Best Projector Mounts 2021

There are plenty of things that cannot go wrong when mounting a projector. The location you will place the projector will determine the quality of the image that will appear on the screen hence recommended that you do not go for the cheapest option. It is also recommended you should not go for the ones that appear first on the search page.

There are a lot of things that can affect the best location of the projector relative to the screen such as the height of the ceiling, availability of the space to mount on the ceiling, distance to the walls, and many other factors. In this article, we are going to discuss the best projector mounts.

List of top 5 Projector Mounts

1. Pyle Projector Stand
2. VIVO Projection Mount
3. Mount Genie Wall Mount
4. Vamvo Stand
5. VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector

5 best projector mounts reviews

1. Pyle Projector Stand | best projector ceiling mounts

The Universal Laptop Projector can be easily folded and can support laptops, recorders, projectors, music notes, and many more. It is best suited for DJs, engineers, teachers, and students. The project can be easily adjusted as it has an angle that can be tilted easily. The adjustable device has a plate size of 14 inches by 11 inches.

You can also adjust the height easily form the 22 inches to 35 inches depending on the size you want. You can use this thin foldable projector table for numerous tasks. They include; Presentation, Recording, Reading and Speeches.

Setting up this stand is very easy hence great for your home, on stage, or in the studio. It can be used in both indoors and outdoors. It is great for travel due to its foldable nature.

Highlighted feature

1. Universal placements
2. You can easily adjust the height
3. Traveling with it is quite easy
4. It permits versatile in

2. VIVO Projection Mount

The VIVO universal adjustable white ceiling projector is one of the best ones in the market. It is one of the popular projectors in the market. It has 12.5 inches or less distance between the mounting holes in the back of the projector.

This mount is made from powerful steel that enables it to hold very heavy projectors that can weigh up to 30lbs. it ensures that the expensive equipment you own is safe and very secure. You will not have any difficulties in altering the size to get the right viewing to ensure that you have a comfortable view as it is easily adjustable.

The mount can rotate up to 360 degrees Celsius. It has a low profile that will hold the projector at 6” from the ceiling surface. It is coated with white powder that will make your home or office look elegant. The process of mounting a projector on it is very easy as it has hooks that can be released very fast when you loosen or tighten the bolts.

Highlighted features

1. It is strong and can carry very heavy projectors
2. It has a low profile
3. Adjusting it is easy and can be adjusted up to 360 degrees
4. The process of installing it is easy.

3. Mount Genie Wall Mount

This projector mount is excellent for a contractor and is good to be used in High-Tech environments such as the hospitals, and the military facilities that have very strict rules. It is in a bag form made from the strongest nylon and can hold up to 50 pounds into the drywall anchoring and 100 pounds in the stud anchoring.

It is very compatible with all the components that have a circumference of 10 inches to 31 inches. For example, the routers, modems, soundbars, Apple TVs, etc. The installation process is very easy and will not take you more than five minutes. You will only need a Philips heads screwdriver. You won’t have to drill your standard drywalls installs. You will be able to travel with t together with your gaming console anywhere you want.

Highlighted features

1. Made from powerful nylon thus holding strong projectors
2. Compatible with projectors that have a circumference of up to 31 inches
3. Easy installation process
4. Can be used in areas with very strict rules

4. Vamvo Stand

This foldable projector mount can be used by other equipment such as the laptop, photographers, and many more. It can also fit well for any event. You can adjust the height due to its foldable tray. You can adjust the height from 16.5 inches to 45.3 inches depending on the size you want. The tray in this portable tripod measures 15 by 11 inches. It is durable and very easy to carry around.

This tripod mount is very easy to carry around as it comes with a storage bag. The setting up process is easy and does not need any effort. It is also good for travel because you can fold it easily and the adjusting of the height makes it portable.

Highlighted features

1. It has a multifunctional stand
2. Can be easily adjusted and has a foldable tray
3. It is portable due to its lightweight nature.
4. It is good for travels

5. VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector

This is one of the most common projector mounts on the market that fits any projector.  However, in order to mount the projector on it, the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the projector should be 12.5 inches or less. It is made from strong steel hence can hold projectors that weigh up to 30lbs and will ensure your expensive projector is very safe and sound.

+15 degrees to -15 degrees tilt and +15 degrees to -15degrress swivel make this mount easily adjustable and you will be able to hit all the angles to ensure that people can watch it comfortably. It holds the projector just 6 inches from the ceiling surface.  It is coated with black powder that blends very well with any surrounding.

The installation process is quite easy as it has quick release hooks that attach and detach when making the mounting bolts tight and loose.

Highlighted features

1. It is easy to adjust and can be adjusted fully
2. The installation process is easy
3. It is very strong
4. Can fit numerous projectors

Things to consider before buying projector mount

The following are the things you should know before buying the best projector mounts;

Type of the mount

When looking for the best mount for your projector ensures that you know your type of mount that will suit you. Projector mounts vary and their function also differs from each other considering the ceiling it will support.  This is a very important thing that you need to put into consideration first before purchasing the amount you need.


You need to consider the weight of your projector and if the mount can withstand that weight for a very long time. You should also the durability the cable is having. You also need to know the materials required for the structuring and the manufacturing of the mount. You need to have the amount that will ensure the safety of the projector.


The money allocated for the purchase of the mount should also be put into consideration. You need to purchase something that is good and within your budgets. You may not want to get a projector that is too expensive that you will have trouble handling it.

Qualified mounts or not

Mounts are different and each comes with what they are capable of doing. Ensure that the one you are going to purchase will meet your demands. High quality will work according to the requirements. If you do not like the mount or it does not suit your projector then getting rid of it is the best option for you.

Bottom Line

We have vividly discussed the best mounts for the projectors in this article. The ones discussed in this article are the best and you will have the best experience when using any of them. You need to know that all the mounts in the market, have been made to accommodate individual projectors. Ensure that you purchase the correct mounts for your projector.

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