Best Projector For Retrofit 2021

Projectors have proven to be a useful tool in many areas of life. This is the same concept of projection light used in retrofit, which makes a journey smoother at night.  

Projectors are recognized for the value they contribute to numerous sectors in terms of light and picture setting. Thus, they have revolutionized many sectors, and one such is creating fabulous lights in a machine like cars. 

Speaking of cars, you must have noticed some headlights with little balls and a blue light straight out of it. That is the best headlight for vehicles – a projector headlight. 

The best projector for retrofit controls the beam of light and focuses the available light on the road where it is needed making projectors key components for headlight choice.

List Of projector for retrofit

1. Nilight Mini Projector Lens
2. Astra Depot Projector Lens
3. Astra Depot Xenon Projector Lens
4. Morimoto Lighting
5. Heinmo H4 LED Headlight
6. Keenso LED headlights bulb
7. Morimoto Type G Projector Fog Light
8. iJDMTOY Bull Eye LED Projector Lamps

Comparison Table For Best Retrofit Projector

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
Nilight 2.5” Mini Projector Lens Color: Silver and Black
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Bulb Model: H1
Adapter Plates: H4 and H7
Astra Depot Mini 2.5” Projector Lens Shrouds Color: Black
Cut Off: Left-hand drive only
Bulb Model: H1
Adapter Plates: H4 and H7
Astra Depot Mini Bi-xenon Projector Lens Housing Compatibility: H1/H4/H7/H11/9005/9007/H13
Shrouds Color: Black
Cut Off: Left-hand drive only
Adapter Plates: H4 and H7
Morimoto PR56 Projectors: Morimoto Mini D2S 5.0 Bi0xenon
Bulbs: D2S/D2H
HID: 35w and 55w
Lens: AR Coated Kuria Optic
Heinmo H4 LED Headlight Fit Type: Universal Fit
Position: Right
Lifespan: 30000 hours
Bulb Type: H4
Keenso LED Motorcycle headlights bulb Light Models: High beam, low beam, strobe
Shockproof: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Application: Most DC 12-80V motorcycles
Morimoto Type G XB LED Projector Fog Light Brightness: 2400 lumens
Bulbs: 3x Phillips Luxeon-T LED’s
Waterproof: IP67
Lens: High Impact Polycarbonate
iJDMTOY Bull Eye LED Projector Lamps Emitter: 5W CREE XB-E LED
Lens Diameter: 1.25”
Brightness: 650 lumen
Waterproof: IP67

5 Best Projector for Retrofit Reviews

1. Nilight 2.5” Mini Projector Lens

Lighting is an essential part of a vehicle, and Nilight pleases its users with style and quality. You must have noticed most vehicles are attractive because of their headlight shape and appearance.

Nilight, being an LED light, is one of your best options for projector retrofit. The visibility it produces is top-notch. The lens was designed with a gobo plate inserted to impressively control the lighting output from the headlight.

Nilight 2.5 mini projector is designed with premium material like ABS chrome shrouds, a metal house, and an original glass lens to protect and overcome the temperature challenges faced with LED lights.

This projector lens’s incredible durability and efficiency will not come as a surprise to users who have experienced its quality and lengthy lifespan advantage before.


1. Great clarity from the 2.5inch lens
2. Fit for H1 bulb and H4/H7 Adaptive plates

2. Astra Depot Mini 2.5” Projector Lens

The Astra Depot projector lens is explicitly designed with left-hand drive in mind. It is also a fit and very much compatible with H1, H4, H7, H11, H13, 9005, 9006, and 9007 projector kit with additional modification.

This is a highly sophisticated headlight but might be too advanced for self-installation. You may wish to consult a professional before trying anything yourself.

This product was designed with a metal housing and real glass projector lens that account for durability.Additionally, 2x Mini Bi-xenon cut-off lines control the shutter in the projector lens, regulating the brightness and dimness of the light beam the projector outputs. It was designed to fit into a tight space for quad retrofitting and upgrade fog lamps in your vehicle.


1. It is designed with metal housing and a durable glass projector lens
2. The projector lens is very much compatible with the HID conversion kit.

3. Zone Tech  Bi-Xenon Projector Lens

It has been stated that HID projector headlights might be more efficient compared to an LED projector. In some areas, the HID truly has more efficient advantages compared to the LED headlight. But LED headlights also havetheir unique advantages making it more of an equal match for the HID headlight.

Being a Zone Tech HID headlight user, utilizing the xenon headlight, gives you the advantage of brighter and more focused light for safety even during bad weather.

This product has a lifespan of at least 2,000 hours. It is designed with premium ABS shrouds, metal housing, and an original glass lens for durability. They were designed strong enough with the quality to withstand water, rust dust, and any unfavorable weather condition. 


1. Comes with the adapter plate type of H4, H7, making it fit for LHD.
2 The HID kit fits into a tight space. So fog lamp upgrade and quad retrofitting are possible.
3. IP67 waterproof rating.

4. Astra Depot Mini Bi-xenon Projector Lens

An HID projector headlight consists of a replaceable bulb and a reflector component. They are designed with the overall idea of focusing the light on the road and deliberately controlling the light’s beam level with the shutter.All this combined projects the light on the road for the driver to see ahead. It is known to enhance the look and feel of the vehicle it is installed into.

This product has a unique magnetic Bi-xenon cut off line switch to control the light beam level. It is easy to install with the advantage of a direct replacement. Additionally, it is compatible with a conversion kit and the H1, H4, H7, H11, H13, 9005, 9006, 9007 housing with modification advantage.

Finally, this projector lens is a fit in material for tight spaces, quad retrofitting, and a fog lamp upgrade.


1. Utilizes a xenon bulb for functionality.
2. Compatible with LHD Cars only.
3. Installation by professionals is highly recommended.

5. Morimoto Lighting

The MORIMOTO is a universal projector lens. It is compatible with all vehicle types; cars, bikes, trucks, and buses. The Morimoto lens shares both the HID and LED lens properties and has been designed with the Bi-xenon line producing bright, stable, and focused light. It is an H4 headlight and sometimes requires H1, H7, H11, H13, 9005, 9006, 9007 housing modifications.

In terms of bulbs, the MORIMOTO was designed only to fit for a D2S, D2H HID bulbs only. It is also suited for all shrouding, and the Graphite and the Mini Gatling with no center ring required.

The fact that any of these retrofit projector headlights are on this list should leave you readily assured they have passed through all stages of rigorous testing and have passed the requirement before they are certified for authentication.


1. The Morimoto has been tested and exceeds the DOT requirements.
2. Designed with 2x CNC and anodized Aluminum lock rings.

Projector For Retrofit Buying Guide


When looking into the best projector for retrofit, you should look into the adaptive driving beam (ADB). For a headlight to possess an effective ADB, it must have a pixel level of not less than 1 million. The level of the pixel would also account for lane marking application and symbol projection too.


This consideration depends on the level of performance. It is unreasonable to want all the quality of the best retrofit projector headlights like brightness, wideness, sharpness, long life span, and decide to settle for a lesser headlight.

The best headlight projectors are built with special and carefully selected metal like aluminum to prevent the peril from rust, dust, and water spillage. Some are built to aid you in the most unfavorable weather conditions. These features are expected to be in the product description of any quality projector headlight.


The light intensity of a led projector retrofit is measured by the amount of lumen it produces.

To determine the beam’s intensity that a headlight projects on the road, you must pay attention to the light source and the controlling features of your light beams, such as the bulb type and the amount of filament. 

Distance Coverage 

Certain features in a projector are sure to brighten a projector’s beam and widely focus it on the road where it is needed for safety. We’re talking about components like the bulb and reflector. The bulb in the projector headlights is much brighter than bulbs in a reflector headlight. The type of lens and the level of brightness of a bulb directly influence how much space a light covers and how much ground it covers.


How to install a retrofit Projector?

  1. Undo the bumper mount
  2. Remove the top bumper on the top; the one screwed along with the rod support.
  3. Remove the plugs going into the light 
  4. Also, remove the bulb shield from the reflector 
  5. Now, you can mount the projector. Ensure your kit has its plug installed on the bi-xenon solenoid wire.
  6. Insert the rubber dust bot in the back of the light.
  7. Now you can couple back and test.

How to retrofit headlights with projectors?

Retrofitting is an advanced process, so you might need to hire a professional or try getting your hands dirty to upgrade. You must note that there are two kinds of projectors: the conventional projector and Morimoto minis. The conventional projector is reportedly challenging to align and demands careful cutting into the stock headlight. On the other hand, Morimoto is much easier to mount and align. 

With this knowledge, you can start to unscrew; then, you can install the projector and align.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, replacing or adding a new feature to an already existing, ordinary halogen headlight is the process of retrofitting. The knowledge of which new and advanced lighting features to add or replace your old and unsatisfying light with isn’t a problem anymore as we have selected and explained in detail the best retrofit projector for your vehicle.

We also explained some qualities to look out for and confirm your choices. Therefore, it is time to turn around a new look and view for your vehicle at any time of the day under any weather condition.

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