Best Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth 2021

If you’re looking for the very best wireless video projector, then you’ve come to the right place.

Features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have become an indispensable part of modern technology.  Nowadays, any top-notch projector comes with these options. Therefore, the best Bluetooth projector and the best WiFi projector is often the same thing.

The best projector with WiFi and Bluetooth makes life much easier as you can connect all your devices without the chaos of cables that knot themselves frustratingly, causing you to go red with fury as you try to decipher the best way to get them undone.

You need to purchase a cordless projector to really make the most of all your devices. Here we’ve taken a look at some of the best the market has to offer.

List Of projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

1. BIGASUO Bluetooth Projector
2. Viewsonic Portable Projector
3. FANGOR WiFi Projector
4. WIELIEANTA Mini Projector
5. TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector
6. Artlii Mini Projector
7. Bomaker Portable Projector
8. AAXA P2-A Pico Projector 
9. QKK Mini Projector
10. POYANK Projector

Comparison Table For Top 10 Best Projectors With WiFi And Bluetooth

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 BIGASUO Bluetooth Projector Native Resolution: 720p
Brightness: 5500 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Screen Size: 32” – 170”
 Viewsonic Portable Projector Native Resolution: 854x480p
Brightness: 250 LED lumens
Battery Life: 6 hours
Screen Size: 100 inches
 FANGOR WiFi Projector Display Resolution: 1920*1080
Contrast Ratio: 6000:1
Screen Size: 60” to 230 “
Projection Distance: 7 ft to 20 ft
 WIELIEANTA Mini Projector Display Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 4500 lumens
Screen Size: 200”
Lamp Life: 50,000 hours
 TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector Display Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 5500 lumens
Screen Size: 200”
Lamp Life: 60,000 hours
 Artlii Mini Projector Native Resolution: 480x272p
Brightness: 400 lumens
Screen Size: 60”
Projection Distance: 1 to 3 ft
 Bomaker Portable Projector Display Resolution: 1280×720
Brightness: 6000 Lux
Contrast Ratio: 9000:1
Screen Size: 35-300”
 AAXA P2-A Pico Projector Native Resolution: 1920×1080
Brightness: 130 LED Lumen
Battery Life: 2.5 hours
Lamp Life: 30,000 hours
 QKK Mini Projector Display Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 4500L
Screen Size: 40 – 170”
Lamp Life: 50,000 hours
POYANK Projector Native Resolution: 720p
Brightness: 5500 Lux
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Lamp Life: 50,000 hours


1. Can you use Bluetooth with a projector?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth with a projector. Some projectors already come with built-in Bluetooth technology to connect your device and view your content on screen. However, some projectors extensively require Bluetooth set up to run with Bluetooth connectivity.

A few projectors also come with Bluetooth adapters to manually set up Bluetooth on your desired projector.

2. Is 720p good enough for a projector?

The 720p projectors are considered high-definition projectors.  However, it depends upon the type of device you are connecting your projector with. For example, if you play your videos via DVD players, it will be easy for you to view your videos in high quality. However, if you play Blu-ray videos on a 720p projector, you might miss the 1080p effect. Henceforth, it depends upon the kind of video you are playing.

3. How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my projector?

The Bluetooth option is not available on every projector. You need first to figure out if your projector supports Bluetooth technology or not. If your projector does not instantly support Bluetooth technology, you must download it via the available adapter.

If you have a Bluetooth projector, you can directly connect your device by enabling the Bluetooth feature on both devices and pairing and connecting them.

4. How do I connect a projector wirelessly?

Different projectors will set up in different ways. Still, essentially you will need to connect each of your devices once to the projector, usually via USB, to set the relationship between device and projector. This will take a matter of moments, and then you are all set for wireless projector use.

5. Do wireless projectors still require power cables?

Some wireless projectors can be used truly wirelessly because they come with an inbuilt battery. This has the convenience of allowing you to use the projector anywhere.

However, you will, at some point, need to use a power cable to charge the projector. However, it can be charged when not being used to project and can therefore be kept out of the way, so nobody trips on an unseen power cable.

6. How do I convert my projector to wireless?

There are ways to turn your projector wireless, most of them requiring the purchase of an extra bit of technology and perhaps downloading an app onto the device you wish to use wirelessly.

In terms of purchases, you will likely have to get a wireless dongle. This will plug into your projector, allowing your devices to be used. Just make sure you buy a dongle compatible with your needs.

5 Best Projectors with WiFi and Bluetooth Reviews

1. BIGASUO Bluetooth Projector | Best Bluetooth Projector

BIGASUO projector with Bluetooth capability has 85% more brightness than that of traditional projectors. Combine that with a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and you are getting a mighty vivid picture displayed.

Moreover, you can connect your smartphone or android device to it, making it a Bluetooth projector for android devices that really enhances the experience of using your devices.

One feature that we absolutely love about this projector is the noise suppression technology. It has been upgraded to ensure that the noise levels while the projector is working will not be detrimental to any viewing experience nor distracting during any presentation.

This Bluetooth video projector is absolutely fantastic, and we’re sure you’re going to love it.

Highlighted Features

1. In-built DVD player
2. HDMI/VGA/AV and micro SD card ports available to connect to non-Bluetooth devices
3. LED lights promise to protect your eyes.

2. ViewSonic Portable Projector | Best WIFI Projector

The View Sonic M1 is a super versatile WVGA wireless LED projector.

Boasting a simple set up, you don’t have to be frightened by the fact that this projector has advanced wireless technology. You will be able to manage it easily.

We specifically want to mention the battery life here because that is what makes the projector genuinely wireless. You will get 6 hours of usage from a full charge. This gives you a lot of leeway in where you are taking the projector, as you can easily watch a movie or do a presentation with no plug socket in sight.

Highlighted Features

1. The compact size makes it portable for you to carry almost everywhere.
2. Dual Harman Kardoon speakers deliver the best sound quality.
3. 360-degree smart rotation stand

3. FANGOR WiFi Projector | Best Bluetooth Movie Projector

When looking to overcome connectivity issues and wanting a quality projector that negates the need for cables snaking around the room, the FANGOR Bluetooth projector has to be considered a fantastic solution.

This portable Bluetooth projector comes with incredible specs, the likes of which you don’t usually see in something that has such ease of portability. 1080p resolution and 5000:1 contrast ratio are specs that a portable projector rarely has.

Whether being used to watch a video, plays games, or deliver a presentation, this projector simply oozes quality, and you’d be hard-pressed to find on that does a better job for the affordable price that it comes at.

Highlighted Features

1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support all Android and iOS devices
2. 1080p resolution for incredible picture quality
3. Excellent wireless coverage so that you can play your videos without interruption

4. WIELIEANTE Mini Projector | Best Wireless Phone Projector

This is a stunningly good WiFI projector that really is bang for your buck.

Projectors in this price range are usually known for one thing in particular – that’s not being very bright.

However, the Wielieante Mini Projector offers 4500 lumens brightness, which means it is suitable for use during the day and even with the lights on. 

With over 50,000 hours of lamp life, you will be using this projector for decades to come, which again makes this product extreme value for money.

Finally, the display resolution of 1920×1080 means you are getting clear, vivid picture just as you would expect if you were going to the movie theatre. This is truly a magnificent projector that isn’t going to break the bank.

Highlighted Features

1. Supports Android and iOS operating systems
2. Quality HI-FI sound system

5. TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector

The TOPTRO Bluetooth projector is pocket-friendly and relatively user friendly. The gadget comes with 3x more excellent resolution than a normal or, say, a traditional projector.

Moreover, the gadget can also serve as a Bluetooth projector for the phone. Whenever you want to display something larger than your device’s screen allows, it will take only moments to get your viewing projected much larger.

Unlike many other projectors, this can be truly 100% wireless in its usage as it comes with an inbuilt battery. This allows you to take the projector to places where there are no plug sockets. The incredible battery life will allow you to work or watch for hours.

Highlighted Features

1. Advanced cooling system avoids projector overheating
2. Bluetooth 5.0 means fast connection with modern devices
3. High contrast ratio helps display vivid colors

Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth Buying Guide

When looking for the best projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, there are several factors to keep in mind. Here, we look at some of the features that will be important to inform your decision on which projector to purchase.


Resolution is always the first thing to check when buying a new projector. After all, you are buying a projector to display an image, and you want that image to be as crisp as possible so that you can enjoy your experience.

Be sure to understand the difference between native resolution and supported resolution. They are not the same thing. Native resolution is the quality of the image that you will see with your own eyes. This a projector with a 1080p native resolution is giving you a high-quality output.

Supported resolution is simply the type of video resolution the projector can convert. Thus, your projector may have a 1080p supported resolution but only a 480p native. That means your 1080p is being transformed into a less quality image when displayed by the projector.

Distance Coverage

While selecting WiFi and Bluetooth mini projectors, one crucial aspect you must keep in your mind is the distance your projector can cover. You might want to sit back and relax while keeping your phone or another connected device away from you. Ensure your comfort is not disturbed by the need to continually place your connected device near the projector due to short distance coverage.

The durability of the projector

Most projectors are embedded with light bulbs that are not long-lasting. This causes your projector’s life span to decrease. Why select a projector that has been fitted with inferior light bulbs? It is suggested to look for projectors with long-lasting light bulbs to increase your projector’s life span.

All projectors within their specifications should tell you how long the lamp life for that projector is. You will see many modern projectors, even though they are very cheap, have a long lifespan of 20,000 hours and above.

Bottom Line

The best projector with WiFi and Bluetooth can be found after sifting through a lot of the projectors that are available both in the shops and over the internet.

Ultimately, there only a very few that can live up to high expectations, but we have managed to find them so that you can take a look.

Whichever projector you choose- the best Bluetooth projector or the best WiFi projector, they are literally same thing and serve same purpose. We hope you will have a great experience with it. Happy Purchasing!

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