How To Print On Fabric With Cricut

Cutting a piece of fabric using scissors may seem like no big deal until you have to care about proportion, precision, and dimension. Hence, when it comes to making things like logos, badges, or craft pieces using fabric, pairing a good printer with any of the Cricut cutting machines will help you achieve wonders; you will be able to design away without any hesitations and make products that are loved by all of your customers. To find out about how you can print and cut fabric using Cricut, spend some time giving our article a read!

How To Print And Cut On Fabric With Cricut:

Things you will need:

  • An inkjet printer that supports printing on fabric.
  • Printable fabric.
  • A Cricut machine
  • Cricut cutting mat
  • Heat N Bond paper
  • Iron
  • Blade

Step 1: Bonding (You don’t need to do this step if you are using the Cricut Maker)

Cut a Heat N Bond paper keeping the proportions the same as the piece of fabric that you are going print and cut on. Iron your cloth and place your Heat N Bond paper on top with the paper side facing upwards. Then, iron over the paper and fabric to make sure they are bonded together.

Step 2: Design away

Using the Cricut Design Space software, either open a previously saved project from your device or design your own project using the various shapes and patterns available on the app. Remember that your picture needs to be of high quality so that you can avoid pixelation.

Once you are done designing, using the edit menu, change the operation to the “Print then Cut” option. Afterward, click on the “Flatten” option present on the bottom right corner of your screen and if you are content with the preview, press the “Make It” button present on the top right corner. Send the

Step 3: Print

By now, you will have the Print Preview dialogue box showing on your screen. In order to print, you will need to change the printer setting accordingly so that you can get superior quality prints; select the best photo settings. Alter the paper type to whichever option is suggested for fabric according to the printer manual. Once all the settings have been changed, press down on the “Print” button. If you are not confident about your preview, you can also try test printing on paper instead of directly printing on your piece of cloth.

Do not interfere in the printing process; if your printer supports printing on fabric, it can manage to pass the fabric through roller heads. Pulling or pushing of any sort will only create risks of smudging. If you are printing on multiple sheets of fabric, place only one on the tray at a time to prevent the color from getting on the other sheets of fabric.

Several sprays are also available that will make sure your print doesn’t get washed off easily. You can spray your print with these if you are not confident about the print staying on the piece of fabric.

Step 4: Cut

Install your fine point blade in your Cricut machine. Change the type to “Fabric” or if your Cricut machine has a Smart Set dial, alter it to fabric option; this simple step automatically changes the speed of the blade, the depth per cut, and the pressure applied.

Once your fabric is printed upon and dried, paste it upon the Cricut cutting mat according to the measurements shown on the screen. Load the mat onto the machine and using your computer, send the task to your Cricut. Lastly, press down on the flashing “Go” button and wait for your Cricut to carry out its magic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cut Fabric On Cricut?

Cricut machines are often used by crafters when they want to get precise cuts that are hard to get using one’s hands; this includes, small shapes, flowers, or letters that may be time-consuming to cut using scissors. Slippery materials – like silk, velvet, or knit fabric – which are difficult to cut through (no matter how sharp your scissor is), can be easily perfectly sliced using your Cricut machine. Many will use it in the process of sewing quilts, marking stitch lines, and making inner cuts due to its ability to cut through layers of fabric.

Can You Really Use Cricut For Cutting Fabric?

Cricut machines are all equipped with blades that are able to make precision cuts on fabric. While the Cricut Joy is prone to facing some problems with the fabric, the Cricut Makers and Cricut Explorers do a wonderful job. Around two hundred different types of fabric can be cut using the Cricut cutting machines ranging from the softest materials like cotton to some of the toughest materials like leather.

Which Cricut Is Best For Fabric?

Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, and the Cricut Explore Air are all suitable for cutting through any type of fabric out there. They all do an amazing job but the Cricut Maker is equipped with a rotary blade that can cut through unbonded cloth making it the best choice out there.

What Does A Cricut Require To Cut Fabric?

When using a Cricut machine, you will need to find yourself a blade that can properly cut through your desired material. For fabric, the Bonded Fabric Blade, Premium Fine Point blade, Deep Point Blade, and the Rotary Blade are suitable. Besides this, you will need a Cricut cutting mat to place your material on. As you could have guessed from the name, the pink Fabric Grip Mat is used for cutting fabric but the green Standard Grip mat is also an equally suitable choice.

There is so much that can be done with a Cricut machine that it is often termed as the best device for crafters. One material it can cut is fabric meaning you can easily use it if you are involved with printing and cutting fabric. All you need to do is give some easy commands using your computer and install the necessary blade. Hopefully, our article was of help in clearing the process for you!

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