How To Scan Pictures

Do you want to preserve your childhood photos forever? Do you want to go back and reminisce them anytime you want? Scanning your pictures and storing them is your best and easiest solution!

You can scan your pictures and save them on your computer or online file storage services. They don’t have the risk of becoming faded or destroyed by accidents, like the general photo albums. Moreover, it can be tedious to get these albums from your attic or basement. Scanning and storing them will enable you to see your old pictures in just a few clicks!

So, what are we waiting for?!

How To Scan A Photo

There are mainly three ways in which you can digitize your photos.

  • Using Scanners/ All-in-One Printers
  • Using Smartphones
  • Taking the help of Scanning Services

We’ll provide a comprehensive guide to scanning pictures in all three ways, so you can conveniently store your memories in digital format.

How To Scan Pictures On iPhone

With more than 100 million users in the US alone, iPhones are found in almost all households. Scanning pictures with iPhones is a very simple process too.

Download A Scanning App

  • PurchasePhoto Scanner Plus by Photomyne from the Apple Store.
  • If you want a free app, you can download IdeaSolutions.
    These apps polish the captured photos and ensure the pictures aren’t destroyed by glare or blurriness.

Scanning The Photos

  • Open your scanning app and enter the camera function.
  • Hold your phone right above the photo(s) you want to digitize.
    You can use 4 photos at a time.
  • Keeping your hands steady, tap and hold on the “Capture” button.

Saving The Photos

  • The app will automatically detect different photos and separate them.
  • You can manually click on each photo and adjust them better.
  • Next, type in your Album Name. Below that, you can also choose the year and location of the pictures of the album.
  • After you’re done, click on “Save and View Album”.

How To Scan Pictures On Android

Android phones are also extensively popular all over the world. They’re easy to use and have a wide variety of scanning apps too.

Installing Scanning Application

  • Download and install PhotoScan by Google Photos from the Play Store.
  • There are lots of other scanning apps that you can go for too, like CamScanner.
  • Keep your photos on a flat surface with proper lighting conditions.

Capturing The Photos

  • Hold your phone perpendicularly above the photo.
  • Click on the “Capture” button. This will automatically save the picture to your Android device.
  • You will then focus and hold the camera on 4 different “dots” on the photo, which you will see on the screen.
  • Repeat the same process for all the pictures.

Saving The Photo

  • After the photo is scanned perfectly, click on the photo on the bottom right of the screen.
  • You can straighten, zoom, and rotate the picture as you wish.
  • Save the picture. It will be saved in Google Photos and stored forever.

How To Scan Pictures To Computer

Even with the high-end apps, poor or damaged cameras won’t give the best-quality scans.

Moreover, when you want to scan more than hundreds of photos, using photos can be very time-consuming. But, it can be done in a matter of minutes by scanners and printers.

Connecting To A Computer

  • Connect the scanner to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Turn the power supply on to start both the devices.
  • Click on the “Power” button of the scanner, if it comes with one.
  • The computer will automatically detect the scanner and install it.
  • For Windows, look up “Windows Fax and Scan” from the Programs menu and open it.
    For Mac, open the “Scanner” icon.

Scanning The Pictures

  • Properly position the photo in the feeder for scanning. Place it facing upwards or downwards depending on the device specifications.
  • For multiple photos, line the photos up correctly, according to the grids, and close the cover if required.
  • Click on “New Scan” on the left side of the taskbar, which will open a command box.
  • If the wrong scanner is selected, click on “Change” and select your scanner.
  • You can choose the file type from jpg, png, and many more. You can also select the resolution of the picture.
  • Click on “Preview” to see how the photo will look after being scanned. You can adjust the brightness and contrast if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Click on “Scan” to successfully scan and save your photo.
  • To access the pictures, look up “Scanned Documents” from the Programs menu. It will direct you to the folder containing all your memories.

How To Scan Photos To Digital Using Services

If you don’t have the right kind of phone or enough time to scan your photos, you can always take the help of various digitization or scanning services. They will scan everything for you.

You just need to organize all your photos properly, mark them by dates and names, and send them to any of the scanning services through the mail.

These services will scan your photos at the highest quality in a very short period for a certain amount of money. They will send these digitized versions of your photos back to you on CDs. You can also ask them to send it to you over email or any other platform.


Do you see how easy it is to scan your pictures? So why would you keep your old albums full of memories in an unsafe box? Just scan them using your smartphones or computer and store them till the end of time!

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