What Printer has the Longest Lasting Ink Cartridges?

Remember that mind-bogglingly cheap printer you once owned? Remember how you thought, “Wow, what a great deal!”? And do you remember how you ended up paying through the nose for replacing cartridge after cartridge after cartridge while not really printing anything at all?

It is a trap that many people fall into.

When buying a printer, its important to not get too carried away on the initial one off cost of the machine, because it could end up costing you far more in the long-run than something that had been a bit more expensive.

Instead, what you need to do is find the best printer with long-lasting ink cartridges

List of Top Printers For Long Lasting Cartridges

1. Brother HL-2270DW

2. HP OfficeJetPro 8210

3. Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank

4. Canon Office and Business MX922

5. Epson WorkForce WF-3620

6. Xerox WorkCentre 6515/DNI

7. Brother MFC-L8900CDW 

8. HP Color LaserJet Pro M2555dw

9. Brother MFC-J497DW

10. Brother HL-2270DW

Comparison Table For 10 Top Printers For Long Lasting Ink Cartridges

IMAGE PRODUCT key features Price 
Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Functions: Print/Scan/Copy
Print Resolution: 5760x1440dpi
Print Speed: 10.5ppm (black), 5ppm (color)
Configuration: 4 x ink bottles
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
 HP OfficeJetPro 8210  Functions: Print
Print Resolution: 2499x1200dpi
Print Speed: 22ppm (black), 18ppm (color)
Configuration: 4 x ink cartridges
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
 Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank  Functions: Print/Scan/Copy
Print Resolution: 5760x1440dpi
Print Speed: 10.5ppm (black), 5ppm (color)
Configuration: 4 x ink bottles
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
 Epson WorkForce WF-7710  Functions: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
Print Resolution: 4800x2400dpi
Print Speed: 18ppm (black), 10ppm (color)
Configuration: 4 x ink cartridges
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
Canon Office and Business MX922 Functions: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
Print Resolution: 9600x2400dpi
Print Speed: 15ipm (black), 10ipm (color)
Configuration: 5 x ink cartridges
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035  Functions: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
Print Resolution: 4800x1200dpi
Print Speed: 29ppm (black), 25ppm (color)
Configuration: 4 x ink cartridges
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Direct Printing via iOS/Android
 Canon PIXMA G4210  Functions: Print/Scan/Copy/Fax
Print Resolution: 4800x1200dpi
Print Speed: 8.8ipm (black), 5ipm (color)
Configuration: 4 integrated ink tanksConnectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
 Brother MFC-J805DW INKvestment Tank  Print Resolution: 1200x6000dpi
Print Speed: 12ppm (black), 6ppm (color)
Configuration: 4 x ink tank system
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
 Brother Inkjet Printer MFC-J985DW  Functions: Print/Scan/Copy
Print Resolution: 6000x1200dpi
Print Speed: 12ppm (black), 10ppm (color)
Configuration: 4 x ink bottles
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB, and Direct Printing via iOS/Android
Brother HL-2270DW Functions: Print
Print Resolution: 2400×600
Print Speed: 27ppm black
Configuration: 1 black toner cartridge
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB

5 Best Printers with longest lasting cartridges reviews

1.Epson EcoTank ET-2720 | Best Ink Efficient Printer

It’s only right that we start this list of the best printers with long lasting ink by taking a look at the Epson EcoTank ET-2720.

The prime reason for anyone to buy a printer from the Epson EcoTank range in the first place is because they are looking for a printer that isn’t going to cost them a fortune in ink after costs.

The feature to be aware of on the EcoTank ET-2720 is that it doesn’t actually use a cartridge-based system. Instead, it come with four ink bottles that put ordinary cartridge printers to shame.

One set of ink bottles used on this printer is capable of printing the equivalent of what 80 cartridges can manage. A further bonus here being you aren’t going to have to go through the hassle of a change all that often.

With 4500 black pages, and 7500 color pages possible from one set of ink, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, especially with Epson’s claim that you’ll save 90% compared to buying cartridges.

Worried that the bottles might dry out if not used enough?

Even that shouldn’t be a problem with this printer. The ink bottles are meant to last up to two years and still print well.

Highlighted Features

  1. 5760×1440 dpi resolution
  2. Print speeds of 10.5ppm (black) and 5ppm (color)
  3. 100 sheet input tray
  4. Wireless connectivity through Wi Fi, Wi Fi Direct and mobile

2.HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 | Best Economical Inject Printer

Second on the list is this inkjet printer from Hewlett Packard.

The OfficeJet Pro 8210 has a 4-ink system which in and of itself has its pros and cons depending on what you are looking for your printer to do.

Starting with the cartridges themselves, you’re looking at one black cartridge, and three color cartridges- cyan, magenta and yellow.

Standard yield HP cartridges for this machine will get you up to 1000 pages of black printouts and up to 700 pages of color printouts.

Should you go for a high-yield HP cartridge then the page yield increases to up to 2000 pages in black and 1600 pages in color.

This 4-ink system, with a 2400x1200dpi makes it ideal for anyone who is going to do a lot of document printing whether that’s black and white, or color.

Documents containing graphs and images that you don’t need in a high resolution are what this printer has been built for, and its print speed of 22 ppm in black and 18 ppm in color certainly supports that statement.

If you are looking for a value printer for more artistic work, detail in graphics, and depth of color, then other printers on this list may work better for you.

Highlighted Features

  1. 2400x1200dpi
  2. Print speeds of 22ppm in black and 18 ppm in color
  3. Auto-duplex printing
  4. Wireless connectivity with Wi Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and mobile devices

3. Epson Expression ET-2750 | Most Cost Effective Printer

In terms of value for money there’s not much more to be said about this Epson EcoTank printer that hasn’t already been talked about when looking at the ET-2720.

Like its sister printer, this machine comes with a 4-ink tank system that saves you a whole lot of money and hassle in comparison to cartridge printers.

Both printers come with a 5760×1440 print resolution meaning that both are highly suited to doing print work that goes beyond document printing.

A print resolution of this quality will allow you to get amazing images from the printer with great detail and depth of color.

What makes this printer standout in comparison to the ET-2720 is that it has auto-duplex printing capability, which is very useful for those who wish to save paper by printing on both sides.

It is capable of 10.5ppm in black and 6ppm when printing in color. If choosing to print in duplex, that speed comes down to 5ppm in black and 4 ppm in color.

What do these print speeds tell you?

Combined with the high resolution, it is saying that this printer works very hard to get a high-quality print, rather than rushing the job and producing something substandard.

Highlighted Features

  1. 5760×1440 print resolution
  2. 5ppm (black) and 6ppm (color)
  3. Auto-duplex printing
  4. Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct and mobile devices

4.Canon MX922 | Best Ink Efficient Printer

Let’s get the page yields for this printer out of the way first.

Of course, nobody can precisely tell you how many pages you’ll get from a cartridge, because it depends on how you are using your printer. But let’s look at the extra capacity ink cartridges available from Canon.

The MX922 has 5 individual ink tanks. They are black, pigment black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

The usage of the two blacks differ in that the Bk Black cartridge is for documents, whilst the pigment black is for photos.

As a document printer, you’ll get approximately 5000 documents from your Bk Black cartridge and 4600 photos from a 22ml pigment black cartridge. That’s actually pretty good value and compares nicely with the Eco-Tank systems.

With color printing, in comparison to an Eco-Tank, you’re looking at less numbers. Document wise, an extra capacity ink will get you between 675 to 705 color pages, dependent on what color you’re using. If printing 4×6 photos, those same cartridges will get you between 270 and 313.

But this is overall a fantastic printer for all needs with its 9600×2400 dpi color printing resolution and a 1.0 picoliter ink droplet allowing you to get incredible color pages and photos.

Highlighted Features

  1. 9600×2400 dpi printing resolution
  2. Print speed of 15ipm (black), 10ipm (color) and 21 seconds for 4×6” photo
  3. Auto-duplex printing
  4. Wireless Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile devices

5.Epson WorkForce WF-7710 | Best Printer for Home Use With Cheap Ink

Extra-large Epson Durabrite Ultra Ink cartridges will get you a reasonably high page yield for a cartridge printer.

Black cartridges (17.7ml) will get you a yield of 1100 pages, with the cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges producing the same yield, though from a lesser amount of ink (10.4ml).

The printer is also Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled which means that you can get ink delivered, as needed, and won’t have to worry about suddenly running out of ink when the shops are closed.

The standout feature of this printer, as opposed to the other long lasting ink-printers on this list, is it’s wide format printing.

This printer is capable of borderless prints of up to 13×19” which will allow you to get some much larger images printed than if you were to get the other printers on this list.

The 4800x2400dpi print resolution, while not being as high as the previous printerslisted, is still high enough to get quality detail in your printing.

An 18ppm black printing speed put this printer is up there with other document printers you might be looking at.

10ppm in color is also relatively quick, making this printer something of an all-rounder in that it does documents with speed, and images with quality.

Highlighted Features

  1. 4800x2400dpi print resolution
  2. 18ppm black and 10ppm color print speed
  3. Capable of printing on 13×19” print media
  4. Auto-duplex printing
  5. Wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct

Printers with Longest Lasting Cartridges Buyer’s Guide

1.Tank system or cartridge system

Epson Eco-Tank printers, on face value, seem like the best option if you are looking to maximise the number of prints you can get on the smallest budget possible.

The use of ink reservoirs on the Eco-Tank mean you spend a lot less money on your ink, and have to change the ink less often than with a cartridge system.

Whether you choose this option will likely depend on whether you are happy with the 4-ink system that standard Eco-Tanks have, along with the 5760×1440 dpi print resolution.

There’s also personal preference in terms of brand. For example, you could be a loyal Canon customer and may never consider looking elsewhere.

In that case the type of cartridge system you go for will depend on your printing needs. More cartridges in the printer for higher quality images, less cartridges required if you are simply doing basic document printing.

2.Third party inks

Branded ink costs more than third party inks, and ink is how printer manufacturers make more money from their machines.

But you should have the choice over what ink you put in the machine, right?

Some manufacturers disagree, going as far as having their machines only work if it can read a microchip from one of its own-brand cartridges.

If you’re someone looking to save more money by using third-party ink, check that the printer is going to allow you to do so.

3.Replenishment service ready

A lot of printers nowadays come with smart technology that allows the printer to order ink for you as and when the printer determines that you are on the cusp of running low.

Some people find the service to be absolutely fantastic, whilst others have vowed never to use it again.

It is useful if you are someone who prints a lot, regularly runs out of ink, and then has to make a mad dash to find an open shop on a Sunday so that you can meet a deadline.

But some services have a pay-per-page system, whereby 1 page of ink means one page whether you’ve filled it in its entirety or just typed a single, solitary letter.

4.Your own personal needs

The best printer for long-lasting ink is also one that fully meets your needs. Will you be more document based or photo based? Decide. It matters.

Final Word

What is the best printer with long-lasting ink?

We’ve seen that you can get thousands upon thousands of pages from an EcoTank printer, but that isn’t all you should be considering when looking for a machine.

Especially consider resolution and the number of ink cartridges/ink tanks the printer is using. It will make a big difference in the quality of print you’re going to be getting.

You may have to sacrifice page yields to get that little bit more to get extra quality.

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