How To Mount A Projector Without Drilling

As projectors have become more affordable, providing a cheap alternative to HD and large widescreen televisions, more and more of us have started using them in our homes. No more are they limited to the cinemas and office presentations.

Of course, not everyone has an ideal place to keep a projector permanently. For some, it can be that there isn’t the floor space, and for others, it can be that they simply aren’t allowed to drill holes to keep a projector mounted from the ceiling.

This guide provides a suitable alternative that means you won’t need to drill and that the projector will be kept out of the way.

It is convenient, easy to organize, and isn’t going to cost you heaven and earth to do.

What You’ll Need

A. An IKEA LACK Wall Shelf Unit

This is a narrow shelf that can be placed against a wall, with no need to screw anything to ensure it is secure.

There will be plenty of space to keep a projector, and as it is quite a tall unit, you have a range of height options at which to place your projector.

B. A Projector

We’re going to assume you either have a projector or are looking for a projector, which is why you are here on this guide in the first place.

Check that the projector has the correct specs for your room in terms of throw distance and brightness.

Remember that using an IKEA LACK Wall Shelf Unit will mean your projector is stationed up against a wall. Ensure that it can throw to wherever you’ll have your screen or to the opposite wall if that is needed.

You will also want to check the brightness is high enough to get a good picture if you have any windows or lights in the room that could disrupt things.

C. Cable Covers

If you are using a projector that requires a number of wires running from it, then some cable covers will be needed to get everything looking neat and tidy.

Even if everything you connect to the projector connects wirelessly, you could still invest in some cable covers to make the power cable more aesthetically pleasing.

Setting Things Up

A. The Shelf

1. Decide where you want to project the picture.

2. Configure the IKEA Lack Shelf Unit with the number of shelves you require. Remember, you don’t’ have to have shelves going all the way up. This means you can place the unit behind something like a sofa and only keep shelves above the sofa height so that your sofa can still stay close to the wall.

3. Once you have assembled the unit with the shelves in place, place the unit against the wall opposite where you want the picture projected.

4. Check if the power lead will reach a socket. If not, you will need to run a multiplug to the shelf unit in order to power your projector.

B. Sorting The Wires

1. If you are connecting your projector to a device through an HDMI cable or VGA cable, then run then ensure these cables are connected to the projector and are able to run far enough to wherever your computer/laptop/speakers are.

2. Once you have done step one, and you are sure the cables have enough reach, you can use a cable cover to run the wires up the wall.

3. Before securing the wires, do one test run using the projector to ensure everything is exactly in the place you need it.

4. If the test is successful, then you can secure the wires with some command strips.

Final Word

Drilling holes in walls can get people into trouble. Either someone doesn’t know what they are doing and ends up causing damage to their property, or someone may know what they are doing, but they aren’t actually allowed to do it as they are renting.

Why go for a complicated or potentially problematic option when the IKEA LACK shelf unit is such an incredible alternative option.

Taking only minutes to set up and providing a secure base for a projector without taking up valuable room space, this shelf unit really is an incredible solution to your problem.

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