How To Use Brother P Touch Label Maker

Whether it’s for barcodes on your shipping products or for labeling documents and folders, the Brother P Touch label makers are excellent handheld devices designed to make your life easier! Brother has a reputation for high-end printers and toners, and its wide variety of P Touch label makers are no different!

However, not knowing the proper procedure for using these label makers will restrict you from using them at their optimal level. Although it can be a bit complex to learn when you start, you’ll see that it’s just as easy to configure as a normal printer once you go through our detailed guide.

Things You Will Need For Using P Touch Label Maker

Before you start using your Brother P touch label maker, it’s essential for you to have two things.

  • Batteries: Without the proper batteries, your label maker won’t even start. The Brother label makers require different numbers and types of batteries. The most common ones are “AAA” batteries which can be readily found in stores.

Although it’s generally specified on the body of the label-printing device, you can open the back cover and check how many of the batteries you will require.

It must be noted that if “AAA” batteries aren’t available, some label makers come with AC adapters, which you can connect to the power supply and use too.

  • TZe tapes: Your colorful and brilliant labels are printed on the TZe tapes. These tapes exist in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 3.5mm to 36mm. 12mm tapes are widely popular and mostly provided along with the purchased label maker.
    These tapes can be found in various colors and the type of tape also determines the color of the font of the label.

You should go for those sizes of TZe tapes that fall within the compatibility range of your P Touch label maker since each label maker comes with separate specifications.

How To Use P Touch Label Maker

Brother has more than 30 different P Touch label makers out there. Even though each comes with its features and capabilities, the process of printing labels is more or less similar.

Installing Batteries

  • By checking the specifications manual of your label maker, you should check where the tape and battery compartments are situated as its different for each label maker.
  • While ensuring the power is turned off, open the battery compartment. It should be fairly easy and will open with a simple pull.
  • According to the requirement of the device, place the batteries carefully and correctly according to the poles, and close the compartment.

If you decide to use the power supply rather than batteries, you can easily connect the AC adapter to the AC port of the label maker, which is usually on the back.

Installing Tapes

  • Whether it’s on the front or the back, tape compartments can also be opened very easily with a simple pull on the sides.
  • You should make sure that the tape cassette you’ll be putting in is compatible with your label maker.
  • Carefully put the tape cassette in its position. The shape of the cassette is laid out, so once you put it in, there should be a “Click” sound that assures you the cassette fit into the place.
  • If the tape isn’t properly faced for it to come out through the exit slot or if the ink ribbon is loose, you can turn the “Toothed Wheel” or the movable reel to adjust the position of the tape.
  • Properly close the tape compartment; again, a “Click” sound ensures proper placement.

Creating And Printing Labels

Now that you’re all set, making perfect labels for yourself is your next objective.

  • Turn the P Touch label maker on by hitting the “Power” or “On/Off” button.
  • Press the “Label” button on your label maker. If you don’t have it, press on the “Home” icon or “Menu” button and use the arrows to scroll left or right. Press the “OK” button when you eventually reach the “Label” option.
  • In the label option, you can customize the label length, tab length, and margin.
    Firstly, in the label length option, select the correct size of tape you’ll be printing on.
    Next, move to tab length. This feature gives you the option to print on half of a label strip, the full label strip, or printing multiple texts on one strip. You should choose your preferred option and press “OK”.
  • You will then select the “Font” and “Size” buttons. You can conveniently scroll through the options using the arrow buttons, and press “OK” to select your preferred one.

For label makers without these buttons, press on the “Home” icon and you’ll find these options by using the arrow buttons.

  • After that, you can choose your favorite frame by pressing the “Frames” button.

For some label makers, you can also get ready-made templates by selecting the “Template Library” button.
Some label makers even have the option to be connected to any device that has the P Touch Design&Print app/software installed, which allows you to customize your labels even more.

  • With your desired font, size, and frame selected, you’ll type in your text using the QWERTY keyboard. You can add symbols as you like as well.
  • Once you’re done typing, you should click on the “Print” button.
  • On the screen, it’ll ask you how many copies of the label you want to print. Select your desired number of copies and click on the “OK” button.

It’s recommended to start with printing one copy, which serves as a test print.

  • The Brother P Touch label maker prints out your label strip swiftly.
  • To cut it and separate it from the machine, click on the “Cutter” button on the top right side of your label maker and pull on your label strip. It will smoothly cut off.

Sticking The Label

The TZe tapes are amazing for label printing. Along with being fade-resistant and temperature resistant, these have awesome adhesive features and can be stuck in all sorts of places.

  • TZe tapes come with two separate peel-offs. Slowly and carefully pull on the edge of your label to find the first peel-off and open it.
  • The second peel-off is easier to find on the other side of the label and you can easily take it off just like the first one.
  • Hold the label on the edges with care and stick it to any surface you want. Don’t leave the label open for too long as it can lose its adhesive capabilities.


Now, don’t you think it’s a pretty straightforward process to print using your Brother P Touch label maker? We’ve given you a basic but detailed guide to using your label maker properly.

The more you use it, the more features you’ll discover and the better will be your label printing. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and print all kinds of labels for yourself, using your favorite fonts and designs.

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