Best Printer for Checks 2021

Checks play a fundamental part of any business, with the amount of payments necessary meaning that you could be sending those slips of paper out at a rate that means you’re running out of whatever the bank has given you to use.

Arranging for a new batch of blank checks to be sent you way can be a bit of a hassle, with banks taking time and some even requiring you to and get them in person.

Thankfully, there is software that allows you to conveniently print your own checks, which is a fantastic way of keeping your business running smoothly.

With that in mind we know you need to look for the Printers that print checks. We have researched few of the top printers of the market and listed the best printer for checks.

List of Printer for Checks

1. HP LaserJet Pro M404dw 

2. HP LaserJet Pro M203dw 

3. Brother HL-L2340DW

4. Brother QL-820NWB

5. FK 184AA HP

6.  Dell C1760NW 

7. Max EC-30A

8.  VersaInk 65 Nano HP

9. Canon Pixma MG2522


Comparison Table For Top 10 Printers for Checks

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
Canon PIXMA MG3620 Print Resolution: 4800x1200dpi
Print Speed: Color – 5.7ipm/Black – 9.9ipm
Output Tray: 100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices
Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer Print Resolution: 2400×600
Print Speed: Black – 27ppm
Input Tray: 250 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/ Mobile Devices
FK184AA HP POS MICR Hybrid Thermal Printer Functions: Point of Sale Printer
Print Resolution: 203x203dpi
Print Speed: Black – 59.2 inches per second
Connectivity: USB
VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer Functions: Print
Print Resolution:1200x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black – 7.5ppm/Color 5.5ppm
Input: 60 sheets
Connectivity: USB
VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755MX MICR All-In-One Printer Print Resolution:1200x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black – 8ppm/Color 15ppm
Input: 60 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB
Epson Expression Home XP-420 Print Resolution:5760x1440dpi
Print Speed: Black – 9ppm/Color 4.5ppm
Input: 100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices
VersaCheck HP Deskjet 2655MX-MICR and Color All-in-One Printer Print Resolution: Black 1200x1200dpi/Color 4800x1200dpi
Print Speed: Black – 7.5ppm/Color 5.5ppm
Input: 60 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices
Dell C1760NW Color Laser Printer Print Resolution: 600dpi
Print Speed: Black – 15ppm/Color 12ppm
Input/Output: 150 sheets/100 sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/USB 2.0
Epson XP-640 Wireless Color Photo Printer 2.7 Print Resolution: 5760×1440
Print Speed: Black – 13ppm/Color 10ppm
Input/Output: 100 sheets/30sheets
Connectivity: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct/USB 2.0/Mobile Devices
Brother HL-L2340DW Laser Printer Print Resolution: 2400×600 dpi
Print Speed: Black – 26ppm
Input: 250 sheets
Connectivity: USB/Ethernet

Best Printers for Checks Reviews

1. Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer | Best Printer For Printing Checks From Quickbooks

When looking for a printer for checks, it’s best to also consider your all-round business needs. An All-In-One printer seems something of a necessity.

Not only would you be able to print your checks in a 4800x1200dpi resolution, but you would also be able to scan your incoming as well as outgoing checks on the 1200×2400 dpi flatbed scanner, so that you can keep a digitised record.

This inkjet printer has a print speed of 5.7ipm in color, and 9.9ipm in black. What does that translate to in terms of checks? If we consider an A4 sheet of paper to allow for the printing of 3 checks, that is getting you 17.1 color checks per minute or 29.7 black and white checks per minute.

The Canon Pixma MG3620 has 2-individual ink-cartridges (black and color) which is enough if your business needs require check, receipt and standard document printing.

If you are looking for a printer that does extra graphical work with better coloration, then more ink-cartridges in its system are recommended.

The output tray of this printer can handle 100 sheets of plain paper, so that translates to 300 checks printed before you need to go to the machine.

Highlighted Features

  1. Printer, scanner and copier All-in-One
  2. Print Speed 5.7imp (color) and 9.9ipm (black)
  3. Duplex and borderless printing
  4. Papers sizes from 4×6” to 8.5×14”
  5. Wireless Connectivity through Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and mobile devices

2. Brother HL-L2340DW  Printer | Best Laser Printer For Printing Checks

If color is not required, and you can do without an integrated scanner and copier, then this monochrome laser printer from Brother is an ideal printer for churning out check after check after check.

A high-yield toner cartridge for this printer is able to print approximately 2600 pages. That’s a whopping 7800 checks that you will be able to get between toner cartridge changes.

The print speed of 27ppm at a resolution of 2400×600 is really quick and means you can print off 81 checks per minute if we make the assumption that you are putting 3 checks on an A4 page.

A first print time of 8.5 seconds, means that if you need to print a check for a client that is waiting, they won’t be hanging around twiddling their thumbs while your printer wakes up from being idle.

If your business is regularly printing other monochrome documents as well as checks, this printer is able to handle 10,000 pages per month which makes it quite reliable for heavy office printing needs.

There is automatic duplex printing which helps prevent you from wasting paper as well as saving you time from the fiddly work of having to line everything up right when doing a manual double sided print.

Highlighted Features

  1. Print resolution of 2400x600dpi
  2. Print speed of 27ppm
  3. Produces documents up to 8.5×14”
  4. 250 sheet input tray
  5. Wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and mobile devices

3. FK184AA HP POS MICR Printer | Best Printer For Printing Payroll Checks

If you are looking for a printer that has been designed with checks and receipts in mind, then look no further than this thermal printer from Hewlett Packard.

The first feature of note is the MICR which stands for magnetic ink character recognition. This technology could be of great benefit for the security minded as it allows verification that a check is legitimate.

Secondly, with this being a thermal printer, you have no need to worry about ink replenishment or clogged up cartridges. A thermal printer instead uses a special type of paper that darkens due to the heat being placed on it.

This thermal printer has a maximum 203×203 dpi, which is enough for the function of printing checks and receipts as you are not looking at anything with heavy graphics or detail needed.

A printing speed of 59.2ips (that’s inches per second) make this a very speedy printer, which you’d expect from something that is not printing excessively complicated print jobs, ensuring your customers or clients are not left waiting around.

Should you choose to purchase this particular printer, be aware that it does not have wireless functionality, with its standard interface being through USB.

Highlighted Features

  1. Thermal printing technology means no ink changes
  2. Magnetic ink character recognition for security of checks
  3. Print Resolution of 203x203dpi
  4. Print Speed of 59.2 inches per second
  5. Connectivity through USB

4. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX | Best Micr Printer

This printer from Hewlett Packard is being marketed with check printing in mind, but unlike the previous printer on this list it is capable of also doing other basic printing needs.

Looking specifically at checks, the 1112MX has MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) with Versa Ink so that your checks are fully compliant with banking regulations.

HP claim that this printer will save you between 50-80% on buying regular pre-printed checks, which is a huge benefit to anyone who is looking to cut costs from as many angles as possible.

This machine gives a print speed of 7.5 black pages per minute, and 5.5 color pages per minute. Doing the maths at 3 checks per A4 page, you are looking at a turnaround of 22.5 black cheques per minute and 16.5 color checks per minute.

With a duty cycle of up to 1000 pages per month you can print approximately 3000 checks in that time frame.

A 1200×1200 dpi allows you to get other basic printing needs done with this printer, through it is a relatively low dpi for doing any complex work, but the printer does let photo paper and brochure paper to be printed on.

Highlighted Features

  1. MICR enables
  2. Print Resolution of 1200x1200dpi
  3. Print Speed of 7.5ppm in black and 5.5ppm in color
  4. Media Sizes: A4, B5, A6 and DL Envelope
  5. Duty cycle of up to 1000 pages per month

5. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755MX | Best Hp Printer For Printing Checks

The second VersaCheck printer on this list, the 3755MX is an upgrade on the 1112MX which is much more your entry level printer.

Like its sister printer, the 3755MX uses Versaink magnetic black ink to ensure that your checks are complaint with banking regulations.

The difference between this printer and the previous VersaCheck option is, that should you be willing to pay the higher price, you get a machine much more suited to all your office needs.

The 3755MX comes with a 1200dpi scanner, which is useful for keeping digitised checks, receipts and business-related documentation. It’s always wise to have a digital backup to all your paperwork.

With its 1200x1200dpi print resolution you are looking at a black print speed of 8ppm and remarkably a higher color print speed of 15ppm. That 24 checks per minute in black and 45 checks per minute in color.

This printer also has the benefit of having standard wireless capability, another upgrade on the previous printer on the list, making it convenient if you don’t always find yourself working near the device.

A 60-sheet input tray should also mean that your printer is rarely out of paper should you be hitting that print key from somewhere other than your print room.

Highlighted Features

  1. Functions as a printer, scanner and copier
  2. Printer resolution of 1200×1200 dpi
  3. Print speed of 8 pages per minute in black and 15 pages per minute in color
  4. Connect via Wi-Fi

Best printer for cheque printing Buying Guide

Printer Type

When you are looking for the best printer for printing checks there are so many varying options available each with unique selling points.

You could opt for a standard inkjet printer that is capable of doing multiple office printing jobs, especially useful if looking to print documents and not just checks.

There’s the option of printers that have been created specifically with checks and receipts in mind, these ensure that you are printing checks that comply with banking regulations and ensure extra security is in place for your money.

Do you want a scanner and copier included with your printer, or are you happy with something that gives you a printout without the extra functions?

There’s a lot to decide.


Standard printers will come with ink-cartridges and the associated costs.

Decide between three options – inkjet, LaserJet and thermal.

Both inkjet and LaserJet will require cartridge changes, but if you go for high yield cartridges,you’re looking at printing off checks in the thousands between cartridge changes.

Choose the thermal option, and you’ll not have to change an ink cartridge at all because thermal printers don’t have cartridges.

Just be aware that if you go down the thermal route,you’re looking at very basic low-resolution printing. Those machines are literally for checks and receipts only.

Pages per minute

The pages per minute, or images per minute, is important when looking for a printer that is going to produce checks, especially if you are printing in bulk or may need to print with people waiting to collect the checks.

A monochrome LaserJet printer will likely offer you the fastest speeds but balance this option up with your other printing needs.


A lot of the printers on this list have wireless connectivity that includes being able to print from mobile devices.

With check printing, it is assumed that security is important. So, think about whether you really want a printer that can be accessed wirelessly and the potential for hacking.

If investing in a wireless printer, consider what security features you have ensuring that you don’t find yourself the victim of a hack that could leave you out of pocket.

Final Word

There are so many options for the best printer to print checks that it’s actually pretty difficult to choose.

All-in-One options really do offer you the chance to ensure that all your office needs are met, but more dedicated check printers ensure that you are meeting the needs of the banks in your check printing.

Whichever option you choose just be mindful of the ongoing costs of running a printer in terms of ink.

Also, consider whether a few months down the road you’ll be wishing you got a printer capable of doing more than just checks and basic document work.

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