Best Projector For DVD 2020

DVD’sare a type of optical storage technology. This digital form of storage has completely replaced magnetic storage media like floppy disks. DVD’s come in various formats like DVD-R and DVD-RW, with the R and W meaning the read and write capacity of the disc. 

The best projector for DVD are widely used to project video and audio pictures from a DVD player. Due to their versatility and high quality, they are used at wedding receptions and other staging events such as conferences and trade shows. 

It is important to ensure that the medium used is compatible with the DVD projectors because some DVD projectors were not designed with computer input support features. 

Comparison Table For Top 10 DVD Projectors



Key Features



COOAU A4300 Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 5500 Lumens
Screen Size: 200 inchesContrast Ration: 4000:1


QKK QK02 Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 4500 Lumens
Screen Size: 176 inches
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1


QKK QK01 Projector

Supported Resolution:1080p
Brightness: 5000 Lumens
Screen Size: 200 inches
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1


QKK 0501 LCD Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 4500 LumensScreen Size: 170 inches
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1


VIVIMAGE C480 Mini Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 3800 Lux
Screen Size: 170 inches
Lamp Life: 40,000 hours


TOPVISION Mini Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 4500 Lux
Lamp Life: 60,000 hours
Screen Size: 200 inches


GRC Mini Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 4500 Lux
Screen Size: 200 inches
Lamp Life: 45,000 inches


Bonsaii Movie Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 4500 Lux
Screen Size: 120 inches
Lamp Life: 50,000 hours


IJIA LED Multimedia Projector

Display Resolution: 480×320
Screen Size: 80 inches
Brightness: 20 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 100:1


GuDee Video Projector

Supported Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 6500 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
Lamp Life: 78,000 hours


5 Best Projector for DVD Reviews

1. COOAU A4300 Projector | best dvd projector for outdoor movies

The COOAU 5500 Lumens Home Video Projector is a high-quality projector that is fit to have in a home.

It was designed to display HD images with a great performance. It is flexible with no lagging connection with your other gadgets.

Thanks to updated light source technology, the COOAU 5500 Lumens projector was built to support 1080P HD graphic display. This results in the projector showing bright images with so much quality and clarity.

A 4000:1 contrast also contributes to crystal clear and bright images. Turn off the light, and you will experience this DVD movie projector in its full glory.

Accompanying the picture, the built-in Hi-Fi speakers provide a high-quality sound. Watching a movie with this projector is just like going to pay to watch a movie in the cinema

Key Features

  1. Upgraded quiet cooling system
  2. Designed to support all forms of connection.
  3. Designed in a compact and portable style.
  4. Displays content from smaller media devices, when linked to it through any of the connection ports. 

2. QKK QK02 Projector | best projector with built in dvd player

When it comes to mini-projectors, QKK LCD Projector specializes in offering the best brightness and image display quality to satisfy user’s home theater needs. The QKK mini projector was designed to meet the needs of the user anywhere, at any time, with its features to project quality image. 

This LED projector has been upgraded to a higher resolution than previous models to meet the entertainment expectation of all its viewers. It was designed to meet entertainment needs for both indoor and outdoor applications with the linking ports available on the projector to link it with all media and mobile devices. 

Theprojector can be used with a universal tripod stand or be mounted to your ceiling. This projector, with a built-in DVD player, also comes witha100 inch projector screen.

Key Features

  1. Designed with a built-in 5W speaker for a stereo sound effect. 
  2. Maximum display of about 170 inches.
  3. Possesses a lamp life of about 50,000 hours
  4. With this DVD projector, you can also stream from your phone directly to the projector.

3. QKK QK01 Projector | best projector with dvd player

You need to spend quality time with your family and friends.Not only does it bring you all together; it also easesthe stress of work, relationships, and any other issues bothering you. 

Perhaps you can watch some of your favorite movies in the backyard using the QKK 5000Lumens Mini Projector. It is designed mainly for the purpose of indoor and outdoor movie showings in the dark.

This is a home theater projector with 50,000 hours long term lamp life, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, and a 32-176” big-screen display from a distance of 1.5M to 5M.

With a complete set of connective ports, you as a user of this projector will be able to link all your smart devices, provided you have all the required cables and cards. Just keep in mind that this projector wasn’t built to support Wireless HDMI Dongle.

Key Features

  1. Low fan noise
  2. Has zoom feature with good picture quality.
  3. Up to 1920 * 1080 resolution display.
  4. Supports tripod stand and ceiling mounting.

4. QKK 0501 LCD Projector

Why spend a lot on a big, unsatisfying projector when you could buy a portable projector with much more satisfying features at a much better price?

That’s just how it is with the 4500Lumens LCD projector, a portable projector with a lot of quality.

This full HD 1080P supported projector lets you view movies and play video games with a quality good enough to be viewed by multiple people.

With the LCD layers, you are at the advantage of enjoying a quality color grading and effect that you can tone and adjust to form any color scheme of your choice.

This LCD projector also comes with a 3.5mm jack which you can use to link your projector directly to your home theater to enjoy the 3D stereo sound effect even better.

Key features

  1. Supports a picture resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
  2. Produces an Image Brightness of 3800 Lux.
  3. Low fan noise.
  4. Designed to support all forms of connection.

5. VIVIMAGE C480 Mini Projector

This C480 Mini Projector from VIVIMAGE comes very highly regarded by customers. It’s capable of supporting an HD-quality image up to 1080P, andhas a native resolution of 800x480p. 

This might mean lower quality playback for HD videos though.

What is most important is the number of devices that you can link up to this projector. It is very much fit to be used with your Media player devices and every other smart device. With this projector, you can also enjoy gaming and movie qualityon a screen up to 170”. 

This cinematic quality can be achieved within a certain throw distance of about 3.8 to 18 feet. A projection distance of about 6. 5 feet is the recommended viewing distance for this projector.

Key features

  1. Up to 40,000 hours of lamp life
  2. Possesses a silent cooling fan system
  3. It also has a zoom feature with good picture quality.

Best  DVD Projector Buying Guide

1. Resolution

Modern projectors are designed to break the normal resolution line. The resolution of a projector is working hand in hand with the aspect ratio of a projector. The aspect ratio of a projector affects the distance coverage of the projector.

As you consider the resolution, it is also very important to also consider the application of the projector you are looking for. If you are looking forward to displaying movies or ad videos, you might want to look beyond a projector with low resolution.

2. Brightness

The brightness of a projector can be determined by how much bright lumen it produces. The higher the amount of lumen, the higher the quality of your image. 

When looking into the brightness and picture quality produced by a projector, you might also want to look into the environment, the resolution, the throw distance, and the image quality that you might want to display as they all contribute to the function of the lumen of your projector.

3.  Geographic Keystone Correction

The keystone correction is a correctional feature programmed in almost all projectors.

It utilizes the inbuilt scaler to centralize the picture it is outputting and at the same time makes it rectangular.

This effect depends on the type of projector running this effect and individual visual preference. The only sure side effect of this correction is the loss of output quality after it has tampered with this effect. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can you play DVDs on a projector?

Yes, some of the DVD projectors we have today have the DVD player inbuilt with the projector, and those that don’t have the DVD inbuilt in them must have a proper matching output lead, a yellow RCA (for composite video), or an RGB RCA (for component video) or HDMI for proper output to the projector.

How to connect a DVD player to a projector?

You don’t need to worry. Connecting your DVD player to a projector couldn’t be simpler! 

You can connect your DVD player to the projector with matching cables, a yellow RCA (for composite video), or an RGB RCA (for component video) or HDMI for proper output to the projector.

Can you watch a projector during the day?

Yes, you can. But the darker the surroundings the more quality you can view. 

If you have a high-quality projector with a high lumen count, then you can use it during the day. 3500 Lumen projectors are recommended if you are looking for a projector that will give a good quality picture when not watching in total darkness. Obviously, the higher you go that 3500, the better brightness you will get.

Wrapping Up

We have analyzed the list of  best DVD projector for you. We also compared some other top options you might want to consider too. 

With all that, you might still get confused with which one to choose even with the review of the top DVD projector comparisons in this article. That is why we have pinpointed some important features to look out for that might fit your needs to guide you on which one of these DVD projectors to choose from.

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