Best Shipping Label Printer for eBay 2021

So, you want to find the best shipping label printer for eBay?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Selling on eBay has become a great way to make an income through selling goods that you’ve made yourself, or that you are a vendor for.

But don’t you just dread getting a negative review because a package didn’t arrive where it was meant to?

Negative reviews can be harmful to your business. You don’t want to receive them because you invested in an inferior shipping label printer.

If you want a printer that you can rely on to print shipping labels that are easily readable and durable enough to withstand transportation, read on!

List of Shipping Label Printer for EBay

1. Brother QL-800

2. Arkscan 2054A

3. DYMO Label Printer 450

4. BESTEASY Direct Thermal Printer

5. Zebra GK420d 

6. FungLam Shipping Label Printer

7. Arkscan 2054A USB + Ethernet

8. Epson ReadyPrint T20 

9. Brother QL-1110NWB 

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Shipping Label Printer for EBay

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 Brother QL-800 Speed: 93 labels per minute
Auto Cutter: Yes
Max Width: 2.3”
Max Length: 36”
 Arkscan 2054A  Speed: 5 inches per second
Media Type: Thermal Paper
Max Width: 4.25”
Max Length: 90”
 DYMO Label Printer 450  Resolution: 300x600dpi
Speed: 51 labels per minute
Max width: 2.25”
Printing Tech: Dynamic Thermal
 BESTEASY Direct Thermal Printer  Resolution: 203DPI
Speed: 5 inches per second
Max Width: 4.25”
Max length: 90”
 Zebra ZD420d  Resolution: 203dpi
Speed: 6” per second
Max Width: 4.25”
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal
 FungLam Shipping Label Printer  Resolution: 203dpi
Print Speed: 5 inches per second
Print Width: 4.25” Maximum
Printing Tech: Direct Thermal
 Arkscan 2054A USB + Ethernet  Speed: 5 inches per second
Media Type: Thermal Paper
Max Width: 4.25”
Max Length: 90”

4 Best Shipping Label Printers for eBay Reviews

1. Brother QL-800 | best thermal printer for ebay

When shipping lots of packages to people across the great USA or even internationally around the globe, you need a quick, easy way to get your labels printed.

The QL-800 from Brother is just the type of label maker any business needs because it will do the job you need well, and doesn’t cost a fortune to purchase or run.

Brother are well known for their reliability. Purchasing any of their label makers, even ones that can be put through a tremendous amount of work like this one, comes with the confidence of knowing you have a robust machine unlikely to break down on you when you need it most.

You will get a perfect label from this device without any difficulty. Simply install the label printer software, type your details, and print. It really is a fast printing, easy to manage bit of equipment.

This printer will print a label with a maximum width of 2.3″. The best size for shipping labels using the Brother QL-800 is 2.3″ x7.5″. Therefore, if you are using shipping labels provided by your source websites such as eBay or Paypal, you need to make sure they can be adjusted to match the label maker’s specifications.

Highlighted Features

  1. Print your clear, easily readable labels in either black or red
  2. Printing shipping labels is cost-effective compared to many other label makers
  3. Prints at really high speed at 93 standard address labels per minute

2. Arkscan 2054A | best thermal printer for ebay shipping labels

Arkscan may not be a household name in terms of printing devices, but don’t let the fact that they aren’t a big name brand deceive you. The Arkscan 2054A can run as well as anything the big companies have to offer and can even lower your overall costs if used the right way.

There are some companies where you end up having to buy a new label maker every couple of years because their products very quickly become problematic. That is not the case with Arkscan. They have produced a robust label printer that won’t break on you and has minimal printing issues to deal with.

The 2054A can produce fantastic labels for shipping goods via eBay. They are clear, so there is little chance of your label being the reason for a package not making its intended destination.

You should be able to set the Arkscan up yourself. However, if you really lack confidence in your own ability, the Arkscan team are incredibly helpful. Their customer assistance is up there with the best, and if you are having trouble with set up, just give them a call and set everything up remotely.

For small businesses, the Arkscan really is a lifesaver. It’s affordable, durable and saves you the expense of a trip to a print shop.

Highlighted Features

  1. Wide-format label printer allows a 4.25” label roll
  2. Choose professional looking label designs from Arkscans free software
  3. Print a 4×6” shipping label in just 1.2 seconds

3. DYMO Label Printer 450 | best ebay label printer

Suppose you are shipping several packages per month, and going outside to print labels is too time-consuming. In that case, you can ease your load by investing in the DYMO Label Printer 450.

This label maker will save you money on every item you ship. This is because you are making perfect labels at home rather than going to the post office to get them done.

Why get this over a laser printer?

This dedicated label printer will ensure that your labels are sharper and more accurate in their printing than a conventional printer.

You are equally getting better value than if you purchased an inkjet printer. Inkjets require regular cartridge changes, whereas the technology used with this device sees no ink cartridges needed at all. You simply plug in your rolls, and the printer will do the rest for you.

The DYMO Label Printer 450 is super-fast and really easy to use. If you are struggling in the beginning, there are plenty of YouTube videos available to offer tutorials on how to make the best use of your label printer.

Some people have printed over 300,000 labels with this product without experiencing a problem. That really is value for money.

Highlighted Features

  1. Dynamic Thermal Printing Technology means you won’t have to keep buying ink
  2. Create addresses and print them with the easy to use DYMO software
  3. Conveniently use MS Word, Excel and Outlook to directly print

4. BESTEASY Direct Thermal Printer | best thermal label printer

BESTEASY has produced a very affordable label printer for printing shipping labels. It offers quality that is unbeatable when compared to other label printers in this price range.

Direct thermal printers offer exceptional reliability and are very quick at processing their print jobs. The print job’s quality is excellent, ensuring that the labels can be read quickly or scanned efficiently.

The printer is compatible not just with eBay but also with a range of platforms for shipping, including Amazon, Shopify, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

An added benefit of owning a direct thermal printer comes with your overall costs. Because the printer doesn’t require you to buy ink, toner, or ribbon, this results in savings over the long term.

Some printers are only able to print on a 2.3″ width roll. This is not one of them. You can print labels with a width ranging from 1.96″ to 4.25″ wide. This means the BESTEASY Direct Thermal Printer is the ideal printer for producing 4×6″ shipping labels.

Finally, this printer is fantastic if you have a long day of packing, printing, and sending. It can run up to 12 hours continuously, and you won’t face a problem. That is great for your workflow and productivity. If you looking for the best cheap thermal printer, this can be your automatic choice.

 Highlighted Features

  1. 150mm/s printing speed is way faster than other similar printers
  2. Convenient printing with no expensive extras such as cartridges required
  3. Workhorse printer – can be used for 12 straight hours without an issue

Shipping Label Printer Buying Guide

Before buying the best printer for eBay shipping labels, there are some things you need to be aware of. If you want to be sure of getting the right device, you have to take them into account. Thus, we have helpfully gone through them here.

a) Print Quality

With a shipping label, you want to ensure that the printer is of high enough quality to provide clarity. Fuzzy, blurred text that fades very quickly, or smudges the second a drop of water touches it, is a guaranteed way for a package to go astray. You don’t want to lose customers because of an inferior printer, so take a look at the resolution and other factors affecting the print quality to be safe rather than sorry.

b) Versatility

While you may be looking for the best printer for shipping labels, we’re confident that it isn’t the only printing you want to do with the device. Why spend money on something that has a minimal function? This will only lead to more costs later on. Therefore, check how good the printer will also be at those other jobs that you will need doing, such as name badges, labels, ID cards, and other such items.

c) Connectivity

Connectivity is an important issue because many of us are not merely working from a single computer. Most business people are working off laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets at any given time of day. Therefore, finding a printer compatible with multiple devices can be of great benefit. Finding a printer with wireless capability will have the added bonus of you being able to print from anywhere in the vicinity of the printer.

d) Price

Before thinking about price, think about need. You can be easily coerced into buying a more expensive printer, and then never use the features that make it more expensive.

Equally, you could be tempted by the cheaper options, only to find it doesn’t match your need.

Think carefully, or you could cost yourself money.

e) Print Width

Print width is an important dimension to look at when buying this type of product. Many people want a shipping label that is 4x6inches, and therefore need a printer that can take a 4.25” width roll. However, not every label printer can do this, with quite a few only having space for a much smaller 2.3” roll.

Check the dimensions carefully so that you aren’t left with a device that can’t handle what you wish to put in it.

Final Word

That brings us to the end of our list. We trust you found the best label printer for eBay somewhere on it!

Remember, other label makers are not going to give you the quality you need, and neither will they give you the durability you deserve.

Everything on this list is going to print labels for you for a long time to come. You can be confident that those labels will be clear and easy to read.

No lost packages are going to occur because of the equipment you are using for printing addresses so long as it is something that we’ve listed above.

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