Best Printer for Waterslide Decals 2020

You could be forgiven for hearing the term ‘waterslide decal’ and thinking it must refer to some kind of trendy, new detox and weight loss drink.

But it’s not.

What waterslide decal paper actually is, is a specialty paper. The process to use it is relatively simple. You print on the film, use an aerosol sealant, and then place it in water to activate it before sticking it on whatever you choose.

You need the best printer for waterslide decals to get your designs onto items like tumblers, jars, or craftwork.

We’ve compiled a list to help you find an affordable yet fantastic printer at doing this job.

Comparison Table For 10 Top Printers for Waterslide Decals



Key Features



HP ENVY 5055

Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Resolution: 1200×1200 dpi
Configuration: 2 x cartridges
Print Speed: 10ppm (black), 7ppm (color)


HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi
Configuration: 4 x cartridges
Print Speed: 20ppm (black), 10 ppm (color)


Canon Pixma MG3620

Functions: Print
Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi
Configuration: 2 x cartridges
Print Speed: 9.9ipm (black), 5.7ipm (color)


Epson EcoTank ET-2750

Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Resolution: 5760×1440 dpi
Configuration: 4 individual tanks
Print Speed: 10.5ppm(black), 6ppm (color)


Canon TS9120

Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi
Configuration: 6 x cartridges
Print Speed: 15ipm (black), 10 ipm (color)


HP OfficeJet 5255

Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi (color), 1200x1200dpi (black)
Configuration: 2 x cartridges
Print Speed: 10ppm (black), 7ppm (color)


WorkForce WF-7710

Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
Resolution: 4800×2400 dpi
Configuration: 4 x cartridges
Print Speed: 18ppm (black), 10ppm (color)


Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220

Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
Resolution: 4800×1200 dpi
Configuration: 5 x cartridges
Print Speed: 15ipm (black), 10ipm (color)


Canon PIXMA Pro-100

Functions: Print
Resolution: 4800×2400 dpi
Configuration: 8 x cartridges
Print Speed: 8×10” image in 51 seconds


Epson Stylus Photo R2000

Functions: Print
Resolution: 5760×1440 dpi
Configuration: 8 x cartridges
Print Speed: 8×10” image in 68 seconds


5 Best Printers for Waterslide Decals Reviews

1. HP ENVY 5055 | Best Printer for Making Decals

Are you into doing transfers as part of a hobby? The HP ENVY 5055 is an entry-level all-in-one inkjet printer that offers you the essential functions required to print waterslide decals.

The 1200x1200dpi resolution is supported by a 2-ink cartridge setup that is best suited for home printing and crafting. The simple set up has been created for occasional usage.

This is especially true when considering the 1000-page monthly duty cycle of the printer. If you are looking to make waterslide decals with commercial intent, other printers should be considered that have higher a larger workload.

The input tray can handle media as small as 3×5,” which is a good size if you are creating something like a small logo decal to put on the side of a glass. The maximum the printer can handle is 8.5×14”, therefore you can create and print larger designs that can go on items such as plates.

Highlighted Features

  1. Use the 1200dpi flatbed scanner to take images to use as waterslide decals
  2. Handle the printer settings easily with a 5.6” touchscreen
  3. Great for text-based decals like quotes due to 1200x1200dpi print resolution

2. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 | Best Printer for Decals

This inkjet printer from HP offers those using waterslide decals the chance to print professional quality images that can transfer onto the items of your choice.

With a 4800x1200dpi print resolution, you can create decals that, once transferred, would pass inspection by even the fiercest critics.

4-individual ink cartridges combine in the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 to ensure that your decals have the kind of vivid coloration that makes a design standout.

This printer is suitable for both those doing craftwork at home or those who wish to use decals as part of a commercial venture. This is down to a 20,000-page monthly duty cycle that means you can decorate thousands of items a month if you wish.

If you are selling items after using the waterslide decals, you can utilize this all-in-one printer for business purposes. It will print receipts and envelopes for you. Additionally, you can use the scanner to keep a digital back-up of all paperwork.

Highlighted Features

  1. Max resolution provides incredible detail for your waterslide decals
  2. Self-healing Wi-Fi ensures peace of mind about connectivity issues
  3. 7” touchscreen ensures you have access to printer settings at your fingertips

3. Canon Pixma MG3620 | Best Decal Printer

Is there a brand out there with a better reputation than Canon when it comes to image technology?

If you’re a Canon fan and use waterslide decals as part of a crafting hobby, this could be the printer for you. But don’t worry if you need a printer for more professional work. Another Canon model is waiting for you further down!

4800x1200dpi ensures that your decals are clear and detailed. The detail from this printer is exceptional thanks to the 2 picoliter minimum droplet size.

The Pixma MG3620 sees a configuration with 2 individual cartridges. This is an excellent set-up for those who will infrequently be printing, as you don’t have to worry so much about the number of cartridges potentially wasted because the ink dried up.

Wireless printing features mean you can work using design apps from an Apple or Android device. They connect directly to the printer with Apple AirPrint, Mopria, or even a cloud service.

Highlighted Features

  1. Produce decals with sensational beauty thanks to Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering
  2. Create decals direct from cameras using Wireless PictBridge
  3. Work peacefully by using quiet mode while the printer does its job

4. Epson EcoTank ET-2750

This printer is for all of you who love the feeling of saving a bit of extra cash to use elsewhere somewhere down the line.

Epson EcoTank technology does away with the traditional ink cartridge. That’s right! No more sweating away trying to ram cartridges into the machines.

Instead, Epson has created a system of ink tanks that will give as much ink as 30+ cartridge changes. The overall running cost of the printer down to this technology can be up to twenty times less.

The cheaper running costs of this printer do nothing to impinge upon overall quality. The 5760×1440 dpi resolution with a 3 picoliter minimum droplet size produces incredible visuals that you would be hard-pressed to better.

You can create images on print media as small as 3.5×5”, and if you want to be really adventurous you can even try a long decal of up to 47.2”. The choice is yours.

Highlighted Features

  1. MicroPiezo inkjet technology creates gorgeous, vivid images with a wow factor
  2. Produce larger waterslide decals of up to 8.5×14”
  3. Connectivity options galore with extra features such as SD card slot

5. Canon PIXMA TS9120

We move on to a fantastic all-in-one printer from Canon, which just so happens to be the last printer on our list.

The 4800x1200dpi is enough to produce highly detailed images. The intricacies of your work can be appreciated due to the print quality.

What makes this printer stand out over others on the list is the 6-ink cartridge configuration. This number of cartridges makes this printer a fantastic addition to a professional’s collection of machinery and equipment. The coloration you get on your decals will be of remarkable quality.

If you like to hand-draw your designs first, then the flatbed scanner will do them justice when turning them into a digital file. The 2400x4800dpi will ensure your creation is crystal clear and impressive.

Finally, this printer takes postcard size 4×6” as the minimum size for print media. The maximum print media size is 8.5×14” so you can make decals with grander designs for larger items.

Highlighted Features

  1. Pigment black and photo blue cartridges offer smoother gradation in your decals
  2. Chromalife 100 printing ensures light doesn’t fade images for 30 years
  3. ENERGY STAR certified device saves you money on electricity bills

Printer for Waterslide Decals Buying Guide

a) Resolution

Resolution is an essential factor when considering the best waterslide decals printer. For perfect images, you need to ensure that the resolution is of a high dpi. The quality of your work may be impeded if you don’t.

A printer with a 1200x1200dpi resolution will provide sharp lines for decals that only include text. For smaller images, a 4800×1200 dpi printer will help create a product that looks good.

For larger decals, where defects will be more noticeable, it might be a good idea to get a higher resolution.

b) Configuration

The number of cartridges that make up the printer will affect the overall look of your waterslide decals.

As a general rule, we recommend a 2-ink setup for anyone who is infrequently printing and only doing waterslide decals as part of a crafting hobby. This is because ink cartridges have an annoying tendency to dry up when not used for a while. We don’t want to see you losing money as you have to replace 4 or more cartridges.

For anyone printing frequently, or for commercial purposes, a 4-ink system is required at the very least.

Printers with more ink-cartridges have a higher initial cost and ongoing cost. Whether you go for a higher configuration depends on how vital the depth of color and shading is to your work.

c) Paper capacity

You may be using waterslide decals to transfer images and designs onto items such as cups or even smaller ones. Therefore, you want a printer that can handle a range of different print media sizes.

3×5” input trays are the smallest you are going to find on your standard printer. Sometimes the printers will only go as low as 4×6”. Of course, you could try to manually feed something smaller, but there’s a good chance alignment will be off, or you end up jamming the printer.

Maximum sizes vary widely, with some printers capable of wide-format printing up to about 19″, and others capable of doing longer prints that can go beyond the 40″ mark. Whether you need one of these printers will depend on the type of items you work with.

d) Ink droplet size

Ink droplet size, measured in picoliters, will make a significant difference to your work. Try to get a printer that works with droplet sizes of 3 picoliters, at least—the smaller the droplet size, the better.

Final Word

Transferring using waterslide decals can’t be done using any old printer. Whatever you choose has to have a certain level of quality and reliability to ensure you don’t waste half your print media in botched attempts at printing.

The list we’ve provided should help you wade through the printers that aren’t so good, and set you on track to finding the best printer for waterslide decals.

Try to find a printer with a high resolution and cartridge configuration combination. These will produce the best images and provide you the most satisfaction.  We’re sure you’ll be more than happy with any of the options we’ve provided.

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