Best Printer for Real Estate Agents 2021

With the number of documents required for any deal that involves real estate, an agency must have the best printer for real estate agents.

It is not just the legal paperwork that needs printing off. Any effective marketing strategy designed to aid the successful running of a real estate business will require a fair amount of promotional material.

We have created a list just for you to find a printer that best suits your needs as a real estate agent. You will find laser printers, inkjet printers, all-in-one options, and color printers as well.

Take a look and see if any take your fancy.

List of Printer For Real Estate Agents

1. Xerox WorkCentre 6515/DNI

2. Xerox Phaser 6510/DN

3. Brother MFC-J995DW

4. Xerox B215DNI Printer

5. Xerox VersaLink B400/DN 

6. HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw

7. Brother HL-L8360CDW

8. Canon TR-8520

9. Brother HLL2395DW

10. HP LaserJet Pro M428fdw

Comparison Table of top 10 Printer For Real Estate Agents

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
HP ENVY 5055 Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Printing Technology: Inkjet
Print Speed: 7ppm (color), 10ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 1000 pages
Brother HLL2395DW Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Printing Technology: Laser
Print Speed: 36ppm
Duty Cycle: 15,000 pages
Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw Functions: Print
Printing Technology: Laser
Print Speed: 22ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 2500 pages
HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Printing Technology: Laser
Print Speed: 28ppm (color), 28ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 50,000 pages
Brother HL-L3270CDW Functions: Print
Printing Technology: LED
Print Speed: 25ppm (color), 25ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 30,000 pages
HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Printing Technology: Inkjet
Print Speed: 25ppm (color), 29ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 20,000 pages
Canon Color ImageCLASS MF644Cdw Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Printing Technology: Laser
Print Speed: 22ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 2500 pages
HP LaserJet Pro M428fdw Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Printing Technology: Laser
Print Speed: 40ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 80,000 pages
HP OfficeJet 5255 Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Printing Technology: Inkjet
Print Speed: 7ppm (color), 10ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 1000 pages
HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Printing Technology: Inkjet
Print Speed: 11ppm (color), 20ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 20,000 pages
HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax
Printing Technology: Laser
Print Speed: 22ppm (color), 22ppm (black)
Duty Cycle: 40,000 pages

Best Printers for Real Estate Agents Reviews

1. HP ENVY 5055 | Best Color Printer For Real Estate Flyers

The HP ENVY 5055 is a printer with specs that meet the needs of a smaller agency – perhaps even as an additional printer to the one you already have.

As a real estate agent, you will want to make an impression on your clients. With inkjet technology, this printer achieves a resolution of 1200×1200 dpi, which will help you create professional-looking documents with clear, sharp writing.

Print out speeds sits at 10 pages per minute when printing in black. This is by no means the highest print speed you will find on this list, but it is a fantastic speed for the exceptional price of the printer.

Duplex printing is also available. This should save you both time and money in the long term. This is especially true if you are someone who ordinarily prints one-sided due to the hassle of having to change paper around manually.

Finally, the handy flatbed scanner gives you 1200dpi optical resolution, and the copier can do duplex copying at 600x300dpi. Great for making duplicates of documents when needed.

Highlighted Features

  1. Special media support available for envelope printing
  2. Connect to the printer through Wi-Fi, USB, Apple AirPrint or Mopria

2. Brother HL-L2395DW

From an all-in-one inkjet printer, we move to the first all-in-one laser printer on the list.

The Brother HL-L2395DW is a robust printer suited to the heavy workload required by a busy real estate agency.

This machine is a monochrome printer with a print resolution of 2400×600 dpi. This puts it in the upper echelons of monochrome document printers. It provides a superior text quality that will make you stand out from others using an inferior printer.

Print speeds for laser printers are usually on the faster side. Here, you will get 36 pages per minute.

Duplex printing is possible, and the monthly duty cycle is 15,000 pages. That means this printer can manage an average of 500 pages per day.

The flatbed scanner has a resolution of 1200 dpi and can take a scan of anything up to 8.5×11.7” in size.

If you require copies to be made, then these will come out with a 600×600 dpi resolution and at a rapid speed of 36 copies per minute. There will be little need to wait around for print jobs to be complete.

Highlighted Features

  1. Handy input tray of 250 sheets
  2. Connect wirelessly to the printer

3. Canon Color ImageCLASS LBP622dw

While the last printer we looked at was a monochrome laser printer, this machine from Canon offers laser color printing.

With a 600x600dpi resolution, this is a printer set up for color or monochrome document printing. Therefore, it doesn’t have the frills of a printer that can print photos. That is a good thing as its simplicity allows it to be good at one job, rather than average at many.

Print out speeds of 22 pages per minute is good considering the printer’s cost and allows you to print a 100-page document in under 5 minutes.

If you use your printer for a lot of single-page prints, you will be pleased to know that it takes only 10.3 seconds for the printer to get the first page. It does not take long to warm up at all.

Media handling is done through two input trays. The first has a capacity of 250 sheets and is likely where you will keep your A4 pages. The second input tray offers you the chance to use other print media types with its 1 sheet capacity.

Highlighted Features

  1. Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and mobile apps

4. HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw

Just how demanding are you of your printers? Have you often suffered paper jams when overloading the printers you’ve owned in the past?

If the answer to the second question is yes, then consider this laser printer from HP. It has a 50,000-page monthly duty cycle, which means even if printing 1000 pages per day, you aren’t pushing this machine anywhere close to capacity.

This printer prints 28 pages per minute regardless of whether that is in black or color, and your prints will come out with a 600×600 dpi.

A critical feature that sees the M479fdw outshine the other all-in-one printers on the list is its ability to duplex print, duplex scan, and duplex copy. This can come in very handy to save paper, and it is more efficient timewise.

Ease of use has been considered by HP, and you can go through the printer settings using a 4.3” touchscreen.

You can also connect to this printer using Wi-Fi and smart devices. Fewer wires make a tidier workplace.

Highlighted Features

  1. 50-sheet auto document feeder saves time when scanning
  2. Special media support for envelope

5. Brother HL-L3270CDW

The final printer in our review section uses LED technology. LED technology works similarly to laser in that toner cartridges are used as part of the printer process. Without getting into the science of how things work, it is considered that LED is the most reliable printer technology. Therefore, if used correctly, this printer should last longer.

2400x600dpi will create a stunningly crisp text on your documents. Even with this higher dpi, your printer is not compromising on speed. It will print 25 pages per minute in black or in color, with a first print out in just 14 seconds.

The input tray will allow you to use a range of media sizes from 3x5inch paper to 8.5×14”, and it can hold up to 250 sheets. The output tray is large, holding 150 sheets, which means you don’t have to stand near the printer catching paper as it flies out.

Finally, the monthly duty cycle of 30,000 pages makes this an ideal printer for your real estate agency office if you print around 1000 sheets per day.

Highlighted Features

  1. Manual feed slot helps to print on envelopes
  2. Toner save mode helps reduce costs

Printer for Real Estate Agents Buying Guide

Monochrome or Color

The first decision you need to make is whether to buy a monochrome printer or a color one.

If your printing requirements come down to forms and contracts, then a monochrome printer is likely all you are going to need.

But will you be printing leaflets, posters, and brochures to advertise your services and the real estate you are looking to sell? A color printer is an ideal solution if you aren’t getting these made professionally elsewhere.

Printing Technology

For bulk document printing, we’d recommend Laser or LED over an inkjet printer.

The Laser and LED options tend to print more pages per minute and have a higher monthly duty cycle. The toner cartridges used in these machines produce far more printouts and need changing much less often.

We aren’t discounting inkjet printers altogether. If you don’t have too much printing to do, they are still an excellent option to go for.

Print Speed

Print speed is vital in running an efficient office. While it may not necessarily be you hanging around the printer for documents, there will be someone you task to do the printing work. That person will have other duties to perform, and you don’t want their time taken up by a slow printer.

We think a printer that has a 20 page per minute printing time is suitable for printing larger document files. Slower printing speeds, especially under 10 pages per minute, could lead to a lot of frustration. These printers should only be considered if you are really only printing 1 or 2 pages at any given time.

Monthly Duty Cycle

Just how busy is your office?

If the answer is very, then you probably have to print a lot of documents in a day and will need a printer with a high monthly duty cycle.

Printers are not built to do infinite print jobs. Some are cheaper to buy because they are made from a more economical, less robust material.

The monthly duty cycle tells you how much work you can give the machine withoutdestroying it.

Often you will find a maximum duty cycle and a recommended duty cycle.

The maximum tells you how far you can push the machine up to the point of it entirely breaking. The recommended is the figure you can go to without experiencing problems such as paper jams.

Final Word

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the best printer for real estate agents.

The printer you buy needs to be quick and preferably prints in duplex. Hopefully, it has a monthly duty cycle that means you aren’t looking for another printer in three months.

There’s plenty to ponder looking at the printers on our list, and we hope we have broken things down for you so that the decision you’re going to make has been somewhat simplified.

All that is left is to say goodbye and good luck in your real estate career!

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