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Are you looking for a super-fast, high-quality printer with multiple functions but doesn’t have the required budget for it? Are you confused about which printer will be most beneficial for you in both usage and cost? Well, you have nothing to worry about because you’re in the right place!

Printers are becoming a daily need in most of our lives. Be it documents or photos, printers enable us to keep a hard-copy of every single thing. There are thousands of printers out there, which are great for different kinds of purposes. Some support high-speed printing of documents, while others print pictures at the highest resolutions.

Considering these purposes and features of the printer, we will help you choose the best printer under $200 for you today, which will not only be cost-efficient but also very high-performing and fulfill all your needs!

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Printer Under $200



Key Features



HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax.
Printing technology: Inkjet
Speed (black): 20 ppm
Type of Media: Plain paper, Card stock, Envelopes, Labels, Glossy paper.


Brother MFCL2710DW

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax.
Printing technology: Laser
Speed (black): 32 ppm
Type of Media: Plain paper, Card stock, Envelopes.


ROLLO Label Printer 

Functions: Print
Printing technology: Thermal
Speed (black): 238 labels per minute
Type of Media: Labels


Brother HLL2395DW

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
Printing technology: Laser
Speed (black): 36 ppm
Type of Media:: Plain paper.


Canon  Photo Printer

Functions: Print.
Printing technology: ZINK technology
Speed (black): One 4” X 6” in 47 seconds
Type of Media:: Plain paper, ZINK paper


Brother DCPL2550DW

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan.
Printing technology: Laser
Speed (black): 36 ppm
Type of Media:: Plain paper, Card stock, Envelopes.


HP ENVY Pro 6455

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan.
Printing technology: Inkjet
Speed (black): 10 ppm
Type of Media:: Plain paper, Glossy Photo paper.


Canon G3260

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan.
Printing technology: Inkjet
Speed (black): 10 ipm
Type of Media: Plain paper


DYMO Label Printer

Functions: Print
Printing technology: Thermal
Speed (black): 51 labels per minute
Type of Media: Labels


HP ENVY 5055  (M2U85A)

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan.
Printing technology: Inkjet
Speed (black): 10 ppm
Type of Media: Plain paper, Glossy Photo paper, Envelopes.


5 Best printers under $200 Reviews

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

One of HP’s best printers under $200, the 8025 is an amazing printer with additional scanning, copying and fax functions. This makes the printer very cost-efficient and productive, along with saving space.

The inkjet printer produces authentic-looking colorful prints at high resolutions of 4800 x 1200 DPI! It also scans at 600 DPI resolutions. Moreover, the OfficeJet Pro has a great printing speed of 20 ppm (black), which is pretty high for inkjet printers.

To boost the efficiency even more, there’s also the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that can take 35 sheets at ease. It enables automatic printing on both sides of the papers, saving time and other resources.

By giving proper instructions on the touchscreen of the printer, you can print on a huge range of media, including envelopes, labels and high-resolution paper.

The 8025 has an excellent wireless system installed inside. Apart from being compatible with various wireless standards, it also has automatic troubleshooting to fix any network issues.

HP Smart App facilitates easy control over the printer. Apart from directly printing and scanning, you can also keep track of ink levels and maintain security features.

Highlighted features

  • It can scan, copy, print and fax.
  • It prints black-and-white inputs at 20 ppm.
  • 35-sheet ADF feature enables automatic duplex printing.
  • Can print on a huge range of media, like cardstock, labels and envelopes.

2. Brother MFCL2710DW

Our next product is an excellent laser printer, but it also has the multi-functionality features of scanning, copying and faxing. This monochrome printer gives very sharp and detailed outputs.

The printer has a very efficient speed of 32 ppm, which is above average. It can work with 250 sheets in the tray at a time, reducing the need for constant refills.

The MFCL2710DW also consists of the ADF feature like the last printer. But, it can take 50 sheets at a time, for automatic printing and scanning. Productivity is raised even more by the fact that it can print on both sides of a page by itself.

Compatibility with various types of paper, like Envelopes and Card stock, increases its usefulness. It can also print on different sizes of paper, like the letter sizes.

Brother provides their own genuine toner along with the printer, which can adapt perfectly to the printer system.

The Brother printer also supports various connectivity features.It can print easily over Wi-Fi with commands from phones and tablets. USB and Ethernet ports are also available, for connections to PCs and faster printing respectively.

Highlighted features

  • Scanning, faxing and copying is supported along with printing.
  • Incredible printing speed of 32 ppm.
  • ADF feature can take 50 sheets and enables duplex printing.
  • Compatibility with different kinds of paper, like envelope and card stock.

3. ROLLO Label Printer

The Rollo label printer is yet another product with a different technology. It uses the Thermal printing technology, where certain parts of the thermal paper are blackened according to the input, and an image is formed based on that. This gives very perfect and detailed prints.

This printer requires no ink or toner cartridges, showcasing its cost-efficiency feature right there. It has an incredible speed of 150mm/s, which is huge, compared to the other label printers. The speed denotes that it can print almost as high as 238 labels in one minute!

Moreover, this Rollo device supports various sizes of labels, from small 1.57” to 4” wide. It can also properly print borderless labels, and is perfect for the standard label sizes.

It can automatically detect the dimensions and type of label put on the tray, and configure the settings and print accordingly.

The printer is compatible with the latest USB 3.0 ports. You can print from all various kinds of PCs, as it also works very well with all the versions of Windows available. This device also supports printing with Mac conveniently.

Highlighted features

  • Thermal technology produces fine quality print without ink or toner.
  • Can print labels at an amazing speed of 238 in a minute.
  • Can print of various sizes of labels, including borderless ones.
  • The printer is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.

4. Brother HLL2395DW

Coming with an additional flatbed scanner and copier, the HLL2395DW is the second Brother printer on our list. Brother printers provide unique printers with excellent features at a very reasonable price.

The HLL2395DW comes with a great scanner that can scan at great resolutions of 600 DPI. Being a monochrome printer, it can also scan colorful images. A printing speed of 36 ppm at very crispy, clear quality boosts the efficiency of this device.

Although this Brother printer doesn’t consist of the ADF feature, it can still carry out automatic double-sided printing with proper settings. The tray can hold a maximum of 250 sheets, reducing the requirement of constantly replacing paper after a print.

A small touchscreen makes controlling much simpler. With a few small touches, you can print and scan conveniently at various sizes available, like the legal sizes, A4 and letter sizes.

You can get a Brother toner that has the ability to print up-to 3000 pages with the printer. This compact printer comes with endless connectivity options, starting from NFCs, AirPrint to powerful USB ports and Ethernet connections.

Highlighted features

  • The printer also works as a flatbed scanner and copier.
  • Printing can be done at a rate of 36 ppm.
  • The tray can hold up-to 250 pages at a time.
  • Huge connectivity options, like AirPrint, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct.

5. Canon Photo Printer

Our next printer on the list is a perfect choice for you if you’ll be printing a lot of photos. This Canon printer uses Zink technology. Zink technology uses Zink paper that contains dye crystals. According to the input, the colors of the dye come out as heat is given.

Using this technology, the colors produced in the photos give a genuinely authentic look, the same as the original picture.

The photos are printed at good resolutions of 300 X 300 DPI. It can also print on a wide range of sizes, like the postcard sizes, and the most common 4” X 6” size.

It has a decent speed of printing one standard-sized photo in around 47 seconds, which is relatively better than other photo printers. This photo printing device has an amazing capability of perfectly printing 108 standard-sized photos.

The wide connectivity spectrum also keeps this printer at the top. Apart from the common printing over Wi-Fi, this printer also works greatly with AirPrint and Mopria. You can also use Canon Print app to comfortably print anything from your devices.

Highlighted features

  • Zink technology prints sharp, vibrant photos without ink or toner.
  • It prints one 4” X 6” photo in 47 seconds, faster than normal photo printers.
  • Able to print 108 standard-sized photos without loss of quality.
  • Wide spectrum of compatibility, like AirPrint, Mopria, Memory cards.

printer under $200? buying guide

A printer’s performance and productivity depends on quite a number of factors. These factors make the printer great for certain purposes and functions. The best printer under 200 should handle all kinds of functions properly, giving you the best value for your money. Below, we discuss briefly about a few of those factors.


Printing can be done in several ways. From using ink droplets to fusing dye into the paper, several creative ways have been invented. Out of them all, the most common technologies used in printers nowadays are the Laser and Inkjet technologies.

Laser printers print high-quality black-and-white documents. On the other hand, Inkjet printers are well-known for printing high-quality photos and pictures that involve a lot of color.

Since laser printers work with a more complex technology, it is more expensive than most other types of printers.


Undoubtedly, speed plays an important role in the performance of a printer. Higher printing speed is obviously preferred if you’re looking to print a lot. Print speeds are denoted by pages per minute (ppm).

Printing colorful documents will take more time compared to black-and-white ones. Most laser printers also print faster than general inkjet printers, since laser technology is smoother and swifter.

Type of Media

The types of paper or media the printer can print on is important to check out. Printers don’t support all kinds of paper. Some printers support just plain paper, while others may support Envelopes and Labels.

If you’ll be printing on different kinds of paper, it’s important for you to go for printers that are compatible with multiple media.


With a progressive world, manufacturers are trying to make machines as productive as possible. That is why, a lot of printers can also work as a scanner and copier nowadays. Some can even be used for faxing.

Printers also come with touchscreens, which allows you to customize and store and organize files.


Connectivity is an important feature to make your life easier. A lot of printers come with built-in Wi-Fi and you can easily give wireless commands from your phones and tablets. Almost all of them have USB ports, and some have Ethernet ports as well.

Wi-Fi Direct compatibility allows you to print from your phones even in the absence of internet. AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are also additional features for ease of printing without having to install additional drivers.

Some printers are also compatible with Alexa, and you can control all the functions with voice commands!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which printer is better HP or Canon?

There are lots of factors that have an effect on the performance of the printers. In some aspects, HP is better than Canon, while in others, Canon takes the lead.

If you take quality of the printed output, Canon print photos that look the same as the original and at higher resolutions than HP. However, HP printers give sharp and clearprints of PDFs and their copying and scanning features are incredible.

Canon printers come with incredible speeds, and have better printing speeds for both black-and-white and colored inputs than HP. Canon printers also possess greater speeds in copying and scanning.

Canon and HP printers both can print on all kinds of media and on all sizes of paper. They also have great connectivity features. Both companies produce their own ink cartridges, but those of Canon are cheaper and more cost-efficient. But, overall HP printers are cheaper than Canon.

Based on the features above, Canon printers do have an upper hand over HP printers in almost all classes. Although when it comes to price, HP printers are less costly. Depending on the features you need and the price, you can choose which company will give you the best printer!

What is the difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer?

Inkjet and laser printers are the most common printer technologies out there right now.

Inkjet printers work with a print head that has huge number of small holes, and these holes add droplets of ink on to the paper according to the input commands. Laser printers, on the other hand, print by using laser technology and heating up the drum.

Laser printers can print documents and black-and-white pictures at high qualities. When it comes to color photos and documents, inkjet printers are better than laser printers.

Laser printers are costlier than inkjet printers, but in the long run, maintenance of inkjet printers are more expensive. Laser printers print at much higher speeds than inkjet and make lesser sounds.

Final Word

Printing is essential in all offices, and many households. It’s important to keep a hard copy of a document, or the photo of a memory.

However, printers that give high-quality output or have multiple functions come at a high price. Thus, it makes choosing a cost-efficient one for yourself difficult.

We have taken our time to carry out an extensive research, considering features and factors that may affect your purpose. And, bingo!

We succeeded in making a list of the most perfect printers out there, and also compared them, to ease your decision in choosing the best printer under $200.

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