Mesh Chair vs Leather Chair

It has been a great debate for a long time- Which type of chair is the best one for offices, Mesh office chairs or Leather office chairs? Both types of chairs have multiple unique features, coming with several advantages but also a few drawbacks and we are here to help you make that verdict!

There’s not a definite winner between these two kinds because the choice depends on the users’ preferences. Today, we’ll walk you through multiple features of the two kinds of office chairs and compare them for you, easing your decision on the better option between the two.

Comparison Between Mesh Chairs And Leather Chairs

You should compare the office chairs thoroughly for giving a proper verdict on which type is better. There are several characteristics over which you can differentiate between the two of them.


Comfort and ergonomic features are the main characteristics that manufacturers focus on.

Both mesh chairs and leather chairs are very comfortable to sit on when new. Soft mesh fibers expand wider after sitting and provide a floating feeling to the user.

You already know how comfortable leather chairs are; the smoothness of leather along with the sturdiness makes it very satisfying to sit on.

However, mesh chairs aren’t a good choice for people who prefer foam stuffing in their chairs. Mesh chairs consist of mesh fibers attached to the chair frame and don’t give the exact “soft but tough” feeling of the leather chairs, which lots of people want.


Mesh chairs come with various ergonomic properties like a curved backrest and lumbar support. They also have ergonomically-designed seat pans to fit your backside, along with adjustable armrests.

On the other hand, most leather chairs come with similar ergonomic features too, like the lumbar support.

But, leather chairs don’t focus on ergonomic structures as mesh chairs do, and some leather chairs might not be ergonomically beneficial either.


Leather chairs are popular for the various designs it comes with. These chairs are big in size and the leather skin provides a touch of elegance and professionalism to your office with its shiny and polished look.

These office chairs are also available in various colors, with brown color being the most widely used one. The colors are absorbed into the leather, so these chairs don’t discolor or fade either.

Mesh chairs are limited in options when it comes to attractive designs. Most mesh chairs have similar designs and since color chemicals may be reactive with the PVC and nylon present in the mesh fabrics, their color spectrum is also pretty narrow.


Mesh office chairs are widely popular mainly because of their breathability or ventilating property. These chairs come with porous mesh fibers that allowthe smooth flow of air in and out.

This ensures the heat produced by your body is dissipated properly and doesn’t lead to excess sweat. The mesh fibers will also help you feel cooler on hot, summer days with the constant airflow.

Although leather chairs do a great job in keeping your chair cool when the AC is turned on, and even, absorbing a lot of your sweat, they fail to keep up these actions when the temperatures rise.

Since airflow isn’t as swift as in the mesh chairs, leather chairs aren’t as capable of eliminating sweat and making you feel cooler as mesh chairs.


Both authentic leather chairs and synthetic leather chairs are very long-lasting. They can withstand strains and pressures constantly and won’t wear away easily. You can use these chairs for a very long time without having to work on any parts.

Mesh chairs are outstanding when new, but as they get older, the mesh fibers in the seat and backrest become saggy and start to tear because of the constant pressure when you sit.

Leather has a much higher elasticity point and can withstand larger forces before breaking compared to the mesh fibers. These fibers are also not as tough as the leather chair padding, so mildly sharp objects can easily damage them.


You need to put in some work for the maintenance of both types of chairs. Poor maintenance will decrease the durability of even the best mesh or leather chairs.

Mesh chairs are fairly easy to clean since the pores in the mesh don’t retain a lot of dust particles and dirt. The solid debris can easily be removed using a vacuum cleaner. Lightly dabbing the mesh fibers with soap solution is enough to clean these chairs properly.

Moreover, mesh chairs are very lightweight and easy to carry around. You can effortlessly turn them upside down for a thorough cleaning and move them from place to place.

On the other hand, leather chairs are much heavier. Cleaning a leather chair isn’t a huge problem as you can simply do it using water and dish soap. But, you have to do it regularly to keep the chair clean and polished.

Overexposure to sunlight can cause discoloration of the leather chair as well. Not cleaning for prolonged periods will cause the leather to develop unwanted stains as well.

Final Word

With all the comparative features laid out for you, it should be easy for you now to decide on which chair will be the better one for you. Each of these chairs has unique advantages that are beneficial for specific preferences.

Do you want an elegant-looking chair that will last long? Leather chairs are what you should go for. Mesh chairs should be your choice if you need a cost-effective solution for working in high temperatures. The verdict is YOURS.

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