of 2×6”, 4×6” and 6×8” in a speed of 14 seconds, 12.4 seconds and 22 seconds, respectively.

Whatever print-size you need, you will be able to choose between printing glossy or matte finish without having to change the print media, which makes it both convenient and efficient to use.

The only drawback we see with this printer is that connectivity is through USB. You will not be able to connect wirelessly or input a memory card directly.

Highlighted Features

  1. Incredible print speeds allow high volume at busy times
  2. High resolution photobooth pictures with little wait time
  3. Protect images with glossy or matte finish

3. Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 | best photo printers

Another dye sublimation/thermal transfer printer that is ideal for taking to events and using a photo booth printer, or keeping at your place of business to print passport size photos for applications and ID cards.

The standout feature of this printer is speed, with a 6×4” print coming to you in approximately 11 seconds. That means practically no waiting around for you or your customers as this printer gets to work.

At well as 6×4” print media, the Sinfonia CS2 can also handle 5×7” in 17 seconds and 6×8” in 19 seconds. Whatever size of print media you are using this printer is not going to compromise on its promise to you of a high-speed quality print.

Making this printer perfect for photo booth work, it can turn a 6×4” postcard size print media into two 2×6” strips. Just like your customers would get from a traditional photo booth.

For convenience, you will not have to be reloading this printer every five to ten minutes with new print paper. It is capable of holding 300 6×4” sheets at a time.

Should you be looking for a wireless printer, be aware that this printer will only connect via USB.

Highlighted Features

  1. Print photobooth pictures quickly with high speed printing
  2. Print photobooth style strips
  3. Suitable size and weight for travelling to events

4. DNP DS620A (with DNP DS-Tmini Touch Panel | best all-rounder photo booth printer 

This printer combined with the additional touch panel kiosk make this a high-end event and photobooth printer with features that match the higher price you would be paying compared to the other printers so far on this list.

The photo booth picture printer itself is capable of high speed 300x300dpi prints on 4×6” print media at a rate of roughly 400 prints per hour. That is about 8.3 seconds for one print out of that size.

You will be able to print in glossy or matte finishes to ensure a great, long lasting print, and you can even get a watermark on the back of the photo. The watermark feature will allow you to ensure people who see the printouts know where they came from.

The touch panel kiosk is where this printer really sets itself apart. While similar printers require USB connection, with the kiosk you can connect wirelessly via Smartphone or use memory cards straight from a camera. It’s much more convenient.

The kiosk can also attach to two printers, which potentially allows you to handle a much higher workload.

Finally, the printer/kiosk combination will allow you to produce not simply basic prints, but panoramic prints up to 6×20” so long as you’ve downloaded the latest software.

Highlighted Features

  1. Extremely efficient printing speeds
  2. Watermark back of photos for business recognition

5. ZINK hAppy Smart App Printer | best printer for the photo booth 

Not everybody is looking for a highly productive, speedy photobooth printer. Some people just want a device that will provide photobooth prints that bring happiness and fun into their lives.

The aptly named ZINK hAppy is just the sort of photo printer you need if you are the person mentioned above with no need for a bulky heavy-duty printer to lug around.

The zink photo booth printer is at its heart a high-end label maker that is so good that it can print full color photographs on a label from your table or smartphone. It’s not for making formal prints for things like applications, but it is for fun.

Using ZINK zRoll, an adhesive roll that the device thermally prints on, you can get quality prints of up to 17” in length and up to 2” in width depending on the width of roll you buy.

As you’d expect for a photo booth photo printer that has an app pun in its name, this really is a device for those who want to make use of their smartphones, with the Zink Design and Print Studio app, the ZINK MailEasy app and the ZINK Big app all available for your creative needs.

Highlighted Features

  1. No hassle ink-free printing
  2. Built-in cutter to separate prints
  3. Rechargeable for use on the go
  4. Print for iOS and Android devices

Printers For Photo Booth Buying Guide


The best printer for photo booth printing, especially if it is going to be used for commercial purposes at an event, is one that prints high quality images quickly.

If you are looking at speed over resolution, you should be able to get a 300x300dpi print on 4×6” paper in anywhere between 5 to 12 seconds on the speediest photobooth printers.

Just remember that printers with that kind of speed are operating on a considerably basic level, usually without extra features and gimmicks with them.

2. Resolution

A 300x300dpi resolution is the basic needed for getting quality images from a photobooth printer. But if you are willing to sacrifice speed for a bit of extra quality, especially in terms of print resolution, you can find printers that will give a higher resolution print in about 40 seconds or more.

3. Connectivity

You’ll find that most of the 300x300dpi photobooth printers do not connect through anything other than USB.

Higher-end printers have extra functionality in that they can connect through Wi-Fi, SD card and other apps on your smartphone

If you are a professional photographer looking to use a photobooth printer at an event, then it is even possible to find a printer that can connect direct to your camera so long as your camera has the necessary technology.

4. Additional Features

If you are looking for a photobooth printer, there is a high chance that you will be making prints that are designed for more formal usage.

That could be anything from passport photos, visa application or ID cards.

Such photos have awfully specific requirements to ensure that they are not rejected.

If you are looking for a printer for such purposes, then consider one that has automatic functions that reduce red-eye and adjust the lighting in photos so that faces don’t appear to be in shadow.

You’ll appreciate not having to do that fiddly photoshopping work yourself, and your customers will appreciate the speed at which they get their prints.

5. Dye Sublimation or Ink Cartridge

This again comes down to the speed at which you want to print.

An ink cartridge printer is likely to get you a higher resolution print, but they take longer.

Dye sublimation and thermal transfer is quick and best for handling bulk printing at an event.

Final Word

We’ve given you various options for the best photo booth printer, ranging from printers that will do your work with speed, to printers that come with all sorts of wizardry to help you get the best print possible.

Which printer you choose ultimately comes down to your extremely specific needs.

Do a job that requires a lot of prints in a short space of time and you’ll want one of those heavy-duty printers that can print in around 10 seconds.

But do something that requires a bit more finesse and a higher end printer is needed.

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