Best Printer for HomeSchool 2021

It is not possible to do modern homeschooling without a printer.

In fact, education from home likely makes having a printer all the more important because your resources have to come from somewhere and it won’t be from the overworked school teachers.

Finding the best printer for homeschool teachers is essential in ensuring that the homeschooler is getting the most from their lessons.

Furthermore, finding the right printer can help the homeschooler create projects that help them find fun in learning and provide motivation for future work.

It’s important to know what features are going to enhance the homeschool experience.

List of Printers For Homeschool

1. Canon MF743Cdw Printer

2. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer

3. Epson WorkForce WF-3640 Printer

4. Canon TR8520

5. HP OfficeJet 5255 Printer

6. Canon TS5120 Printer

7. Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer

8. HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printer

9. HP OfficeJet Pr0 6978 Printer

10. Brother  MFC-L5900DW Printer

Comparison Table For 10 Top Printers for Homeschool

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
Brother Compact Monochrome Laster Printer, HL, L2350DW Functions: Print
Speed: 32ppm (Black)
Connectivity: Wireless, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Wi-Fi Direct
Capacity: 250 sheets
Canon PIXMA TR4520 Functions: Scan, Print, Copy, Fax
Speed: 8.8 ipm black ,4.4 ipm color
Connectivity: Wireless, USB
Capacity: 25 sheets
Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Functions: Scan, Print, Copy
Speed: 10.5 ppm (black), 5 ppm (color)
Connectivity: Wireless, USB
Capacity: 30 sheets
HP ENVY 5055 All-in-One Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Speed: 10 ppm (black), 7 ppm (color)
Connectivity: Wireless 802.11n, Bluetooth, USB
Capacity: Input 100 sheets, Output 25 sheets
HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-in-One Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Speed: 10 ppm (black), 7 ppm (color)
Connectivity: Wireless 802.11n, Bluetooth, USB
Capacity: Input 100 sheets, Output 25 sheets
Canon TS5120 Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Speed: 13 ppm (black), 6.8 ppm (color)
Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB
Capacity: Input 100 sheets
Canon Pixma MG3620 Functions: Scan, Print, Copy, Fax
Speed: 9.9ipm black ,5.7ipm color
Connectivity: Wireless, USB
Capacity: 100 sheets
HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Functions: Scan, Print, Copy, Fax
Speed: 22ppm (black & color)
Connectivity: Wireless, Wi Fi Direct
Capacity: 250 sheets
HP OfficeJet Pr0 6978 Functions: Scan, Print, Copy, Fax
Speed: 20ppm (black), 11 ppm (color)
Connectivity: Wireless
Capacity: 225 sheets input, 60 sheets output
Brother Monochrome Laser Printer MFC-L5900DW Functions: Scan, Print, Copy, Fax
Speed: 42ppm (black)
Connectivity: Wireless
Capacity: 300 sheets


How do I choose a printer for my home?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a home printer. The first of these questions is, what will I predominantly use the printer for?

If you are mostly printing text documents and want these documents produced in as quick a time as possible, then a laser printer may be the best choice.

Laser printers are built for speed and have a resolution that will produce crisp text. Additionally, you can buy color laser printers that will produce clear images, graphs, and charts for your homeschooling needs.

However, inkjet printers do have a place as home school printers, especially if the child being homeschooled is a visual learner. The right inkjet printer can produce great text documents, albeit slower than a laser printer, and incredible images. They are especially good for printing photographs that a visual learner will love.

Cost-wise, especially if doing a lot of printing, a laser printer may prove more economical. However, if you intend to buy an inkjet, then an ink tank printer, rather than a cartridge printer, will save you a lot of money over the long term.

What is the best home printer scanner to buy?

You have many choices for the best home printer scanner. Unsurprisingly, these choices come from the bigger brand names such as Canon, Epson, Brother, and HP.

The Canon i-SENSYS MF742Cdw is a great all-in-one laser printer offering color printing, fast print speeds, and a useful touchscreen to let you set the scanner.

From Epson, you can find the speedy WorkForce Pro WF-4630, which has a 20ppm speed – that’s really quick for an inkjet printer/scanner combo. If looking to save money, and get even faster speeds, then the EcoTankET-2760 is a color inkjet that will do just that.

If you prefer Brother, consider either the Brother MFC-J5330DW or the Brother MFCJ5945DW. Both are equally capable of doing outstanding printing and scanning.

Finally, if you’d like a printer/scanner that is more compact than all the models mentioned, take a look at the HP Envy 5055. It may not be the fastest inkjet printer, but it compact, easy to use, and affordable.

Which home printer uses the least ink?

Don’t get sucked in buying a printer for a cheap one-off cost thinking that this will save money long term. It won’t. These printers are inefficient in the way they use ink, and the cost of the cartridges will prove extremely expensive.

Instead, go for a ‘tank’ printer. These types of printers are available from the likes of Epson, Canon, Brother, and HP. They use refillable ink tanks rather than cartridges, and the amount of ink used and the cost is much less than a traditional cartridge printer.

Additionally, you can use 3rd party inks to make the cost even cheaper.

Which printers last the longest?

A good laser printer can handle a lot more work than a good inkjet printer.

Longevity depends on how much you use the printer. Check the monthly duty cycle to see how much work a printer can do.

If you pay attention to this number and keep the printer well maintained, they will last longer. Even the most robust printer can get damaged if you use it more than it was designed to be used.

Best Printers For Homeschool Reviews

1.Brother HL-L2350DW | Best Printer For School Work

Laser printers tend to be better for bulk printing.

The HL-L2350DW is a printer that should be a homeschool teacher’s dream when creating resources and handouts.

The printer is capable of 32 pages per minute (black) which is a phenomenal speed and will ensure that you are able to maximise your time.

With a 250-sheet paper capacity, you’ll also be able to leave the printer running and perform other tasks, as you won’t be constantly refilling the paper tray.

Printing on both sides of the paper is important not just for saving money on the amount of paper needed but doing so also will teach the homeschool students that they shouldn’t waste resources.

Wireless connectivity is possible with this printer, and that is from all your devices, meaning you can tap the print button at any time. Very useful for printing any sudden finds that you may forget later.

This is a highly productive printer, but it is just a printer. No scanning or copying function is available. But if you already have a scanner at home, then the combination of this and your existing scanner will do a great job.

Colour and vibrancy are important in education. If you buy this black and white printer, then you’ll need to find another way to get that into yourhomeschool classes.

Highlighted Features

  • Print speed of up to 32ppm
  • Wireless connectivity for all devices
  • Two-sided printing and Toner Save Mode

2. Canon PIXMA TR4520 Printer | Best Printer For School Projects

All-in-one printers are ideal for homeschool.

For example, if you’re like me you may pick up a book from the library and want to scan some of the useful bits.

Something from a magazine or a newspaper could be useful in the future, so scanning it makes sure it is there and available when the original copy may be long lost or have been recycled.

This printer, as well as being multifunctional, also prints in colour. While you may not always want to print in colour, it is a useful option to have to bring life to a what could be a dull lesson.

With this being an inkjet printer rather than a laser-jet, the printing speed is on the lower side. 8.8imp in black, and 4.4imp in color. It really depends how much printing you intend to do, as to whether this is important.

The PIXMA TR4520 allows you to connect all your devices wirelessly as well as supporting cloud printing. It even has the benefit of voice prompting through Amazon Alexa if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you plan to print a lot in color, this printer is dual cartridge – one black and one color. The drawback of this being a need to replace the whole cartridge if one of the colours runs out quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one scanner, copier, and printer
  • Auto-document feeder with 20 sheet capacity
  • Auto 2-sided printing function

3. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Supertank Printer | Best Home Printer For Teachers

The EcoTank ET-2720 is the homeschool printer you want to get it you are looking for an inkjet printer that is really looking to give you value for money on your ink.

As a homeschool teacher you will be doing an incredible amount of printing, and ink cartridges really do add up. I once printed a whole textbook from PDF and that is a lot of paper and a lot of ink.

This printer uses ink bottles instead of ink cartridges. The benefit being that the bottle sets should realistically allow you to bring about 4500 pages of black and 7,500 pages of colour before they need replacing. All that at a fraction of the cost of a cartridge printer.

The paper capacity of this printer is roughly 30 sheets, which means you’ll be hanging around the printer for those larger print jobs.

Printing speed is about 5ppm for color and 10.5ppm for black, which again, means you probably shouldn’t leave the room when printing in bulk. It can function as like the best printer for homeschool use.

The all-in-one nature of this printer sees it come with a scanner. If you plan to do only limited scanning, then this printer is suitable for you. No autoloader for the scanner means scanning by hand one document at a time.

If you are looking for color printer for homeschooling, then this machine can be your go-to best color printer for homeschool.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one printer, scanner, and copier
  • Wireless connectivity and voice activated printing
  • Inkbottle printing for more cost-effective machine

4. HP ENVY 4044 Photo Printer | Best Printers For School Students

A printer, copier and scanner all-in-one, the HP ENVY 4044 has got everything you need for your homeschool printing.

As a homeschool teacher, it will be possible to save on paper and time with automatic 2-sided printing. As someone who continually messes up manually trying to print double sided, I can tell you this function is very much a lifesaver.

The print speed, as is normal for an inkjet, is not close to what you’d get from a LaserJet printer. 10ppm are roughly possible in black, with 7ppm roughly possible in colour. If you find yourself needing to bulk print, have other tasks handy as it may take a while.

With an input capacity of 100 sheets, this has bigger capacity than other inkjet printers on the list. The output capacity is less, at about 25 sheets. If you aren’t hanging around while printing, you have to make sure to pop back regularly enough so that paper isn’t flying to the floor.

The scanner and copier are useful features, though you don’t have an auto-document feeder meaning you need to manual scan documents one at a time. Perhaps make that task an extra credit for your homeschool student.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one printer, scanner, and copier
  • Connects wirelessly to all devices using Dual Bang Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart
  • Input Capacity 100 sheets/Output Capacity 25 sheets.

5. HP OfficeJet 5255  Printer | Best Home School Printer

The HP OfficeJet 5255 a fantastic inkjet printer that does everything a homeschool teacher needs with printing, scanning, copying and faxing all included.

What makes this printer different to the other inkjets on the list is the addition of a 35-sheet auto document feeder which means you will not have to go through the painstaking process of scanning multiple documents one at a time.

While the auto-document printer does set this printer apart, the other specs here are pretty much similar to what we have seen before on this list.

The print speed is 10 ppm in black, and 7 ppm in color. It is able to do automatic two-sided printing, has an input capacity of 100 sheets and an output capacity of 25 sheets.

Wireless connectivity is also similar to other printers on the list. The HP Smart App will allow your student to print their homework via Google Drive or Dropbox using whatever device they have to hand.

Bear in mind a high yield black HP ink cartridge should be able to print 480 pages, whilst a tri-color cartridge will get you around 330.

The printer comes with smart technology that can check ink levels and order ink if needed. This could be a good idea if you don’t want the sudden realisation that you have no ink to disrupt your homeschool schedule. Overall, this machine is going to be the best printer for homeschooling purpose.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one print, scan, copy and fax
  • Auto-document loader
  • HP instant ink could save time and money

Best Homeschool Printer  Buying Guide

Out of the list of best printers for homeschool, finding the right one for your project requires some tips to know. Here, we are presenting some of those factors for you to guide you.

How much do you plan to print?

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a printer that is going to give up in the first few months of homeschooling.

Consider what your printing output is going to be. From experience, any type of teaching whether at home or school is going to require a printer that can run through a lot of paper without overheating and wearing itself out.

You also won’t want to have to sit next to the printer the entire time watching it churn out pages, so having a larger input tray and output tray is essential.

Ongoing Costs

Ink and toner are expensive at the best of times.

Luckily, with homeschool needs, you are likely going to be able to print a lot in draft mode so you will be able to make the most of your cartridges or ink tanks.

Check that the printer you’re buying is compatible with third-party inks and toners. Not all are because of the shapes and sizes of cartridges. But if you find one that is, you are likely to be saving a lot of money.


Again, this is factor is dependent on how much you’re going to be printing in one batch.

Time is a valuable commodity, so the number of pages per minute that a printer can manage should be a consideration.


Most printers now come with wireless connectivity, meaning you can print from anywhere in the house.

As a teaching tool this can be useful. I myself have come across many an interesting article or resource whilst doing some general browsing. Having the ability to print something off immediately, without having to move from where I am is a nice little bonus.

Also, look out for the types of device that can connect to the printer. Smartphones and tablets are used as much as laptops nowadays.

A SD card slot, or possibility to print from flash drive, is also desirable.

Get yourself as many options as possible.

Extra functions

Just like nobody buys a phone anymore just to be a phone, you should be looking for a printer that does more than just print.

Scanning and copying functions are both beneficial to the homeschool teacher and student.

The best homeschool printer will be an all-in-one printer where these are more than just a fancy afterthought.

Final Word

The best printer for homeschooling really depends on what category of homeschool teacher you wish to be.

If you intend to print a lot of black and white documents for yourhomeschool student then the LaserJet options would appear to be the ones for you.

However, if you want to add a bit of flamboyancy to your teaching you’d do well to consider a colour inkjet printer with a scanner built in even if it is a bit slower in its printing ability.

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