Best Soundbar For Projector 2021

French fries are fantastic, but you wouldn’t eat them just by themselves. You need some salt and ketchup to really get that fully satisfying experience.

Now, take that analogy and take it as a metaphor for buying a projector. You’ve spent the money purchasing a device to take your viewing to another level, so why not make sure you’ve got everything needed to get a truly unforgettable experience?

The best soundbar for projector is an absolute must for anyone who wants to get quality audio whatever it is they’re watching.

Sound good to you? Then read on to see what is currently on offer in the market.

List of Soundbar for Projector

1. TEWELL Mini Sound Bar
2. TaoTronics Computer Sound Bar
3. Bomaker Portable Soundbar
4. BYL  Bestisan Soundbar
5. BenqBot Soundbar
6. MEGACRA Bestisan Soundbar
7. Wohome TV Soundbar
8. Bose Soundbar
9. Bose Soundbar 500
10. Geekroom Audio Soundbar

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Soundbar for Projector

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
 TEWELL Mini Sound Bar  Item weight: 1.04 kilograms
Dimensions: 14.49 x 2.44 x 2.44 inches
Colour: Black
Connectivity : Wired, wireless
 TaoTronics Computer Sound Bar  Item weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions: 16 x 2.3 x 3.1 inches
Colour: Black
Connectivity: Wired, USB
 Bomaker Portable Soundbar  Item weight: 3.29 pounds
Dimensions: 17.6 x 5.5 x 4.8 inches
Colour: Black
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, RCA, Auxilary, Wireless, Wired
 BYL Bestisan Soundbar  Item weight: 5.1 pounds
Dimensions: 32 x 6 x 5.75 inches
Colour: Black
Connectivity: Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth
 BenqBot Soundbar  Item weight: 2.1 pounds
Dimensions: 17.7x 3.8 x 3.1 inchesColour: BlackConnectivity: Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth
 MEGACRA Bestisan Soundbar  Item weight: 6.89 pounds
Dimensions: 28 x 4 x 4.1 inches
Colour: Black
Connectivity: Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth, RCA
 Wohome TV Soundbar  Item weight: 7.7 pounds
Dimensions: 38 x 3.75 x 4.25 inches
Colour: Black
Connectivity :Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth, RCA, Digital Optical, AUX, USB
 Bose Soundbar  Item weight: 10.5 pounds
Dimensions: 4.25 x 38.5 x 2.25 inches
Colour: White
Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay
 Bose Soundbar 500  Item weight: 7 pounds
Dimensions: 4 x 31.5 x 1.75 inches
Colour: Black
Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay

5 Best Soundbar for Projector Reviews

1. TEWELL Projector Speaker for Desktop

The TEWELL Projector Speaker for Desktop comes with an exclusive sound system, making your experience much louder and sound more transparent. The incredible sound performance providedto you is akin to that you would get in a movie theatre.

You wouldn’t think that a product producing such great sound would be small. However, the size of this soundbar is compact enough to carry around with you anywhere, anytime.

The Tewell speaker consumes relatively less power meaning it is not at all hard on your pocket. Moreover, thisspeaker is compatible with all types of connectivity methods such as Bluetooth, AUX jack, USB port, etc., making it the best speaker system for the projector.

Buy this, and you will be enjoying fantastic, unforgettable viewing quickly with a beautiful video experience from your projector and excellent sound quality from the accompanying soundbar.

Highlighted Features

1. Built-in exclusive booster technology adapts to produce a louder sound.
2. One-touch easy button control to turn sound on and off, start or pause
3. Power your speaker by charging in-built battery or plugging via USB port.

2. TaoTronics Computer Speakers

This soundbar is easy to use with your devices and projector. If you are looking for a speaker system for the projector, this is one of the finest choices you can make, thanks to its overall portability and ease of use.

TaoTronicshave made an affordable, compact, and extremely portable soundbarthat can be used at home ortaken to your workplace when a quality speaker is required to deliver presentations.

If you are looking for your technology to do that little bit extra, then this speaker also comes with a handy in build microphone. That will allow you to make video calls and interact if using your projector set up for gaming purposes.

Additionally, this speaker has excellent compatibility working with Bluetooth technology and connecting to projectors, laptops, and mobile devices with ease. Whichever gadget you want to watch from, this soundbar should be able to connect.

Highlighted Features:

1. Comes with a microphone, allowing you to enjoy gaming or movies.
2. Slim design makes sure not all of your desk space is taken up.
3. The gadget comes with a simple plug-in and charge option.

3. Bomaker Portable Soundbar

The affordable Bomaker Portable Soundbar is very easy to use. What drives people towards buying this specific product is that it serves as a projector sound system.

The slim and stylish look makes it appealing and soothes the eyes if placed on your office desk or home table, especially thanks to its compact nature, which means it doesn’t monopolize the space it’s in.

When looking for the best speaker system for a projector, you need to consider multiple factors. One of those factors is how you can personalize the given sound to suit your needs and liking. Thankfully, Bomaker has recognized this and included different modes such as music, treble, and voice mode. All of these are giving a different type of sound.

If you want to plug in more than one projector or device into your speaker, you can always do that easily, thanks to the number of connection options at this speaker’s disposal. 

Highlighted Features

1. Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect your projector wirelessly.
2. Powerful dual speakers serve you with premium acoustic sound.
3. Deep bass boosts the sound level of both high and low frequencies.

4. BYL  Bestisan Soundbar

The Bestian Soundbar is a fantastic product, one of the best wireless soundbars for the projector that you will find on the market.

Whether using for music or watching something with heavy dialogue, you can customize the settings on this speaker to ensure that it meets your sound needs at any given time.

This customizable experience allows you to use DSP technology to toggle between enhancing dialogue or background music. You also have the opportunity to fiddle around with the bass settings to get that satisfying deep boom, so many of us crave.

It can be quite bothersome when the sound drops in and out, which can happen a lot when you buy a lower quality Bluetooth product. However, the Bluetooth technology integrated into the Bestian Soundbar ensures that such problems will not occur, and you will enjoy whatever you are watching without any sound issues.

Highlighted Features

1. DSP technology allows you to choose the essential features of your listening experience.
2. Bluetooth 5.0 transmission technology for easy wireless connection
3. Dual sound effect, giving you a theatre-like experience.

5. BenqBot Soundbar

This soundbar could easily be considered the best sound system for the projector.There are so many features that come with this product that you will be able to use it not just with the projector but also with other devices.

The powerful sound is an incredible enhancement to any home theatre setup. Additionally, this soundbar doesn’t just sound good, but it looks impressive as well. The stylish speaker has been designed with a very fashionable look, and it is definitely not an eyesore.

Even with little space, you can utilize this speaker as it isn’t huge. Put it on a shelf or take minimal space on a desk. The choice is yours.

If you like to use your set up to make video calls or just want to have the speaker connected to other devices, you will be delighted with the hands-free calling features that allow you to receive a call without having to touch a device.

Highlighted Features

1. Space-saving, avoiding any clutter on your workspace.
2. Powerful stereo speaker for a more enjoyable experience
3. Multiple ports to connect various devices at a time.

Soundbar for Projector Buying Guide

Soundbars are an essential part of a viewing experience because you can’t enjoy what you’re watching when the sound quality is subpar.

We’ve reviewed some top quality soundbars in this article so far, and here we give you that little bit of extra advice to ensure you’re confident about the speaker that you are purchasing is the best soundbar for projector.

Number of channels

Many of us are operating multiple devices these days. There isn’t just one we use exclusively for watching and listening. Projectors, laptops, desktops, tablets, phones are all items we have as a general rule.

It can be annoying to have to plug and unplug devices continually, so it’s best to check if the soundbar can have multiple connections simultaneously. This will mean all you have to do is switch the channel to get sound from a different device.

If this is important to you, then check the number of channels the soundbar you like is able to give you.

Check for connections

The best soundbars come with multiple connection options. These days it should be standard for a soundbar to have some wireless functionality in the form of Bluetooth.

However, you may want to go the traditional route and use wires to connect. See what type of ports the soundbar has and make sure that they are compatible with whatever you intend to use with the soundbar.

You don’t want to get your soundbar out of the box and then find that it can’t be plugged in because it doesn’t match up with your projector.


One important aspect is to look for the size and design of the soundbars. When you opt for a soundbar, keep your workspace in mind. Make sure to select the most appropriate and portable Soundbar.

A benefit of a soundbar as opposed to any other kind of speaker is that they are sleek and stylish. It is hard even to picture a soundbar that doesn’t look incredible once placed in the right position.

Check the amount of space you have available corresponds with the size of the soundbar you are looking at. You need to make sure that a) it will fit wherever you intend to put it, and b) it isn’t going to disrupt your workspace if placing it on a desk.


Can I use Soundbar with a projector?

Yes. A soundbar can be plugged into your projector to give you fantastic sound whatever you are watching.

The speakers on a projector, while reasonable in many cases, are not going to give you a powerful cinematic experience. Not unless you have spent a great deal of money on them.

Investing in a soundbar is the best way to enhance what your projector is capable of doing for you.

Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector?

You can utilize Bluetooth speakers and earphones if the projector has Bluetooth ability. Nonetheless, this element isn’t standard on each projector. Ensure that your projector is actually a Bluetooth compatible device if you are looking to connect wirelessly through this method.

Can I watch Amazon Prime on a projector?

Yes. There are multiple ways of getting Amazon Prime to stream through a projector. You can connect any of your devices to the projector to get the picture through it, or you can purchase an Amazon Firestick to stream directly.

Can I plug a Firestick into a projector?

If your projector has an HDMI port, then it is absolutely possible to plug in an Amazon Firestick and get watching your favorite shows instantly. 

Final Word

Looking for the best soundbar for projector isn’t an easy task.Hopefully, we have simplified things for you so that you have more confidence in your purchase.

The key things to look out for are the compatibility with the devices you want to use and the size of the soundbar itself.

Once you’ve determined these, you are well on your way to finding a fantastic speaker for the long term.

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