How To Print And Cut Vinyl On Cricut

What is better than paper or glossy stickers for decorations?

Vinyl stickers! With resistance to water, UV rays, and many other weather conditions, vinyl stickers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. They have a durable build and do not crack and fade over time making them longer lasting and thus, the desired choice. Many people, thus, use them to make stickers or decals which can be used as signs, decals, stencils, or simply graphics for decorations. Three types of vinyl are available – clear vinyl, glossy vinyl, and matte vinyl – all of which can be printed upon. Hence, our today’s article is aimed to teach readers how to print vinyl on Cricut.

Printing And Cutting Vinyl On Cricut

Things you will need:

  • A Cricut machine
  • Cutting mat
  • Adhesive vinyl (Cricut Vinyl sheets are highly recommended as they function best with Cricut machines)
  • Printer
  • Fine point blade


Step 1: Selecting A Printer

As adhesive vinyl has a thickness and surface that is dissimilar to normally used printer paper, it is very likely to get stuck in your printer; some printers might be so incompatible that they will give smudged prints. Hence, you will need to find a printer that supports printing on vinyl to get your desired quality prints. Inkjet printers are more suitable than laser printers when it comes to thicker materials.

Step 2: Downloading Necessary Files

Cutting and printing on vinyl can be time-consuming and frustrating. So, it is best to start preparing beforehand to avoid too many tasks at once. Surf through the Cricut Library or other websites where you can get a picture or digital art pieces, either for free or at a cost. You can also check out bloggers who upload such files on their sites.

Step 3: Guidelines

Open up your Cricut Design Space and open a new canvas. When using a Cricut cutting machine, the cutting range is limited. Hence, it is best to draw guidelines that will assist you in keeping your images and shapes within the limit. Using the shapes option, draw a rectangle or square on your empty canvas and then unlock the proportions while it is selected to type in width and height; the width should be 8.5 inches and the height should be 11 inches.

Step 4: Get Designing

You can add shapes, colors, and patterns to your image or canvas; using the edit menu on top, you can make alterations like rotating, flipping, and inclining. You can also open or attach any pre-saved images. Making your design is a Make It Now project.

You can also choose to simply open an image from the Cricut Library.

Step 5: Operation

An essential step that you need to carry out is to change the operation type to “Print then Cut”. You can do this using the edit menu bar present on top. This will allow you to send your picture for printing at first and then have it cut.

Step 6: Removal Of Guidelines

When you are completely sure that all editing has been made to your canvas, you can proceed to delete the guidelines unless you wish for the machine to cut around it too.

You can easily find the guidelines in the layers present on the right and have them removed from there.

Step 7: Flatten

You will find the flatten option present on the bottom right corner of your page; click on it and check the preview before you click on the “Make It” option present at the top right corner of the page.

Step 8: Printing To Get An Outcome

With the print preview available, you can now make changes to media type. If the Vinyl option is not available, you can change media to “Sticker Paper” or “Photo Paper”. Change any other necessary options to get high-quality images.

On your printer’s paper tray, keep the vinyl paper in such a way that the adhesive side doesn’t get printed upon.

When you are done making all adjustments, select the print option to have your work printed on vinyl. Once your vinyl has been printed upon, allow it some drying time.

Step 9: Putting The Cricut To Use

Once you have the print with the ink all dried up, you should start getting your Cricut machine ready. Install the blade that will take care of the cutting and paste your vinyl onto the cutting mat.

Set the Smart Set dial to the “Vinyl” option to allow your Cricut machine to take care of the depth of your cuts, the pressure applied by the blade, and any other speed adjustments. We assure you that the Smart Set feature works like a pro!

If your Cricut machine doesn’t have the Smart Set option, you need to check the guidelines assigned to the machine to change the necessary settings.

Lastly, load your cutting mat with the vinyl pasted upon it into your Cricut machine and press the blinking “Go” button to get the cutting process started.

Step 10: Pasting Your Sticker

Once your Cricut machine is done cutting, you can unload the cutting mat and remove your piece of adhesive vinyl from its surface. Now, all you need to do to paste the sticker onto surfaces is remove the transfer paper from the back and stick!

Frequently Asked Question:

What Is A Cricut Machine?

A Cricut machine is an electronic cutting device that can make computer-assisted cuts when commanded. They provide a level of precision that is unachievable using hand, putting them in high demand by professionals. A big plus point is the ability to cut through a variety of materials like normal paper, glossy paper, vinyl sheets, leather, wood, and fabric. A straightforward working process makes it easy to handle and inputting commands can be done by beginners.

What Materials Can You Print Then Cut?

Printable vinyl, sticker paper, clear sticker paper, cardstock, printable iron-on vinyl, and waterslide paper are all suitable for Print then Cut, given that their dimensions are within the cutting range (which is 8.5 x 11 inches). For carrying out the Print then Cut option, you will need a suitable inkjet printer along with your Cricut machine.

With the article coming to an end, we hope all your questions were answered. Have a fun time crafting with vinyl!

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